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Useful Tips That Can Keep You from Doing Last-Minute Shopping

Christmas is in two months! Avoid the holiday shopping rush with these tips.

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | October 26, 2018
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last minute shopping

Master the art of Christmas shopping with these tips!

We only have a few weeks before Christmas, and people are already preparing for the holiday by shopping for celebration-related needs and Christmas presents. While shopping on a regular day can be therapeutic, it is unfortunately the other way around when it comes to Christmas shopping. Malls are often more crowded, traffic is worse, and finding a parking spot is more difficult. But to ease your woes, we listed down some useful tips that can help you survive the holiday shopping rush. Take note of these tips before heading to the nearest mall around you.

Make a detailed list of the items you want to buy.

If Santa Claus can make a list and check it twice, you can, too. Having a list of all the items you need to buy will help you be more focused and organized while shopping. Knowing which items you will purchase beforehand will also keep you from spending time lingering around aisles and stores in search for the perfect present. List down the names of the people you want to give gifts to then think of what present they could appreciate. If you’re unsure, try to ask the people you want to give gifts to about their wish list or learn what they want discreetly.

Do your research.

If you already know what to buy, research on the availability of the items and where to get them. This will come in handy if you’re not familiar with the mall’s layout. It can save you time from wandering around. For example, if you plan on buying gift wrapping papers, paper bags, books, and cards, you can buy all of them in one go at a bookshop.

Plan your allotted budget.

Because most people have more money to spend during the holidays, some tend to overspend on unnecessary items. To avoid this, allot a specific budget you’re willing to spend. If you want to be more specific, separate the items you have to buy by category then assign a specific budget per category.

Be on the lookout for deals.

If you have limited budget, make sure to compare prices of items and check which one’s a better deal for you and your budget.

Start early.

Nobody likes to do things at the very last minute, even shopping. You can start Christmas shopping even months before December. It can be as early as you want, as long as you have no monetary concerns. It can save you from stress and the item’s availability might be better if shopping was done in advance. Checkout lines also tend to be shorter when you shop before everyone else does.

Avoid peak hours.

Malls tend to get more crowded and busier during the weekends and weeknights, so try to shop during weekday mornings and afternoons instead. For working professionals, you can shop on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Consider online shopping.

Online shopping is often praised for its convenience, since it’s easier to look for items with just a few clicks. You also won’t even have to go out since the item can be delivered to your address, and this is great for those who live in areas where heavy traffic is frequent. Just be cautious of potential scams and frauds. As much as possible, shop from reputable online stores and look at product reviews. In addition, try to order in advance since shipping fees can get more expensive as Christmas nears and the possibility of shipping delays might also increase.

Take advantage of sales and bazaars.

Sales are more frequent during the holidays but all year long, there have been sales and bazaars where you can do some advanced Christmas shopping.

Check out smaller establishments.

There are several local boutiques that can be a great alternative to malls. Boutiques might even carry unique items that can’t be seen around malls. They are also not that crowded and finding parking spot is less difficult.

Use parking locator apps.

Since malls get overcrowded during the season, parking spaces are often full. To combat this, make use of free parking locator apps to scout nearby spaces for available parking.

Wear comfortable clothing.

If you plan on going in-depth with your Christmas shopping and need to head to several establishments in a day, wear comfortable clothing from head to toe. For instance, avoid wearing high heels if you’re going to walk around the whole day and opt for sneakers or sandals.

Keep the receipt of your purchases.

Most people forget that receipts are important for a reason. Receipts can be useful if you find defects in your purchase or if the item you got is different from what you bought.
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