Top 10 Korean Restaurants in Metro Manila 2017

SG readers vote the best Korean restaurants which satisfy their cravings.

By: Arrah Camillia Quistadio-Manticajon | October 01, 2017
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The popularity of Korean drama programs has led Filipinos to appreciate all things Korean, be it cosmetics, music, or food.

Last week, we asked our readers their favorite Korean restaurants in the metro. Below is a list of the top places which satisfies their Korean cravings.

10. Sodam Korean Buffet

Best Korean restaurant Manila

The homey interiors of Sodam Korean Buffet (Image: Sodam Restaurant)

Starting off our countdown is Sodam Korean Buffet. Sodam is known for affordable all-you-can-eat grilled pork and beef and unlimited servings of banchan or side dishes. They were named as the number one Korean restaurant in the Zomato Best of 2016 poll. Here, diners can enjoy Korean favorites like kimchi and japchae (stir-fried glass noodles) along with familiar dishes like spare ribs and calamari.

9. Kyochon

Best Korean restaurant Manila

A Lee Min-Ho standee at a local Kyochon branch (Image: Kyochon PH)

Kyochon is a global Korean fried chicken brand which started out in 1991. They have over 1,000 restaurants in Korea and can be found in six countries. Kyochon serves four main fried chicken variants: Original Series, Red Series, Honey Series, and Soonsal or boneless chicken Series. Kyochon boasts of using only natural ingredients with no glacial acetic acid, sodium saccharine, or monosodium glutamate.

8. Samgyupsalamat

Best Korean restaurant Manila

Samgyupsalamat, a meat lover’s haven (Image: Samgyupsalamat)

Landing in the eighth spot in our poll is Samgyupsalamat, a cleverly-named unlimited Korean charcoal barbeque restaurant.

For starters, customers are given free sundubu jjigae (spicy tofu stew). One of their best sellers is yangnyum beef samgyupsal, or imported US beef short plate in special seasoning sauce. Happy hour runs from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 2:00 AM, when diners can enjoy up to nine kinds of meat.

7. Makchang Korean Grill Restaurant

Best Korean restaurant Manila

The sumptuous spread at Makchang Korean Grill Restaurant (Image: @holabrent)

Mak Chang Korean Grill Restaurant opened in 2003 and has been a popular Korean barbeque place ever since. They offer six types of beef, three types of pork, and refillable side dishes. These include kamote (sweet potato), miso soup, kimchi, scallions and bean sprouts, shiso (perilla) leaves, and chilies. For an authentic Korean barbeque experience, diners can wrap grilled meat and veggies in shiso leaves.

6. Soban K-Town Grill

Best Korean restaurant Manila

The industrial chic façade of Soban K-Town Grill (Image: Soban K-Town Grill)

Korean barbeque with a twist can be enjoyed at Soban K-Town Grill. Soban is patterned after Korea-town communities in the US. They are famous for their six-flavor samgyupsal (pork belly) set which comes in original, fruity, chili bean, soy garlic, doenjang (fermented soybean paste), and wine variants. They also have other grill sets for solo or sharing.

5. Kko Kko

Best Korean restaurant Manila

Bright, modern interiors greet customers at Kko Kko. (Image: Kko Kko)

Another chicken place in our poll is Kko Kko, a Korean concept restaurant owned by news anchor and TV host Grace Lee. With their tagline “Home of Seoul Chicken,” Kko Kko specializes in fried chicken. One unique dish is their chicken and cheese fondue, a humongous serving of chicken chunks in yangnyeom (spicy red sauce), French fries, and melted cheese inside a bread bowl. Korean staples like japchae, bibimbap (mixed rice), and dosirak (Korean lunch box) are also in their menu. One can cap off the meal with a snow jelly bingsu, a Korean sweet treat made of shaved ice.

4. Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul, Jonglo Korean Restaurant, Hanayo Korean Restaurant, Korea Grill Chicken & Beer

Voter’s comment: “You can wear their Korean costume while eating here (Jonglo)...”–Dominic

Best Korean restaurant Manila

The interiors of Sibyullee is inspired by a traditional Korean house. (Image: Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul)

Sibyullee Flavors of Seoul, which serves modern Seoul barbeque and street food. They are known for their barbeque combo sets, and is the first to offer grilled cheese barbeque.

Best Korean restaurant Manila

Diners don traditional Korean dresses at Jonglo Korean Restaurant. (Jonglo Korean Restaurant)

Those who’d like to try traditional Korean clothing while eating can head to Jonglo Korean Restaurant . This 24-hour joint offers samgyubsal (pork belly), sundubu jjigae, bulgogi (grilled beef), tukboki (stir-fried rice cakes), dolsot bibimbab (hot stone pot rice bowl), jokbal (pig trotters in soy sauce and spices), and more.

Best Korean restaurant Manila

Food is plentiful but affordable at Hanayo. (Image: Hanayo Restaurant)

Promising “a fresh take on your favorite Korean cuisine,” Hanayo Korean Restaurant has various budget-friendly meals priced at PhP69 to PhP160.

Best Korean restaurant Manila

Korea Grill Chicken & Beer, a place to eat and chill (Image: Korea Grill Chicken & Beer)

True to their name, casual dining spot Korea Grill Chicken & Beer has a wide variety of chicken dishes, cocktails, and beer.

3. BonChon Chicken, Joe Snack Grill

Best Korean restaurant Manila

The BonChon branch in Boracay (Image: Bonchon Philippines)

Cult Korean favorite BonChon Chicken sneaks up the third spot on our list. Meaning “original village” in Korean, BonChon was started by Jinduk Seh in Busan in 2002. They are known for their fried chicken with a crispy, whisper-thin coating. BonChon has over 80 stores in the Philippines.

Best Korean restaurant Manila

The wide array of food at Joe Snack Grill (Image: Jim-Jerwin Palma Garcia)

Casual dining spot Joe Snack Grill also made it to number three. They have six types of meat on the menu: makchang (beef abomasum), deungsim (sirloin), kalbisal (rib meat), kalmaegisal (pork skirt), samkyubsal, and woosamkyub (beef bacon). Free side dishes include sweet potato, miso soup, and seaweeds.

2. Lee Hak Buffet Restaurant

Best Korean restaurant Manila

One can go Korean in Kapitolyo at Lee Hak Buffet Restaurant. (Image: Lee Hak Buffet Restaurant)

Lee Hak Buffet Restaurant is one of many food joints east of the metro offering eat-all-you-can, drink-all-you-can dining at PhP399 or less. Lee Hak serves buffet lunch, dinner, and even snacks with over 100 kinds of dishes. They offer five types of meat for their barbeque. House specialties include shiraegi kkongchi jorim (mackerel pike soup), jokbal (Korean healthy pata or pork trotters), and shiraegi doenjang guk (soybean paste soup with dried radish leaves).

1. Sambo Kojin

Best Korean restaurant Manila

The SM Southmall branch of Sambo Kojin (Image: Sambo Kojin)

Taking the top spot in our survey is Sambo Kojin , merges Korean barbeque with Japanese yakiniku (grilled meat). A perennial favorite of SG readers, the restaurant also figured prominently in our survey about the ten best buffet restaurants in the Philippines.

The place derives its name from a fabled Japanese kitchen god. Sambo Kojin boasts of offering a premium selection of meat and seafood for grilling, plus over 50 items in their sushi bar. Korean specialties include galbi jjim (beef stew), panjeon (pancake), and budae jjigae (spicy sausage soup), to name a few.

Did your favorite Korean restaurant make it to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

Results are based on the Korean Restaurants in Metro Manila 2017 Poll posted at the home page of from September 18 to September 24, 2017.

* Click the store links to see the exact addresses and contact numbers of featured establishments.

* Prices may change without prior notice.
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