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Top Wedding Gift Ideas for the Next Wedding You'll Get Invited To

Make the newlyweds in your life feel appreciated with these wedding presents they will surely love!

By: Peter Parcon | June 09, 2019
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wedding gift ideas

Finding the perfect wedding gift will not be challenging if you know what you are looking for.

Preparing for weddings is not only challenging for couples since guests may also find it difficult to look for the perfect gift for these special occasions. So, we asked our readers what they think are perfect wedding gift ideas. Many of these gifts are not typical store-bought items. Some of them even require prior research about the couple. But any way you look at it, they can make the occasion memorable for the couple when they start opening their gifts.

Here are some wedding gift ideas you may want to consider for the next wedding you’ll get invited to:

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8. A sponsored date


A romantic dinner for two is one gift idea that creates wonderful memories for a newly-wed couple.

Image: @lonwake / Unsplash

On eighth place is a sponsored date. Newlywed couples get a lot of toaster ovens or dining table sets. Instead of giving them something they already have, you can give them a gift of experience that will create lasting memories for the couple. You can set up a romantic dinner for two at a fancy restaurant. Or if the newlyweds are wine lovers, you may want to set up the date with a wine connoisseur where they can get to learn a thing or two about wines. For adventure lovers, an afternoon of fun at a sports facility may suitable for the couple.

Tip: You may want to get to know the common interests of the couple to make their experience memorable.

7. House plants

wedding presents

Aside from being unique, a green wedding gift also shows your thoughtfulness in sprucing up the lives of the couple at the get-go.

Image: @jasondoesstuff / Unsplash

Another unique wedding give that made it to the list are house plants. They are also considered thoughtful gifts since they brighten up the couple’s new home in the years to come. There are a number of types of house plants to choose from, and each has its own unique attribute. Succulent plants are bright and stunning. They also require minimal maintenance. Bamboo plants bring conjugal bliss between the couple according to Chinese tradition. Lavender plants bring a calming and relaxing scent into the home. Meanwhile, the artistic structure of bonsai plants creates positive aesthetics inside the home.

Tip: While a green wedding gift may be unique, you should check if the couple has any allergies to any type of plant.

6. Linen


Linen is a wedding gift idea that can be made special by having the name of the newly-weds embroidered on it.

Image: stevepb / Pixabay

Sixth on this list of wedding gift ideas is linen. You may also opt to give more than just one set of linen. Some linen gift ideas include linen tablecloth, linen towels, and linen tea towels. While linen may be considered typical wedding gifts, you can make it special by having the name, nicknames, or monogram of the couple embroidered on them. This may cost extra, but it will definitely make your wedding gift extra memorable for the couple.

Tip: Before having the linen embroidered, double-check the spelling of the name or nickname of the couple.

5. Appliances

wedding gift ideas

Appliances are ideal for gifts to give newly-wed couples as they start their new life together.

Image: fabsiss2 / Pixabay

A list of wedding gift ideas is never complete without appliances. While the default appliance normally given as a wedding gift is an oven toaster, you actually have a number of options depending on your budget. You can give the couple a coffeemaker to perk up their day every morning. A blender is also a good gift idea since it can be used for different cooking processes. For couples who are health-conscious, you may want to give them a juicer. Another must-have kitchen appliance is a microwave. These are some appliance gift ideas that you may consider giving a couple on their wedding day.

Tip: Always go for durability when selecting the most suitable appliance for a wedding gift. You want to make sure it lasts a long time for the couple who are starting a new life together.

4. Cookware


A kitchen stocked with the necessary cookware will go a long way for a newly-wed couple.

Image: terimakasih0 / Pixabay

In addition to appliances, cookware or kitchenware are also practical gifts for a wedding. Similar to appliances, they give couples a good head start with their new life together. You can either get a set or individual cookware depending on what the couple may need in the kitchen. Some common kitchenware includes the cast iron skillet for frying, a cutting board, cooking pots for braising and stewing, and a nifty set of steak knives. You may also consider getting food storage containers, a crock pot, or a rubber spatula.

Tip: Similar to appliances, aim for durability when looking for cookware to give as a wedding gifts.

3. A plane ticket for their honeymoon


A gift of travel for the honeymoon will be an unforgettable experience for any newly-wed couple.

Image: @nicolegeri / Unsplash

Traveling is considered as an extraordinary experience. This is made more special when you travel with your significant other. Due to this, a plane ticket for the honeymoon of a newlywed couple placed third on this list. And if you are feeling more generous, you may want to throw in the accommodations as well. This gift is perfect for couples who love to travel. It will be a gift will be a great way for the couple to make more beautiful memories together. And you will likely be someone they will never forget for the rest of their lives.

Tip: It is advisable to know the dream destination and schedule of the couple before you purchase the ticket.

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2. A spa appointment

wedding presents

Nothing beats a day at the spa to de-stress and relax after the wedding.

Image: SocialButterflyMMG / Pixabay

Second on the list of wedding gift ideas is a spa appointment for the couple. While couples may treat themselves to a spa treatment or two, receiving one for their wedding is something they will be thankful for. The spa treatment may include a 60-minute massage, a facial, and some time in a steam room. This gift allows couples to de-stress and get pampered after the wedding.

Tip: You may also include a dinner for two and an overnight stay at a luxury hotel where the couple will have their spa treatment.

1. Cash


Cash is a great gift for two people who are set to start their new life together.

Image: iiijaoyingiii / Pixabay

“Your credit is good, but we need cash.” This may be seen in some shops accepting cash only and not credit cards. Cash is indeed something everyone needs, especially newlywed couples who are starting a life together as husband and wife. Due to this, cash is on top of this list of wedding gift ideas for any season. Couples may use the cash to offset expenses for the wedding, including the dress, catering services, and hotel stay, among others. Some couples would even have an activity called the money dance, which is normally the first dance of the couple as newlyweds. Guests would pin money to the veil or gown of the bride or the barong tagalog (embroidered formal shirt) of the groom. Relatives of the bride and the groom would even try to outdo each other and pin bigger amounts on the gown or the barong, which is good news for the couple.

Tip: You may want to put the cash in an envelope and give it personally to the newlyweds instead of leaving on the gift table.

Some of these wedding gifts may be unconventional, but they will definitely put smiles on the faces of the newlywed couple when they receive them.

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