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How to Achieve the Vintage Fashion Statement of Your Lolo and Lola

Dress up like 'lolo' and 'lola' did on their heyday this Grandparents Day.

By: Karen Grace Libao | September 08, 2017
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Having your lolo (grandfather) and lola (grandmother) around is the best thing ever. They are our guardians who will always say, “Been there, done that.” They often give us unsolicited advice which we can apply when facing adult life. Indeed, grandparents are angels in disguise. This Grandparent’s Day, it’s time to celebrate them by dressing up the way they did during their era. Here are some tips on how to nail lolo and lola’s classic outfits.

Study their style by looking at old photos.

vintage fashion statement

Discover the younger version of lolo and lola through old photos.

Not only can you have a brief lesson on the evolution of fashion, you can also discover how fab your grandparents were during their time by looking through their old photographs. Take the time to look closely at several photographs and check out the ensembles you already have in your stash. Out of all the old photographs there were, pick one in which lolo and lola look their best and consider it your peg.

Visit antique shops.

vintage fashion statement

Find classic gems at the nearest antique shop.

Antique shops are like a magic portal to the old world. They give us a glimpse of how the previous eras were through their massive collection of vintage items. Surely, these items tell a story. If you’re lucky enough, you can find a pair of sunglasses someone from the older generations used to wear. You can also snag more fashion items like watches, jewelry, and accessories. You may also want to dig classic clothing pieces at ukay-ukay shops, the Filipino version of flea markets. In Metro Manila, you can start your scavenger hunt from Escolta, to Makati, or Cubao.

Recreate outfits from your elders’ closets.

vintage fashion statement

There’s a 100% chance you’ll find an OOTD-worthy piece in their closet.

If you look into your parents’ wardrobe, there’s a high possibility that you’ll unearth fasionable pieces that are still trendy. Animal prints and polka dots, for example, are a closet staple which never go out of style. While you can get inspiration from your grandparents’ outfits displayed in old photographs, you can also create your own blast-from-the-past getup by pairing unearthed clothes with the items that you currently own. In addition, you can pull out jewelry from your grandparent’s treasure trove to accessorize your outfit.

Be inspired by classic fashion icons.

vintage fashion statement

Imitate the fashion pros.

Fashion icons are there for a reason. Browse the web and look for the most appealing personality who you think is worth impersonating. You can channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross, or Elizabeth Taylor. Imitate them from head to toe the way your lolos and lolas idolized them during their time. Consider important elements such as pearls, diamonds, dresses, belts, stilettos, and jewelry to completely duplicate their look.

It’s all in the hair.

vintage fashion statement

The right hairstyle can impact your look.

Bring the curlers in! Styling your hair can massively affect your look. Our grandparents used to sport big, wavy curls which is everyone’s go-to hairstyle whenever there’s an ‘80s-themed party. You can never go wrong with an updo or a bouffant. For a more modern look, you can sport a hippie chick hairstyle or victory rolls for a ‘40s look. If you can’t take care of your own hair, you can watch YouTube tutorials or buy a wig formed in your desired hairstyle.

Which of these looks will you be flaunting in honor of your grandparents? Let us know in the comments section below!
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