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Beauty Product Review: Celaskin Anti-aging Set by Dermcare

Could this be your alternative option to the usual beauty products in stores?

By: Patricia Marie Prado | October 18, 2016
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One of the dilemmas today of many women is maintaining a younger looking skin. With the harsh environmental elements that many of us encounter every day, from the scorching sun to the polluted air we face whenever we commute, taking care of our skin is harder than ever. And with the hundreds of skin care products in the market, where do we begin to maintain a good skin without further damaging it?

Dermcare anti-aging review

The Celaskin Cell Rejuvenation System package

Amidst the number of mass-produced beauty products in the department stores and even pharmacies, we tried a different route and tested Celaskin Cell Rejuvenation System.

Why Celaskin? Aside from its promise of revealing your “ageless beauty that comes from within,” what intrigued us most is its base ingredient: an apple. We’re used to seeing papaya-based products or those that have glutathione or stem cells in it, but Celaskin offers a different ingredient that promises that youthful-looking skin that we all want.


Celaskin Cell Rejuvenation System’s is part of Dermcare skincare clinic’s line of products. Its main ingredient is a rare apple fruit in Switzerland called Uttwiler Spatlauber apple that has a unique quality that separates it from the rest—it doesn’t age as fast as the normal apples do. The makers of the product were able to replicate the resilient stem cells in the apples that delay its aging process and put it in the Celaskin products.

Dermcare anti-aging review

Celaskin’s complete set of skin care

The product’s website states that your skin will go through a natural peeling process so it can produce new skin cells more rapidly than usual. This will result in a more youthful glow to the user of the product.


The Celaskin Cell Rejuvenation System comes in a package that contains four products that one must use to achieve the desired effect.

Dermcare anti-aging review

The beautiful packaging of the Celaskin Cell Rejuvenation System

The product is beautifully packaged in tin pump bottles and has nice caps to avoid any spilling. The items included are the Cell Activator Facial Wash, Cell Booster Toner, Cell Activator Protection Day Cream, and Cell Rejuvenation + Repair Night Serum.

As stated in the instruction manual, the facial wash is to be used twice every day, once in the morning and at night to be followed by the toner. Meanwhile the Day Cream and Night Serum are to be used after the toner, the former in the morning and the latter at night.

Estheticians from Dermcare advised us that Celaskin is great for any skin type, but still check with your dermatologist if you have a special skin type or condition before using the product. They also mentioned that one package should last at least one month, depending on how much or how little you use on your skin. Because of the products’ peeling properties, it is best that the user must at least be 18 years old and above to try it out.


To properly test the product, we asked one of our colleagues, Joyce, to use the product in over a month as suggested by Dermcare to really allow it to make an effect to the skin. We monitored the changes in her skin every week and advised her to keep a journal to list down the things that she noticed herself while using the product.

Dermcare anti-aging review

Joyce’s obvious skin problems are her blackheads, pores and pimples.

Joyce is 33 years old and commutes on a daily basis. Her skin type is dry to normal and she has a light brown complexion. With her age and her daily activities and exposure to the environment, we chose her to see if the products’ promise of anti-aging will really deliver.

Dermcare anti-aging review

Sample look and texture of the products, a pea-sized amount of the night serum on the left, and the day cream on the right

Before the trial, Joyce’s skin regimen only consists of using soap to wash her face and nothing more. After washing she then uses just talcum baby powder on her face all throughout the day. Some of Joyce’s skin problems include visible blackheads around the nose area, open pores in the cheek area, and a couple of small pimples all over her face.


During the first week of usage, no change was obvious yet. Joyce did mention that the products are quite stingy to use on the skin but only for a short while. The following week, the changes are becoming more obvious. Her skin is lightening a bit compared to her complexion prior to using the product. We advised her to be extra cautious with the sun to protect her skin from any damages. It is also visible that there were red splotches on her face during this time.

Dermcare anti-aging review

Pimples started appearing on Joyce’s face after a couple of weeks of usage.

On the third week, the effect of the product was becoming more visible. Dermcare advised us that one of the effects of Celaskin is that the dirt under the skin will be lifted out as it does its job. True enough, Joyce started having pimples during this time of the trial while blackheads and whiteheads were also becoming more visible around her nose area. Occasional peeling of the skin was also visible around her T-zone area. On the other hand, her complexion continued to improve and there was less redness on her face compared to the previous week.

Dermcare anti-aging review

Blackheads and whiteheads also became prominent around her nose area. She also experienced redness on her face but her complexion lightened.

By the fourth week of using the product, the pimples were already healed and not any more visible, although blackheads and whiteheads were still visible on her nose. Her skin’s complexion has visibly lightened up and evened out. Some fine lines around her eyes and dark spots on her face were noticeably gone as well.


Based on Joyce’s experience and before we deliver the verdict, here are some pros and cons of the product.


The product is easy to use and easy to maintain with its beautiful and efficient packaging. The product improved the skin’s complexion and its dark spots faded as well. Joyce felt her face is quite tightened and moisturized rather than dry. She also limited her use of talcum powder because she felt it’s no longer necessary due to her improved complexion.


Joyce felt that the product quite leaves a stingy feeling when applied onto the skin. Hidden skin imperfections will also become visible with pimples appearing on the skin surface and white and blackheads becoming more prominent during the process. Occasional peeling around the nose and eye areas also occurred during the trial. Extra care is also needed, especially during exposure to the sun.


Our verdict: Celaskin is an effective product! It follows through with its promise of literally lifting the dirt off of your face. Although you will experience some pimple growth and peeling, it only means that the product is doing its job. Even our model Joyce felt the changes on her face as it tightened and became smoother overtime.

Dermcare anti-aging review

Joyce’s complexion has lightened up and even out. There were fewer pimples and less fine lines too.

We believe Celaskin is a great product, especially for women like Joyce who are in their 30s. After a month of usage, the product set did make some visible improvements on the skin and we believe with continued use, more positive results will occur. A fair warning though, because the product will cause peeling on your skin and you might want to consult a dermatologist before using the product if this will be good for your skin type.

Dermcare anti-aging review

Before and after the trial

Visiting your dermatologist or facial care salon regularly is still advisable so they can check the developments on your skin.

Also consider your type of job and exposure to the sun and other harsh environments. With the peeling properties of the product, your skin will be extra sensitive and prone to sunburns so it will be best if you are properly protected from the sun. If your job requires you to be on the field most of the time, you might need to be extra cautious when using the product.

To end, aside from the benefits of the Celaskin to your skin we also believe that it is very affordable compared to other brands. The complete set only costs PhP1,500* and can also be bought individually, while anti-aging products from other brands cost around that price but that’s for just one product. Even after one month, Joyce is still able to use the product with only the toner running empty. This only means that your money will really go a long way.

If you are tired of beauty care products that don’t seem to work, you can give Celaskin a try for a month and share with us your experience at the comments section.

To know more about Celaskin products, contact Dermcare skincare clinic at these stores.

Price indicated is during the time of writeup.

As you have seen in our reviews of facial salons, we are not paid to do this product review so you can expect that we will provide only our honest thoughts about Celaskin.
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