8 New Restaurants to Try in Manila for Avid Foodies

Know where to go when your next craving hits with our new resto roundup!

By: Patricia Marie Prado | June 20, 2017
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For true-blue foodies, there’s always a reason to eat more. Thanks to great culinary minds in the city, there are new dishes and concepts for diners to try. Here are the newest restaurants in the metro to sate your appetite!

1. Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps

new Manila restaurants to try for foodies

Seafood at Blue Posts

Davao seafood restaurant Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps has opened its doors in Manila. One can feast on crabs and shrimps, or try new dishes like shrimps in garlic lemon butter sauce, and crabs in salted egg. Dig in with your (plastic-covered) hands for a Pinoy dining experience.

2. Empacho

new Manila restaurants to try for foodies

Boutique Burger Kitchen: a diner-inspired burger joint.

Casual dining restaurant Empacho offers Filipino dishes with a twist, like sinigang na lechon (roast suckling pig in sour soup) with strawberry. One can find staple fare like lechon belly and seafood tinola (soup) along with updated favorites. They have joined in the salted egg craze too with their salted egg lava cake.

3. Boutique Burger Kitchen

new Manila restaurants to try for foodies

Want to take a break from rice? Then try Boutique Burger Kitchen (BBK). Opened last March, BBK offers quality burgers at reasonable prices. Aside from classic cheeseburgers, other choices include the French flair, Aussie burger, turkey burger, even a veggie burger for vegans.

4. Kushikatsu Daruma

new Manila restaurants to try for foodies

Double dipping is a no-no at Kushikatsu Daruma

Osaka favorite Kushikatsu Daruma opened last March, giving locals a new way to enjoy fried food. Kushikatsu means breaded fried food on a stick. There’s the usual pork, chicken and beef in a stick, but they also have vegetables like leeks and eggplants. Those looking for something different can try foie gras. Remember not to double dip in their savory sauce.

5. Bistro United

new Manila restaurants to try for foodies

Bistro United has unusual but delicious food.

Last March, Bistro United opened its doors with the goal of dispelling the notion that Filipino foods are just one-pot dishes. The results are dishes that sound foreign but have familiar flavors. Try their bagnet ravioli, which is pasta stuffed with sisig (sizzling pigs head and liver) and bagnet (deep fried crispy pork belly). They also have dalandan (Philippine orange) chicken and ube (purple yam) rice. Finish off your meal with sweet and savory tilapia ice cream.

6. Zubuchon

new Manila restaurants to try for foodies

Zubuchon: a pork lover’s paradise

First established in 2009 in Cebu, Zubuchon opened their first branch in Makati last February, bringing their famous lechon (roast suckling pig) that are backyard-raised and cooked on site. Aside from roasted pig, diners can also enjoy sinigang (sour soup), Zubuchon dinuguan (pig’s blood stew), and slow-cooked adobo (pork in vinegar).

7. Toast Asian Kitchen and Tasting Room

new Manila restaurants to try for foodies

Various types of Asian cuisine at Toast

Toast Asian Kitchen and Tasting Room solves your dilemma of craving various types of Asian cuisine. They have Japanese, Vietnamese, or Thai, Singaporean and Filipino food all under one roof! One can have banh mini, or banh mi turned into mini burgers, or tom yum meatballs. There’s also blacksa, or Singaporean laksa with black squid ink, longganisa (Filipino-style sausage) pasta, and sous vide Hainanese chicken.

8. Hamaru

new Manila restaurants to try for foodies

Beef intestines (L) at Hamaru

Hamaru, which means “go crazy over,” opened last February to offer foodies contemporary Japanese food like sushi and yakitori, plus other Japanese favorites. Their dishes are packed with umami flavors best paired with sake (Japanese rice wine) or beer. Popular items include Hamaru soft shell crab roll, chicken poppers, and kushiyaki (skewered meat).

Wherever you are in the metro, there’s a newly opened restaurant in your area waiting to be discovered.

Click the store links to see their exact addresses and contact numbers.

Photos/Images are from the official Facebook pages of featured establishments.
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