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Top 9 Best Healthy Restaurants in the Philippines 2017

Healthy eating is not boring in this nation!

By: Patricia Marie Prado | August 06, 2017
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Due to changing quarantine measures, the activities, destination/s, store/s, establishment/s featured in this article might be temporarily prohibited or closed under the latest government policies. LGUs might also implement health protocols and travel requirements. Please get in touch with the establishment/s before visiting. Stay safe!

Eating healthy in the Philippines might be a joke to some considering the number of fatty and salty foods in our favorite home cooked meals. And with all the buffet restaurants, “eat-all-you-can” and “unli” options on the rise, who could resist?

But if you’re aiming to switch to a healthier diet or has always been a vegan but can’t find good places to eat, ShoppersGuide is here to help you out. Here’s our list of the top healthy restaurants in the country as voted by our readers. Dive in and enjoy!


To start our list are Juju Eats and Super Bowl of China.

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Grab healthy snacks on the go at Juju Eats. (Images: Juju Eats)

Opened in 2013, Juju Eats is a healthy restaurant with the goal of 1) providing fast healthy foods on the go and; 2) giving healthy dishes without sacrificing the taste. One look at their stores and one would immediately think that they only serve salad and healthy shakes. But Juju Eats’ menu also includes pasta, panini, and wraps! If you’re still transitioning from a being a carnivore, they also have meat options but only serving the good parts like Pesto Chicken Panini, using the breast meat of chicken, and Inasal salad with bits of grilled pork.

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

No more ‘fried’-days at Super Bowl of China! (Images: Super Bowl Ph)

Also on our number nine is Super Bowl of China. Although it’s not amongst the well-known “healthy” restaurants, some of their menu items became favorites of health-conscious folks for a reason. Super Bowl serves mainly Chinese cuisine filled with crunchy noodles and golden fried chicken, but they also have healthy and non-fried dishes for diet-conscious customers. Their dim sums likeHakao (steamed fresh shrimp dumpling) and Pork Siomai (steamed pork) are perfect for those that are trying to stay away from fried food. They also serve veggie-centric dishes likeSauteed Kailan with Garlic and Braised Tofu with Mushrooms, one of their bestsellers for those who want to consume more greens.


Three restaurants made it on our number eight and they are Edgy Veggy Vegetarian Food, Greenery Kitchen, and Pho Hoa.

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Fan of steak? Try Edgy Veggy’s Tofu Steak for a healthier change. (Images: Edgy Veggy)

Started as a small stall along Legaspi Sunday Market in 2008, Edgy Veggy Vegetarian Food has now become a go-to place for vegans and vegetarians along Kapitolyo, Pasig. Owner Denise Celdran saw the lack of options for vegans so she made her own menu for her friends who need help in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. From her famous Tofu Steak, her menu now extends to salads, sandwiches, pastas, rice dishes, and more that are super healthy and will still fill one’s tummy. Some of their must-tries include Cashew Cheese panizza, Mushroom Lasagna, and Panini. All of their menu items are meat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free!

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Greenery Kitchen will turn your favorite ulam healthier! (Image: Greenery Kitchen)

Also on the eighth spot is Greenery Kitchen located in Makati. GK started out as a delivery service providing healthy lunch options for Makati CBD employees and as a mainstay at Amaya Beach Resort. Today they also have their own restaurant that serves well-known dishes vegetarian style that are very tasty and affordable, and still delivers lunch to nearby offices. Some of their menu items include Korean BBQ, Kare Kare, Lechon Kawali, and Menudo made with all-vegetarian ingredients. You can also choose the no garlic and onion option if you want.

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Discover the Vietnamese’s secret to good health at Pho Hoa. (Image: @ilovephohoa_ph)

Our last contender on the eighth spot is Pho Hoa. Unbeknownst to some people, Pho Hoa actually originated in California in 1983 but has since spread to over seven countries all over the world. Centered in serving Vietnamese dishes, Pho Hoa became famous for their Pho, the traditional Vietnamese noodles made with beef stock soup base and choice cuts of lean meat. And although they don’t serve strictly vegetarian meals, their diverse menu is filled with healthy dishes like Fresh Spring Rolls, and their large selection of Pho and Vermicelli bowls perfect for non-fried and soup lovers.


On our number seven are Mak Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant and Runner’s Kitchen.

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

The greens are the real stars at Mak Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant. (Images: @qtclaire (left) and Diamond Morales (right))

Mak Chang Korean BBQ Restaurant is a little, hole-in-the-wall restaurant that has been well-loved by Manileños since 2003. Their simple but tasty menu provides the usual Korean favorites like Galbisal, or grilled beef short ribs, andSamkyupsal (Samgyeopsal), or pork belly. But despite the array of meats, the fact that they are grilled makes them a bit healthy! Plus Mak Chang is also known for their top notch sides dishes: their authentic Kimchi and Green Onion and Bean Sprouts! These vegetable appetizers are so good they’re more popular than the main dishes.

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Fuel your body with all organic ingredients at Runner’s Kitchen. (Image: Runner’s Kitchen Instagram)

Also in number seven is Runner’s Kitchen, an organic restaurant owned by actresses Bianca King, Glaiza de Castro, Abby Asistio, and photographer Xander Angeles. King who has a background in culinary arts and fitness nutrition paired with Angeles’ love for cycling became the inspiration for the restaurant’s goal of providing healthy and nutritious food that will fuel your body whatever activity you are in. They also use strictly organic ingredients from vegetables to the meat that they use, and cook all of the dishes on site. Some of their bestsellers include Beef Salpicao, Spicy Tuna Quinoa, and Whole Wheat Nachos.


Another two restaurants made it on our number six and they are Daily Veggie N Café and Joe’s Snack Grill.

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Looks can be deceiving at Daily Veggie N Café. (Image: Daily Veggie N Café.)

Daily Veggie N Café, located in Sto. Domingo Ave. in Quezon City, has been a favorite of vegetarians since 2000. The restaurant specializes in Ovo-Lacto vegetarianism, a type of diet that caters to vegetarian but still consumes eggs and dairy. Daily Veggie N Café will make you think twice with their dishes because they look and taste like your favorite meat viands. Some of the favorites in the restaurant includes their Vegetarian Dumplings filled with radish and mushroom, and Fish Fillet with Rice and Veggies meal that will fool you into thinking you’re actually eating real fish (when, in fact, you’re not!).

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Joe’s Snack and Grill is your perfect excuse in going green, sort of. (Images: Vlad Bunoan (left) and Maggie/@magylifestyle (right))

Another Korean restaurant made it on the list and it is Joe’s Snack and Grill . If you are not yet convinced that veganism is the way to go, Korean restaurants maybe your best excuse for trying to be healthy. Although Joe’s grilled meats are high in fat, their side dishes like their famous Kim chi is super healthy and good for the intestines. They also have various vegetable side dishes to be paired with their grilled meat giving diners a healthy low carb, high fat meal.


restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Feast your eyes at Agico’s 80-piece menu! (Images: Agico Vegetarian Café)

For Japanese cuisine lovers, going healthy is still possible thanks to Agico Vegetarian Café. The café serves favorite Japanese dishes like ramen, maki and sushi rolls, and takoyaki but instead of meat fillings, you’ll get the healthier version made with veggies and tofu! Agico also extends their meals to pasta, burgers, and rice bowls so you’ll surely get enough to fill your stomach. They have a total of 80 items on their menu and the only problem you’ll have is where to start. Their bestsellers include their healthier version of Gyoza, Tofu Steak, and Katsudon.

Voter’s comment:

“I love this place not only bcos of food but also bcos they hold open mic events”-Karen

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Taste food from the mountains at Satinka Naturals. (Images: Satinka Naturals and Marvin Zoilo)

Also on the fifth spot is Satinka Naturals. Satinka Naturals started out as an apothecary selling organic oils and medicines for skincare and homecare. In 2014, they decided to put their love of organic ingredients into cooking and added a café! The owners of Satinka gather their products from the region of Cordillera to help the farmers up north, and to introduce their diners to the food in the “mountains.” Their delicious but affordable dishes are all natural, has no preservative, and no MSG. Some of their best dishes include Brined Chicken Rosemary Adobo, marinated for hours, and Vegan Platter.

Other contenders on the fifth spot include Healthy Shabu Shabu, Live Life Vegetarian Food, and The Wholesome Table.


restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Get fit and give back when you dine at Earth Kitchen. (Images: Gabriel Jose (left) and Earth Kitchen (right))

If you desire to get healthy and give back at the same time, try Earth Kitchen that sits on our fourth spot. Earth Kitchen is a joint project of Got Heart Foundation and Hizon’s catering that offers all-organic menu, sourcing their ingredients form local farmers. The restaurant also prides itself from making their dishes from scratch, from pasta to ice cream, and even their tortillas! Some of their bestsellers include the Beef Kebab and Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Paccheri. When you visit their stores, make sure to check some of the products from the farms that GHF supports. They sell chia seeds, various types of jams, and powdered leaves like malunggay.


Voter’s comments:

“Healthy living in a jiffy! Can be on the pricey side but serving can fulfill a grumbling stomach for the next few hours.”- Rhian

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Take your pick among these tasty smoothie bowls at Bliss Bowls. (Image: Bliss Bowls Ph) www.facebook.com/blissbowlsph

On our top three is Bliss Bowls. What started out as a personal project by mother and health-conscious Pam Basa-Siao, is now a favorite among fitness buffs in Megamall. These health bowls is a huge upgrade from the regular shakes and smoothies that we know and love. Bliss Bowls’ secret lies in the texture of the smoothies. Instead of using ice, they freeze the fruits and vegetables that they use to keep its quality, taste, and texture even after processing. And to top it off, they only use real fruits and seeds and none of those artificial flavors! Some of their specialties include Berry Bliss and Cacao Kiss.


Voter’s comments:

“Quality Ingredients and Generous Portions!! Their salads are delicious.”- Julienne

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

Create your perfect health snack at Salad Stop. (Images: Salad Stop)

The restaurant that claimed our second spot is Salad Stop! Originally from Singapore, the Specialty Food Retailers, Inc. brought the franchise in the country to give busy people healthy meals on the go. Salad Stop serves a wide array of salads inspired by different countries, from Japan, India, and of course Singapore. If you’re itching for some proteins, they also have some meat like chicken and tuna to give you a hearty and filling bowl. Aside from their well-known offerings like Man-Go Wild! and Tuna San, Salad Stop is also known for their customizable salads and wraps allowing diners to create their own healthy snack.


Voter’s comments:

“A little bit pricey. Pero masarap ang salads.”- Carmen

restaurants for healthy diet Philippines

A real farm-to-table experience awaits you at Green Pastures. (Image: Green Pastures)

The restaurant that claimed our top spot is Green Pastures. Established in 2013, Green Pastures is another one of Chef Robby Goco’s creation, next to his popular Greek restaurant, Cyma. Green Pastures specializes in the farm-to-table experience, sourcing their ingredients directly to local farmers and puts it straight into the kitchen. Although not a strictly vegetarian restaurant, Green Pastures has been a favorite among health buffs and foodies because of its organic ingredients and delightful dishes that will not rob you out of taste or quality. Some of their must-tries include the Farmhouse Salad, All ‘Amatriciana, and the Ultimate F2T Lasagna.

Turn a new leaf and try one of these healthy restaurants now! Tell us on the comments below which one of them will you try first.

Results are based on the Top 10 Healthy Restaurants in the Philippines 2017 Poll posted at the home page of yoorekka.com from July 24 to July 30, 2017.

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