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5 Classic Male Wardrobe Essentials for Job Interview

Be the candidate who leaves an impression with these workwear essentials.

By: Karen Grace Libao | May 17, 2017
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Upon entering the door of your future workplace, people will look at you as you walk down to the HR office. Your interview performance will surely matter. But the way you present yourself can also make an impact to hiring managers.

Have an upcoming interview? Check out our list of wardrobe must-haves so you could dress to impress.

1. White/blue long-sleeved shirt

career wardrobe essentials while long-sleeved shirt

You can never go wrong with a white long-sleeved shirt. (Image: Mango Man)

Refrain from wearing a dark shirt. It creates a less powerful impact especially if paired with a dark suit. For a more conservative look, opt for safe colors like a light blue or white button-down shirt.

Where to Buy: The SM Store, Memo, Onesimus, Uniqlo

2. Necktie

career wardrobe essentials

Pick a necktie in a professional style.

A staple in formal dressing, a necktie implies professionalism. For job interviews, it is best not to wear cutesy neckties because they can distract your interviewer. If you don’t want a plain piece, opt for patterned ties instead or one with diagonal stripes.

Where to Buy: The SM Store, Onesimus, Tieline

3. Dress pants, khaki pants, or trousers

career wardrobe esseentials

A decent pair of pants can catch your interviewer’s attention.

Choosing the right pair of pants for an interview is a no-brainer. Men should wear a nice pair of pleats, khakis, trousers, or corduroys. Dark pants are most preferred because they look more formal and conservative. They are also easier to pair with a top and a suit coat. The length should reach at least the top of your shoe for a more dashing look.

Where to buy: The SM Store, Mango Man, Topman

4. Matching shoes and socks

career wardrobe essentials

Find a pair of shoes matching your belt.

You can tell a lot about a person based on his shoes, so don’t forget to shine your shoes the night before your interview. One basic rule in men’s dressing is to find a pair of slip-on or lace-up shoes that will match the color of your belt. When in doubt, stick with the classics: brown or black leather shoes.

As for socks, pull off a pair that can hide your skin. Avoid flashy patterns and colors. Socks can be in black or any solid color. They would look better if the color of the socks match the color of your trousers.

5. Suit coat, sport coat, blazer, sweater, or sweater vest

career wardrobe essentials

A suit coat conveys authority and professionalism. (Image: Mango Man)

Dressing up in a suit is not necessary during an interview unless you are applying for a higher position. While it connotes authority and professionalism, there are other coordinates you can pull off depending on the dress code of the company you’re applying for.

A sports coat, for example, is appropriate when you are asked to dress casually. A sweater vest looks decent when paired with a collared shirt. A blazer adds a sleek feature when worn over a turtleneck. If you are bothered by being overdressed with these cover-ups, dress them down with khakis to balance off the style.

Additional tips!
● Put documents and other requirements inside a briefcase or a leather bag. They can serve as accessories, too.
● Wear a formal wristwatch with leather or link bands.
● Make yourself presentable with a nice haircut, a clean-shaven face, and trimmed fingernails.
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