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These DIY Gift Projects Are Perfect for Wedding Anniversaries

Discover some of the coolest gift ideas for wedding anniversaries.

By: Ingrid Soriano | January 19, 2016
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gifts for anniversaries

Never underestimate the power of DIYs for personalized wedding gift ideas!

Wedding anniversaries are milestones worth celebrating. Whether it is the first or the twenty-fifth or the fiftieth, an anniversary is a reminder of a life shared in love; an inspiring occasion indeed because it also marks the married couple’s triumph over the many great challenges that married life brings. It’s when the couple looks back to that day they exchanged vows to forever remain by each other’s side—to have and to hold, for better, for worse.

To pay this special day the honor it deserves, a lot of couples organize anniversary parties and celebrate with family and friends. And what better way for family and friends to get into the spirit of the occasion, but by bringing well-thought-out presents for the hosts! Unsure about what is best to give? Stick to these anniversary symbols or try some do-it-yourself and personalized projects and you’ll be on safe ground.

Anniversary Symbols

These DIY Gift Items Are Perfect for Wedding Anniversaries, gifts for anniversaries

Here are your gift ideas for different anniversary milestones.

1st year: Paper
You can never go wrong with a journal or a hardbound scrapbook where the couple can write, stick, or doodle anything and everything that is yet to come in the years ahead.

2nd year: Cotton
Fluffy, cotton-stuffed pillows embroidered with the couple’s names and some romantic quote will surely be appreciated. Or maybe matching cotton shirts that have the number 2 printed on the front or back (like jerseys!) sound more fun?

3rd year: Leather
Leather belts for him and her symbolize the couple’s strong relationship. Leather shoes or slippers symbolize their journey together as partners in life.

4th year: Fruits/Flowers
A wedding bouquet for the wife brings her back to the time when she held that most beautiful bouquet as she walked down the aisle. A corsage for the husband calls up the memories, too.

5th year: Wood
A miniature wooden house would remind the couple of the home they have built together through the years.

10th year: Tin/Aluminum
Cute tin containers for his stuff and her trinkets that have accumulated over the years are much needed help for organizing the house—and for reminiscing the good times as well.

25th year: Silver
Silver cutlery, silver-colored fountain pens, or silver tea sets are the perfect gifts for the twenty-fifth year.

50th year: Gold
Gold is the color of the past 50 precious years of married life. Gold-colored linens, gold-colored table centerpiece, and other gold-colored ornaments are thoughtful gifts that should deliver.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Gift Projects

These DIY Gift Items Are Perfect for Wedding Anniversaries, DIY gift

Make your wedding anniversary gifts more personalized with DIY projects!

Alternatively, you can opt for a DIY project as a wedding anniversary gift if you are a bit tight on budget. But doing this will require on your part some degree of affinity to the couple, which means you should have some idea of their love story or know of interesting anecdotes about their married life. This is for you to be able to really put a deeper meaning and thought to the work you will do, something the couple will know and feel and, of course, appreciate once they receive the gift.

DIY gift project 1: A photo collage

With the number of photo collage applications you can use these days, this gift idea can look harder to do than it really is. Begin by gathering some old and recent photos of the couple. If not enough photos are available, then simply take some with your phone. Make a collage using color themes and designs related to their wedding, have it plastic laminated, then make a nice DIY border with some old fabric or old accessories. Add a hook for hanging on the wall.

DIY gift project 2: A video

You can use video applications on your smartphone or laptop. You can create a documentary-type video that combines a bit of story-telling, interviews, and photos and videos of the couple. This can take time to complete, but it’s definitely going to be appreciated.

DIY gift project 3: Repurposed old furniture piece or old house items

If you have a knack for carpentry or craft-making, you can do a little trick. Ask the couple if they have an old piece of furniture (or any item really) in their house that they no longer need. Surprise them by refurbishing it or creating it for another purpose as a gift. For example, old rubber tires can be repainted, stacked and tied, and topped with a piece of plywood to make for a unique side table, or repurposed as plant pots. Old clothing can be cut into squares and stitched together to make for a quaint and meaningful tablecloth or wall décor.

There are a lot of trendy and nice anniversary gift ideas you can come up with, but what is important is that the gift touches the couple’s hearts. If your inspiration for your gift is to make them smile and remember with fondness that special day when they chose to spend the rest of their lives together, then you’re on the right track.

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