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Seven Places Where You Can Shop Ukay-Ukay in Metro Manila

Go ahead and dig all you want at these seven Best Ukay Ukay in Manila!

By: Karen Grace Libao | August 04, 2017
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Your five-peso coin can buy you an ice cream cone, sure. But if you know where to shop, it can also get you a top or a pair of jeans. No one knows this better than Shaira Luna. The former child prodigy turned photographer is a confessed ukay-ukay shopper that she’s called The Queen of Ukay.

While the most famous ukay-ukay (thrift store) shops are in Tagaytay and Baguio, Ukay Ukay in Manila below doesn’t disappoint, too!

1. Anonas Mall

Ukay Ukay Metro Manila, Ukay Ukay in Manila, Best Ukay Ukay in Manila

The four-story building filled with branded ukay merchandise.

Images: Kristine Hernandez

According to the ukay pros, Anonas Mall is one of the best places with Ukay Ukay in Metro Manila to score quality items due to its wide selection from the first to the fourth floor. Probably because of its accessibility, it is a favorite shopping location of the stylish set and fashion bloggers.

How to get there: Take the LRT 2 and drop off at Anonas Station. The exit will lead you to the mall itself.

2. Bambang Market

Ukay Ukay Metro Manila

Locals claim that Bambang is the very first ukayan in Metro Manila.

Image: David Montasco

Manileños claim that Bambang Market was the oldest Ukay Ukay in Metro Manila before Baguio became a famous Ukayan. Unlike other ukay shops where you have to dig and go through piles of clothes, items in Bambang are sold in bundles and priced per kilogram. If you’re interested in starting your ukay store, This is an excellent venue to get your supplies.

How to get there: Bambang Market is a five-minute walk from LRT Bambang Station.

3. Carriedo St., Quiapo

Ukay Ukay in Manila

Quiapo is where you pray and thrift shop.

Images: Mariella Centeno

Recently, this Ukay Ukay in Manila made a buzz on the internet because of the Facebook caption, “Saan aabot ang PhP5 pesos mo (How far will your PhP5 go)?” While ukay steals can be bought for as low as PhP5, this ukay-ukay in Metro Manila offers buy-one-take-one promos. Considering ukay means to dig, this is by far the most organized thrift shop you’ll encounter. You can find jeans, dresses, bags, curtains, and swimwear, too! This Best Ukay Ukay in Manila is located near the SM Clearance outlet, and this one can be your next favorite shopping destination in Quiapo.

How to get there: From Carriedo LRT Station, walk to the SM Clearance outlet near Quiapo church and find the ukay-ukay store.

4. Makati Cinema Square

Best Ukay Ukay in Manila

Makati Cinema Square is your one-stop-shop for budget-friendly buys.

Image: Make It Makati

Luxury malls don’t solely define Makati City. Makati Cinema Square has been a hub of Ukay Ukay in Metro Manila long before big malls dominated the city. Prices of items inside might be steeper than in other shopping hubs, but you can find several stalls of Ukay Ukay in Manila, where you can discover a wide selection of clothing, bags, and shoes.

How to get there: From Gil Puyat LRT Station, take a jeepney to PRC and get off at Chino Roces Ave. Ride another jeepney bound for Walter Mart Supermarket/Don Bosco and drop off at Makati Cinema Square.

5. Raberly, North Edsa

Ukay Ukay Metro Manila

Raberly takes pride in being one of the most spacious thrift shops in the north.

Image: Raberly Dry Goods

Situated right beside the MRT North Avenue Station, Raberly is one of the Ukay Ukay in Metro Manila with imported merchandise at relatively low prices. If you want a great steal, make sure to watch out for the season when they mark down prices. Your PhP500 can already give you unique ensembles for your daily outfits.

6. Ukay-Ukay Wagwagan, Pasay City

Ukay Ukay in Manila

Wagwagan has good ventilation so you can dig all you want hassle-free.

Image: Philippine Primer

This is the best place to scour ukay finds because prices become cheaper weekly until all goods are sold. Pray that no one will take that item you’ve meant to buy so you can score it for as low as PhP10 in this Ukay Ukay in Manila. Aside from that, this Ukay ukay in Metro Manila. is conveniently located near MRT and LRT Taft and can be reached by riding a bus and jeepney.

How to get there: Take the MRT or LRT 1 and drop off at Pasay Taft.

7. Starmall Alabang

Best Ukay Ukay in Manila

Ukay-ukay shopping can be convenient when done inside Starmall Alabang.

Image: Starmall

The digging game is more manageable in Starmall Alabang as it is located inside the mall. After hours of choosing, you can drop by nearby food chains and entertainment spots within the mall to wind up before going home. Frequent shoppers also note that the ukay smell is much more tolerable in Starmall compared to other Ukay Ukay in Metro Manila.


Shopping in ukay-ukay is fun! Keep these tips in mind before visiting a thrift shop.

• Dress comfortably. You can dig better and longer when you are at ease with what you wear.
• Bring cash. A credit card has no use in thrift shops.
• Be patient. It would help to dig through piles of clothing before finding a good piece or two that will look good on you.
• Try them on. Despite the dirt and smell of clothes from an Ukay Ukay in Metro Manila, it’s the only way to know if a garment fits you well.
• Haggling is welcome. The more items you buy, the higher the chance of getting them at a lower price.
• Don’t go to the New Arrivals section, where prices are higher than regular items. Instead, go to the cheapest section.

Did we miss your favorite ukay-ukay in Metro Manila? Share them with us so we can feature them as well!

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