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Build Your Toolbox: 10 Essential Tools You Should Have for Home Repair

Make sure you have these basic hand tools!

By: Eunice Sheene Fulgencio | August 13, 2018
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essential tools for home repair

Times are tough. The country is at its highest inflation rate in the past five years and political tension in the air is almost palpable. Since prices of even the most basic necessities are at an all-time high, adjustments may be needed for your monthly budget. You can take simple measures by cooking at home and preparing your baon (packed meal) or cutting back on your daily Starbucks indulges. To save further, one useful skill you should learn is doing home repairs and even DIY home improvement projects!

Just imagine how much you can save if you don’t go calling the repairman every time something breaks in your house. It doesn’t mean you need to become a pro handyman; just knowing the basics can already go a long way. And since you need to be literally equipped to do this, here are the 10 essential tools for home repair that you need to get familiar with.

1. Hand Saw

essential tools for home repair

A saw should always be handled properly to avoid accidents.

Most home fixes would require you to cut through various materials, so having a saw is important. There are many types of saws with different uses, but the most basic and crucial type to have is the hand saw. A hand saw is ideal to cut through plywood as its blade is specifically designed to easily go through either along or across the grain.

2. Hammer

essential tools for home repair

Apart from having a rubber grip, your hammer should also be lightweight.

Another vital tool is the trusty hammer. Most home repairs will need this tool. Some types of hammer that are good to have are the curved claw hammer for pounding nails or removing them and the lump hammer for driving large nails. When buying one, choose a hammer with a rubber grip to prevent slipping and unforeseen incidents.

3. Screwdriver

essential tools for home repair

Screwdrivers can also be bought individually or as a set, and you can also find one with detachable tips.

Different jobs require different types, and for screwdrivers, it is ideal to have at least two flathead screwdrivers and two Phillips screwdrivers. To have a variety of types without spending too much, you can buy a screwdriver handle with a set of detachable tips.

4. Pliers

essential tools for home repair

A pair of pliers can be considered as a compound machine.

Different pliers call for different jobs. Locking pliers can be used to remove bolts, needle-nose pliers can be used to insert small parts into hard-to-reach areas, and linesman pliers can be for cutting and flattening metal. For a basic toolbox, you do not have to have all the types, but it is ideal to have at least two or three.

5. Tape measure

essential tools for home repair

The tape measure that does not self-retract is more usually used in clothes making.

You will also need a tape measure for general use. For this purpose, get the standard 6-meter type rather than the 3-meter one. Make sure that the tape is at least 1-inch wide for easier use.

6. Utility knife

essential tools for home repair

Aside from home repairs, utility knives are also handy tools for simple tasks like opening packages.

From the name itself, the utility knife can be considered as a “jack-of-all-trades” tool. Some of its uses include cutting drywall and various other things, exposing popped nail heads, and trimming molding. Utility knives are also a popular birthday gift item as everybody can make use of them.

7. Wrench

essential tools for home repair

Wrenches are called spanners in the United Kingdom.

Though it may have various types, wrenches are essentially used to either tighten or loosen a bolt. The crescent wrench pictured above has a moveable jaw which makes it useful for different bolt sizes. There’s also the non-adjustable socket wrench which does not need to be refitted every time it turns but can only work on a limited size.

8. Work Gloves

essential tools for home repair

Accidents can happen during home repair projects so it is best to come prepared.

Your toolbox for your DIY home improvement projects should have a number of safety equipment as well. The first would be the work gloves you need to put on at all times to avoid cutting or even electrocuting yourself. Choose work gloves that are anti-vibration and fully cover your hands.

9. Safety goggles

essential tools for home repair

Never put your eyes in a vulnerable position.

The next safety equipment you should make sure to have is a trusty pair of safety goggles. When doing home repair projects, you need to protect your eyes from debris.

10. Flashlight

essential tools for home repair

The flashlight is just as important of a tool as the others.

One home item you probably already have that is also needed in home repair is the ever-reliable flashlight. Any type can be used as long as they all can shed light in dark places but you can also opt for a headlamp to keep your hands free.

Basic home repair is a venture you might really want to consider. Not only will you be saving money, you will also achieve another milestone into becoming a full-fledged “adult”.

Are there other basic hand tools you think should be included in the list? Tell us in the comments below!

* All images were taken from Pixabay.
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