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Top Millennial Pink Items in the Philippines for 2018

This shade of pink has invaded the Philippines, and it’s here to stay.

By: Patricia Marie Prado | September 16, 2018
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millennial pink

In 2016, the fashion world was taken by storm when the color “millennial pink” started appearing everywhere. All of a sudden, this shade of pink became everyone’s favorite. Two years later, it’s still dominating popular culture and various industries.

Some say that millennial pink became appealing because it is associated with our childhood and innocence [1]. Others contribute its staying power to the way it transcends gender. After all, gone are the days when blue is assigned to boys and pink to girls; many believe that millennial pink has become this generation’s genderless mascot [2].

Whatever the reason may be, it looks like this color is here to stay. Last week, we asked our readers about their favorite products in the Philippines that followed the trend, and the results are in.

Read on and see which item in millennial pink appeals most to you!

5. Bags

millennial pink

Stand out from the crowd with a Millennial Pink bag.

Image: Herschel Supply Co.

Bags fell on the fifth spot. Aside from being a daily companion, women also hold bags in a special place in their hearts. Over the years, the bag has become a status symbol—a representation and extension of who the owner is [3]. That’s why it’s no surprise that this item became a favorite millennial pink product for many.

If you’re looking for a millennial pink bag to add to your stash, Herschel’s Nova Mini Backpack (PhP2,990) can be a perfect fit. Aside from making you stand out from the crowd, it’s also a functional bag that you can use every day.

4. Makeup

millennial pink

Perfect your pout with a millennial pink lippie from Perfekt Beauty.

Image: @perfektbeauty

The product that holds the fourth spot is makeup. Whatever the trend is, the beauty industry will surely find a way to incorporate it into their products. In fact, one of the earliest evidences of the millennial pink trend was found in the packaging of the then up-and-coming beauty line, Glossier. The trend still lives on as early this year, millennial pink was also named the most popular lipstick shade in the world [4].

One great example of a millennial pink makeup is Perfekt Beauty’s Per-fekt Lip Hint of Tint (PhP838) available at Sephora. It has a tinge of blush to give you a healthy pout, and it’s also wax free and paraben free which makes it safe for everyday use.

3. Mobile Phone

Voter’s comment:
“It's the most necessary personal item and we cannot be complete without it.” – Andrea Pabalan

millennial pink

Gadgets have joined the millennial pink bandwagon, too!

Image: Asus Website

On the third spot are mobile phones. In 2015, iPhone released their iPhone 6s with a new color not usual to the company’s former phones: rose gold. Although it’s not exactly millennial pink, it’s still credited as one of the earliest forms of the color and one of the reasons why it became so popular.

If you want a phone that follows the millennial pink trend, a more affordable option that you can purchase is AsusZenFone Live (PhP6,995). ZenFone Live is especially known for its live beautification technology which allows its user to beautify herself during real-time streaming or video calls.

2. Dress

millennial pink

There’s no shame in following the trend and this millennial pink dress is a great one to wear.

Image: Zara Website

Pink dresses are the second favorite product for 2018. The earliest traces of millennial pink in fashion was spotted way back in 2013 when designer Ryan Roche released her first-ever line which featured clothes in what she called a “Ryan Roche pink.” The color, which was inspired by her childhood, took the fashion industry by storm and everyone soon followed.

If you’re planning to wear millennial pink yourself, you can try this cute frock from Zara (PhP1,695). It has a simple neckline and great length, perfect for a casual Sunday. It also has a unique tie detail to give emphasis on your waist.

1. Accessories

Voter’s comment:
“I love to use pink accessories <3” - Ann

millennial pink

Show people your bright personality with this pair of Millennial Pink specs.

Image: Sunnies Studios

The millennial pink product that topped our list is accessories. As small and as mundane as they may be, accessories are an important part of a person’s wardrobe. You can mix and match them to add some oomph to your basic clothes. Wearing accessories that reflect you also gives others the chance to see your personality.

One millennial pink accessory that will fit right in your wardrobe is Sunnies StudiosZuma in Apricot full (PhP499). It has the classic aviator shape which is easy to pair with any outfit, and it comes in a cool millennial pink tint to make it extra chic.

Many colors may have come and gone, but it looks like Millennial Pink is here to stay. Let us know in the comments section which of these products you will try for yourself!

[1] https://bit.ly/2pCcrpy
[2] https://bit.ly/2shHPs2
[3] https://dailym.ai/2Qt0vC4
[4] https://bit.ly/2OldW5P
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