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Your Handy Guide to the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park this 2018

Up for an exciting zoo adventure? This safari in Cebu is the perfect place!

By: Peter Parcon | May 29, 2018
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Guide Cebu Safari and Adventure Park
Image: Lyndon Mancio

A visit to the zoo always brings out the child in everyone. The sight of animals you have never seen before is both awe-inspiring and educational. But the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park brings the zoo experience to a whole new level.

The Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is a 170-hectare park where you can experience Africa without leaving the country. It is an amazing and humbling visual experience with the sight of God’s creation in their natural habitat. The adventure park is educational, engaging, and interactive. In fact, is set to be the premier safari park in the country. But, before you embark on this exciting adventure, it is important to know a few things when you plan your trip. This way, you get to cover more of its vast area, and you get to enjoy as much amenities as you can!

This guide to Cebu Safari and Adventure Park gives you basic information like the entrance fees and how to get there and some tips to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

1. Schedule your trip before going there and also know the schedule of the park.

Guide Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Ticket selling at the Cebu Safari Adventure Park is only up to 2:00 PM.

Image: Ryan Cane Sypongco

The first thing you should do if you are planning a trip to the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is to check the schedule of the park. You would not want to head up all the way to the north of Cebu only to find out that the park is closed. Be guided that the park is only open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Wednesday to Sunday.

While the park is open until 5:00 PM, it only sells tickets up to 2:00 PM, since the tour of the park takes around three hours.

The best day to visit the park is on a weekday because the place is less crowded then, unlike on weekends when it’s expected to be filled to the brim. The park also has a daily limit of 2,000 visitors, so it is better to get a reservation ahead of time.

Unique info: Michel’s Garden is named after the owner of the park.

2. Know the park policies.

Guide Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

The park has numerous bird species with a good amount of space for them to roam around.

Image: Val Thomas Abapo

While there, it is also important to be aware of the policies of the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park. These policies were set to ensure the safety of both visitors and the animals. While visiting the place is a great way for kids to learn for themselves and engage in the many interactive facilities, it is still important to have an adult to accompany children of 12 years old and below. You should also follow the instructions of the staff at all times.

If you have pets, you should leave them at home since they are not allowed to enter the park. You are also not allowed to leave them in your car. Since some of the animals can be hostile, always stay behind the protective barriers. These are just some of the notable policies you should keep in mind while visiting the park.

Unique info: The park features the orchid collection of Michel Lhuillier.

3. Check out the animal directory.

Guide Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Getting up close and personal with an eagle is possible at the park

Image: Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

The Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is home to numerous birds, mammals, and reptiles. Some of the bird species you can find at the park are the ostrich, scarlet ibis, great white pelican, and coleto mynah. The mammals in the animal directory include the Philippine brown deer, Visayan warty pig, Bengal tiger, giraffe, and striped hyena, among others. There’s also the infamous Philippine crocodile in the midst of the safari.

A visit to the safari should be as educational as it is entertaining. So, it is recommended that visitors take the time to know about these animals, and learn their significance and role in nature.

Unique info: The Cebu Safari & Adventure Park features over a thousand animals from more than a hundred species.

4. Check the map of the zoo for reference and to save time.

Guide Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Checking out the map before going in allows you to plan ahead your way around the park.

Image: Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

When at the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park, you should check out the map and follow the suggested route to really get the most out of your tour. You can pass by Michel’s Garden, Mayana Garden, the Tiger’s Turf, and Orangutown before joining the African Savannah adventure ride.

While the adventure ride is basically a guided tour around the park, it is still a good idea to check the map to know where you’re going next. After the ride, you can pass by the Safari Outpost and end the tour at the Rotonda where the Safari fountain and Aviary Dome are located.

Unique Info: The Cebu Safari & Adventure Park features a country vehicle that takes visitors around an African savannah. The park also features a flora walking trail where over a million orchid species are found.

5. Enjoy the adventure park.

Guide Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

The African Savannah adventure ride lets you experience Africa without having to leave the country.

Image: Lyndon Mancio

Visiting the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park is a feast for the senses. If you brought your kids or younger siblings with you, you can talk to them about the animals they see at the park. You should also take a lot of pictures, especially when you encounter the more exotic species of animals rarely, if not never, found in our country.

Among the more magnificent animals currently found at the park are the hyenas, zebras, cheetahs, and tigers, to name a few. Michel’s Garden is also a sight to see, with its colorful orchids that are always tantalizing to the eyes.

While you are not allowed to bring food and drinks, your ticket already gives you one set meal. The park also has restaurants in some of its major stops so you can sit down to rest while eating lunch.

Unique info: The San Diego Zoo was the inspiration of Michel J. Lhullier in building the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park.

Entrance fee: PhP800 for adults; PhP400 for children with a height of two to three feet; free for children under two feet in height

Discounts are offered to senior citizens and persons with disabilities (PWDs). The fee includes one set meal.

How to get to the Cebu Safari & Adventure Park: You can get on a bus headed for the northern town of Carmen. You can get off at the Carmen Public Market and ride a motorcycle for hire going to the park, which is an eight-kilometer uphill ride.

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