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This Colorful Themed Resort in Bantayan Cebu Is a Total Charmer (And We Can’t Argue About That)

You’ll see colorful decors at Jelly’s Haven Resort!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | July 29, 2022
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Jelly’s Haven Resort, Bantayan Cebu, beach resort in Cebu

All the bright colors ideally add vibrancy to the pearly-white sand beaches of Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island.

Images: Jelly's Haven Resort Facebook page

Cebu’s underrated yet breathtaking island destination is slowly gaining the spotlight it deserves! More hotels, restaurants, resorts, and picturesque attractions—just everything pure about the beauty of nature is showcased at Bantayan Island, Cebu. Nestled at the northernmost tip of Cebu, Bantayan Island has developed more into a prime tourist destination with its stunning white beaches and eco-friendly tourist attraction sites where you do more than take Instagrammable photos but also venture on cliff diving, kayaking, skydiving, and simply admiring the countless, beautiful sights of nature.

Keep watching out (as the word bantayan translates to) for astonishing beaches and resorts that will treat you to a blissful vacation in the dreamy Queen City of the South—like Jelly’s Haven Resort!

Pearly-white sand, breezy palm trees, crystal clear beach waters, and a dose of popping colors!

Jelly’s Haven Resort – Bantayan Cebu – Beach Resort in Cebu, Jelly’s Haven Resort

Jelly’s Haven Resort is a beach spot in Bantayan worth adding to your Cebu travel list.

Images: Jelly's Haven Resort Facebook page

We know you have never heard of this colorful, rainbow-themed beach resort on Cebu’s Bantayan Island, and you have just discovered it. Jelly’s Haven Resort is the perfect spot for your holiday escape from stressful city living. A 4-hour trip from Cebu City to Bantayan Island is more than worth it once you have arrived and are welcomed by the bright and warm ambiance of the beachfront resort.

Jelly’s Haven Resort will put you in a tropical mood. With the colorful beanbag chairs located at the front of the beach itself, multicolored beach umbrellas to provide shade from the heat of the sun, bright beach lounges, cabanas for quick siestas by the beach coast, and colorful wooden cottages around the beach area for small talks with friends and family. Jelly’s Haven Resort scopes a vast area in the stunning Bantayan Island, so booking a stay at this beach resort in Cebu also entitles you to fun and endless beach strolls on the island.

Jelly’s Haven Resort is not just the perfect spot for a vacation; it can also be a haven for your events and special occasions. Jelly’s Haven Resort offers a private beach getaway on Bantayan Island with 24 air-conditioned room accommodations, open balconies, recreational amenities, a massage and wellness spa, a 24-hour fitness center, and an in-house restaurant. For the workaholics, you can bring your laptop and paper works if you would like to, or schedule a meeting and a vacation with your colleagues since the beach resort also has a business center, two meeting rooms, and a conference center.

Jelly’s Haven Resort, Bantayan Cebu, beach resort in Cebu

You can find colorful decorations anywhere at Jelly’s Haven Resort; best to match your colorful beach OOTDs!

Images: Jelly's Haven Resort Facebook page

You can also do other fun beach and island activities like beach volleyball, kayaking, motor boating, island hopping, riding in colorful and inflatable floats, and bangka bugsay-bugsay. The beach resort is available for walk-in guests, but it is still best recommended to book a reservation ahead. You can book a reservation through online booking sites or message Jelly’s Haven Resort through their official Facebook page.

Currently, this beach resort in Cebu cannot accommodate day tour guests, and they highly encourage guests to stay and avail of overnight accommodation and amenities. You sure wouldn’t worry about taking a weekend trip to the beach since Jelly’s Haven Resort also accepts dine-in guests who are only available for a quick getaway at the beach for a day. You can also avail yourself of the recreational island activities at the beach resort and pay the corresponding corkage fees upon checking in.

Your Beach Adventure Begins Here: Check-in and Room Accommodations at Jelly’s Haven Resort

Jelly’s Haven Resort – Bantayan Cebu – Beach Resort in Cebu, Bantayan Cebu

Accommodations at Jelly’s Haven Resort include room options for you and your barkada!

Images: Jelly's Haven Resort Facebook page

Jelly’s Haven Resort features room accommodation options for lovers, family, or big groups of friends who want to stay for a night or two at the resort. You can choose from Executive Suite, Deluxe Room, Superior Room, or Barkada/Family Room accommodations, whatever is suitable and comfortable for you and your companions.

All room accommodations at this beach resort in Cebu include a complimentary breakfast, free use of the beach cottages, free internet access, and a complimentary pickup and drop-off at Sta. Fe Port. The Executive Suite accommodation is suitable for four adults at PhP5,000 per night. Amenities for this room accommodation include a king-size bed, sofa bed, balcony, an open terrace, a garden view, an air-conditioning unit, a refrigerator, and a 32-inch television.

The Deluxe or Quadruple room accommodation comes with the same room amenities, but with 2 queen-size beds suitable for four adults as well, for a PhP4,500 per night.

Next is the Superior Room, ideal for lovers on a honeymoon retreat or just two best friends on a beach trip. The room can accommodate a maximum of two adults and have two single beds or one queen size bed. Amenities for the Superior Room accommodation include a balcony, an open terrace, an air-conditioning unit, a television, and a partial ocean view. This accommodation is at PhP3,200 per night.

The most extensive room accommodation available at Jelly’s Haven Resort is the Barkada/Family Room, suitable for a maximum of ten persons only at PhP12,000 per night. Amenities for this accommodation include 10 single beds, two toilets and three showers, an air-conditioning unit, a refrigerator, television, and a beautiful ocean view. A private and spacious veranda is also included in this room accommodation. A cost of PhP800 per excess person is also charged for the Executive, Deluxe, and Superior Room accommodations, in case you have an extra friend or family member with you.

Jelly’s Haven Resort – Bantayan Cebu – Beach Resort in Cebu, beach resort in Cebu

Ethel Booba and her husband smile while enjoying a vacation at Jelly’s Haven Resort.

Images: Jelly's Haven Resort Facebook page

Jelly’s Haven Resort also gave a special shout-out as the owner appreciates the presence of famous comedienne and celebrity, Ethyl Gabison-Salazar, popularly known as Ethel Booba, as she and her husband graced the beach resort with their presence. They visited Bantayan, Cebu, and Jelly’s Haven Resort last June 2021 for a vacation and total beach getaway. For sure, the gorgeous celebrity had a fun time, and now you can, too!

Address: C. Batiancila Street, Bayan ng Santa Fe, Lalawigan ng Cebu 6047 Santa Fe, Philippines
Contact Number: 0947 3199123
Distance: from Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB), Lapu-Lapu Airport Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, 6016 Cebu – 3 hours and 58 minutes (125 km) (This route includes a ferry trip.)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jellyshavenresort
Website: http://www.jellyshavenresort.com/

In these stressful times, you know you deserve a beach getaway once in a while, and we all do! Take a quick break and enjoy this wonderful haven in Bantayan Island that will add fun to your Cebu trip. You will also enjoy admiring Bantayan Island’s beach and natural views from traveling until you arrive at your beach hotel destination.

Want to discover more hotels and resorts in Bantayan Island, Cebu? Visit Yoorekka Magazine now for more unique and exciting destinations in the Philippines!

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