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These Thrilling Events in Cebu Will Make Your March Interesting

With various activities to do this March, expect a wild ride in Cebu for sure.

By: Peter Parcon | March 04, 2020
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Events in Cebu this March

Take out your thinking caps as several talks are lined up for March in Cebu.

The scheduled events in Cebu this March are diverse and nothing short of exciting. Even as a soothsayer warned Caesar about the ides of March, Cebuanos will have nothing to fear with the events scheduled for the first half of the month. A K-pop event, sing-along party, and rock and roll concert—these are just a few of the things residents of and visitors to the Queen City of the South can look forward to on the first weekend of the month.

On the other hand, social relevance seems to be the theme for the second half of March with a tech update discussion and movie about adulting. Think the third month of the year is slow in Cebu? Think again and check out the following events in Cebu this March.

1. Cebu Young Investors Club Talk

When: March 7, 2020
Where: IMG Wealth Academy Program, 2nd Floor, JY Square Discovery Mall Lahug, Cebu City
Ticket Price: Free


Saving and investing are the main topics you can learn at the Cebu Young Investors Club Talk.

Image: Pinoy Wise Saver Facebook Page

If you’re one of the millions of millennials who have no idea how to invest or save money, then you may want to visit the IMG Wealth Academy and join the Cebu Young Investors Club Talk. Held on the first Saturday of March, the event will showcase millennials who will be sharing how they were able to succeed financially at a young age. While the event is free, pre-registration is necessary due to the limited available seats.

Tip: If you are planning to attend free events with limited seats, register early.

How to get to IMG Wealth Academy Program: From Ayala Center Cebu, get on a jeepney headed for Lahug at the Ayala Center Cebu Jeepney Terminal. Tell the driver to let you off at JY Square Discovery Mall.

2. Love Con 6: A Decade in Review

When: March 7, 2020
Where: J Centre Mall, A. S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City
Ticket Price: Free

Queen City of the South

See how K-pop has evolved over the last decade at the Love Con 6: A Decade in Review.

Image: Cebu K-Pop Icon Hunt Facebook Page

K-pop fans will have something to look forward to at the Love Con 6: A Decade in Review. Hosted by Cebu K-Pop Icon Hunt, the event looks back at the evolution of the popular music genre from South Korea. Visitors can look forward to the cover performances of different groups and solo performers as they display their dancing skills on stage. What’s more, the event is free for everyone.

Tip: Popular free events normally attract a sizable audience, so you may want to go to the venue early to get the best seat in the house.

How to get to J Centre Mall: From Ayala Center Cebu, hop on a jeepney headed for J Centre Mall at the Ayala Center Cebu Jeepney Terminal. Make sure to ask the driver if he or she will pass by the mall since some jeepneys do pass by the mall on certain days of the week.

3. Handuraw Singalong: Broads of Broadway

When: March 7, 2020
Where: Handuraw Pizza Events Café, Mango Square Mall, Juana Osmeña Street, Cebu City


Sing along to the songs of the female characters of Broadway at the Handuraw Singalong.

Image: Handuraw Singalong Facebook Page

Singers and wannabe singers may be interested in joining the Handuraw Singalong: Broads of Broadway on the first Saturday of March. The event allows you to sing along with the best women of Broadway. What makes the event unique is that the audience is encouraged to sing along with you in case the song is challenging for you.

Tip: Go to the venue early since a song will be claimed by someone else if the person who reserved it is not present 20 minutes before the song comes up.

How to get to Handuraw Pizza Events Café: From Ayala Center Cebu, get on a jeepney headed for Robinsons Fuente. Handuraw Pizza is at Mango Square Mall, which is a block away from Robinsons Fuente.

4. Kahayag 2020

When: March 7, 2020
Where: The Core by MDF Productions, FLC Center, Hernan Cortes Street, Mandaue City, Cebu
Ticket Price: PhP150

popular music

See the masters of the dance floor compete with each other at Kahayag 2020.

Image: The KM Project Facebook Page

Are you a dance enthusiast who wants to see how choreographers fine-tune their craft? Well, you may be interested in Kahayag 2020. The competition highlights the skills of choreographers who patronize original Pinoy music. Aside from watching the different dance moves of the choreographers, you are also treated to a free workshop.

Tip: Wear comfortable clothing. Since you may end up practicing some dance moves, you should also bring an extra set of clothes so you won’t go home sweaty.

How to get to The Core by MDF Productions: From Ayala Center Cebu, get on a jeepney headed for Mabolo and tell the driver to let you off at the jeepney stop across PLDT. Cross the street and get on a jeepney headed for Mabolo and get off at the end of the route. The Core by MDF Productions is at FLC Center, which is a three-minute walk from the jeepney stop.

5. Technology At Your Service

When: March 14, 2020
Where: ASPACE Cebu, Crossroads, Banilad Road, Cebu City.

Pinoy Music

Learn about the latest updates in the tech landscape at the Technology At Your Service at ASPACE Cebu.

Image: ASPACE Cebu Facebook Page

Are you interested in knowing the latest developments in technology? Well, you can visit ASPACE Cebu and meet the Punk Dolphins (APSACE community members) at Technology At Your Service on the second Saturday of the month. Listen to various experiences on different tech topics, and you can even share your knowledge with fellow attendees. What’s more, you can also network with like-minded individuals looking to make amazing things happen this year.

Tip: Participating in the discussions will also give you the chance to understand how things work as well as network with like-minded individuals.

How to get to ASPACE: From Ayala Center Cebu, ride a jeepney headed for Banilad. Get off at Crossroads near the foot of the flyover. ASPACE Cebu is located at Crossroads.

6. Adulting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

When: March 28, 2020
Where: Books and Brews Café, Mango Square Mall, Juana Osmeña Street, Cebu City
Ticket Price: Free

Events in Cebu this March

Know the struggles of millennials as they deal with the highs and lows of being an adult at Adulting Is Such Sweet Sorrow.

Image: WTF_Society Facebook Page

Looking for a free film showing with a socially relevant topic? In this case, you may want to pass by Books and Brews Café for Adulting Is Such Sweet Sorrow. The café will be showing Frances Ha, which is about an older millennial who has to deal with personal and professional dilemmas while living in New York City. Following the film showing, you get to dissect the movie and discuss it with other members of the audience.

Tip: When watching socially relevant films, you should focus well so you can understand the message of the movie. Moreover, remember to keep an open mind since they may touch on topics you are not normally exposed to.

How to get to Books and Brews Café: From Ayala Center Cebu, get on a jeepney headed for Ramos Street and tell the driver to let you off at Robinsons Fuente. Books and Brews Café is at Mango Square Mall, which is a few minutes away from the jeepney stop.

Even as the cold weather continues until March, these events will surely heat up things for visitors to the Queen City of the South.

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