Eco-Friendly Activities To Do This Summer to Help the Environment

Step up your clean and green advocacy with these eco-friendly activities!

By: Patricia Marie Prado | June 07, 2018
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eco-friendly activities summer

It might escape most of us, but aside from being the month when we also celebrate our independence, June is also Philippine Environment Month. It is in unison with the World Environment Day that is celebrated all over the world every 5th of June to help raise awareness about various environmental issues ailing us today.

It sounds like such a daunting feat to help the environment, but you can always start small and work your way to becoming an advocate of Mother Nature. Read on and see the eco-friendly activities you can do to help the environment.

1. Support the use of metal straws from GoZero.

eco-friendly activities summer

Switching to a zero-waste lifestyle can still be fashionable and cute with these metal straws.

Image: Go Zero

As small and harmless as they may seem, single-use plastic straws are among the top pollutants in the environment. This little piece of plastic that we use almost every day is non-biodegradable and often ends up in the ocean, which then hurts various marine animals.

Ditch these flimsy straws and switch to using metal straws from GoZero. GoZero is an advocate of promoting a zero-waste lifestyle, and their metal straws can help you do the same. Their straws are safe to use, come with a cleaner, and are very affordable. You can choose among the straight or bent straws (PhP50) or the milk tea straw (PhP75).You can buy a tikog (woven) pouch (PhP70) as well so you can bring them with you wherever you go.

2. Make your voice heard online for Greenpeace Philippines.

eco-friendly activities summer

Spread Greepeace’s hashtags and online campaigns and live it as well.

Image: Greenpeace Philippines

Instead of just mindlessly browsing your social media feeds for hours or, worse, trolling or stalking various people on the Internet, why not dedicate your online presence for a good cause? Environmental organization Greenpeace Philippines has, for the longest time, been known to be advocates of Mother Nature and they are always on the lookout for people who can help advance their causes.

If you’re just starting out in this journey of environmental conservation, you can begin by volunteering as one of Greenpeace’s online activist. All you have to do is sign up and they’ll educate you on various ways on how you can help their online campaigns and petitions which aim to fight for our planet.

3. Share your skills with Save Philippine Seas.

eco-friendly activities summer

Got some spare time? Lend your awesome skills to Save Philippine Seas.

For the creatives who are willing to pitch in their time and efforts for free, non-profit organizations like Save Philippines Seas (SPS) would love to have you on their team. SPS believes that the Philippines is worth “diving” for and are always ready to receive able and willing volunteers who can help them with their online and offline campaigns that bring awareness on issues that our bodies of water face.

If you’re a researcher, blogger, writer, illustrator, or even an event organizer who’s fond of hanging out by the sea, you can visit SPS’ website and head on to their volunteer’s page. Just leave your basic info and they’ll be the one to coordinate with you on how you can contribute your skills for a greater cause.

4. Participate in a clean-up drive with Let's Do It Philippines.

eco-friendly activities summer

Roll up your sleeves and help clean the country with Let’s Do It Philippines.

Images: Let’s Do It Philippines

If you're not one to shy away from getting your hands dirty, joining a clean-up drive is perhaps your true calling to save the environment. One group you can join that commits itself to the deed is Let's Do It Philippines, a movement that aims to prevent the illegal disposal of solid waste in the country.

They recently started their 100-day road trip campaign from Aparri to Jolo to get the public ready for September 15, their official clean-up day. You can join their group as early as now and coordinate with their local teams so you'll be ready by September.

5. Plant a tree with FEED Inc.

eco-friendly activities summer

Plant a tree and help send some kids to school through FEED Inc.

Image: FEED Inc.

We can never have too much trees on our planet and what better way to give back to the environment than planting one yourself? For this, you can join FEED Inc., an organization that aims to preserve and rehabilitate the environment by providing scholarships to future leaders and professionals who will help save our planet.

In joining FEED, you can either volunteer your time and join their monthly tree-planting activity, or be a member of their Living Legacy Program where you can join their team for a yearly fee of PhP550. The fee will go to tree-planting activities with at least five seedlings planted to your name, plus tree monitoring and maintenance, and a contribution to FEED’s scholarship program.

6. Help distribute clean water through Waves for Water.

eco-friendly activities summer

Make your travels count with Waves for Water.

Image: Waves for Water

For avid travelers who want to make a difference whenever they fly internationally, this cause is for you. Waves for Water is an organization that uses travelers as volunteers to distribute water filters in places with no access to clean water. This can include underdeveloped countries, places recently struck by calamity, or war-torn countries.

With this no-nonsense approach to helping others, they were able to reach far-flung regions of our own country and even places as far as Afghanistan and Nicaragua. You can visit their website and choose to either support a courier or be a courier yourself.

7. Promote ecotourism.

eco-friendly activities summer

Discover new places while raising awareness for Mother Nature through Ecotourism.

Image: Masungi Georeserve

Ecotourism might be a foreign term to many but it's simply a more responsible form of tourism. It's a movement that promotes low impact and small scale tourism that aims to educate travelers on how to minimize their waste as they move from place to place and how to protect the natural forms and resources of every site they visit.

Some of the premiere places for ecotourism in the country right now include Masinloc in Zambales, Masungi Georeserve in Tanay Rizal, and Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao.

8. Give to charities like Mother Earth Foundation.

eco-friendly activities summer

A couple of bucks can go a long way with charities like Mother Earth Foundation.

Image: Mother Earth Foundation

If time is really not your friend and volunteering is out of the question, you can still help various charities to advance their causes through financial donation.

One charity worth your hard-earned money is Mother Earth Foundation. They aim to promote a zero-waste lifestyle in the Philippines by frequently hosting workshops in different parts of the country and to educate on proper waste management and how to live a waste-free lifestyle.

Make your June worthwhile with these fun activities that will also help our environment. Let us know in the comments section which of these activities and organizations you will join soon.
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