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How Filipino Millennials Can Handle Christmas Planning Like A Pro

Creating a Christmas planning checklist has never been this exciting.

By: Karen Grace Libao | September 01, 2017
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It’s September already,which means Christmas is just around the corner. The season can be both stressful and exciting, especially for millennials put incharge of their family parties. To avoid the hassle, plan ahead and make a countdown checklist to help you beefficient in preparing for the holidays.


1. Start planning.

Christmas planning for millennials

Success starts with thorough planning.

Smart planning is everything. Think about what you would like to do this Christmas. Figure things out early so you can determine what you need to donext. Prepare backup plans in case of unforeseen events.

2. Buy travel tickets.

Christmas planning for millennials

Booking flights early can save you from inconvenience.

During peak season,airports are filled with an influx of passengers. Thus, booking tickets days before the flight is not practical. If you and your family are going on vacation, book tickets three months ahead to get good,affordable seats.

3. Mark your calendars.

Christmas planning for millennials

Marking calendars is an effective way to keep track of activities for events.

While millennials are multi-taskers, they can also forget to do certain tasks. Marking your calendar can help in tracking the days before Christmas. It’s also an effective way to remember pending projects for the holidays. You can write your checklist and cross out dates on a physical calendar, or use a digital one with alarm featuresin true millennial fashion.


1. Start creating your gift shopping list.

Christmas planning for millennials

Make a list, then check it twice.

As soon October hits, you can start creating a gift list. Double check it to ensure you don’t forget family and friendsdear to you. Next, think of items they need or want to receive for the holidays. Remember, gifts need not be grand. Even affordable gifts will be appreciated if given whole-heartedly.

2. Update your gift wrappers and holiday cards.

Christmas planning for millennials

Use gift wrappers and cards that are apt for the season.

This Christmas, you wouldn’t want to give loved ones outdated holiday cards. Sort out gift wrappers and put away the birthday-themed ones for now. It’s easy to find winter-themed wrappers in stationery shops and bookstores. Get creative with gift wrapping to lend a personal touch to your presents. Look up video tutorials online which give basic tips on wrapping, lettering, calligraphy, and crafting.

3. Decorate the house.

Christmas planning for millennials

Spruce up the house as November comes.

After Halloween, it’s time to give your home a festive touch. Everyone feels excited to see Christmas décor light up the house. You can add some classicwinterflair to your home or just do Christmas decorating your own way. If you have kids at home, you may want to festoon your Christmas tree with superhero-themed or cartoon character-themeddécor.

4.Shop online.

Christmas planning for millennials

Check out online shopping sales to get first dibs on gift items.

Traffic gets worse during the holiday season so it’s not wise nor practical to shop at malls. Before hitting brick-and-mortar stores for Christmas shopping, check online sales and promos. Online shops usually offer promotions to encourage shoppers to buy as early as November. Thanks to technology, you can cross out the names on your list without leaving home.

5. Start buying and wrapping gifts.

Christmas planning for millennials

Wrapping gifts is the most rewarding part of the season.

Wrapping gifts is the most gratifying part of the holidays. As early as November, start completing your gift list and wrap presents in cute or elegant wrappers. If youshop at malls, take advantage of the free wrapping services they offer to save on time and money.


1. Finalize the menu.

Christmas planning for millennials

Make the final list of your menu for Christmas Eve.

By now, you should finalize your menu for the holidays. Buy blocks of ham and meat by early December and store them in the fridge. You can also stock up on items with a longer shelflife. Purchaseperishables like fruits and veggies two to three days before Christmas Day. In a season of indulgent eating, you can opt to prepare a healthy holiday menu, too.

2. Attend Simbang Gabi.

Christmas planning for millennials

Complete the Simbang Gabi and make a wish.

Simbang Gabi (Night Mass) is a Filipino tradition where Catholics attend mass for nine consecutive days before Christmas. The mass can be held as early as 5:00 AM or up to 8:00 PM. Legend has it that if you complete all nine masses, you can make a wish and it will come true. You can attend with family and friends to make the tradition more memorable.

3. Get cooking.

Christmas planning for millennials

Cook and prepare food for Christmas Eve

When Christmas Day is near, it’s time to prep for the main courses. Dishes that require fresh ingredients such as vegetable salads need to be done approximately three hours before the celebration. Afterwards, cook everything on your menu. To make the preparation easier and enjoyable, get each household member to cook one dish.

4. Recharge your gadgets.

Christmas planning for millennials

Prepare your gizmos for the endless picture-taking.

For Filipinos, Christmas Dayis also a family reunion. For millennials who are known for being active on social media, there will be opportunities to share family holiday photos. Get your gadgets ready to capture these memories. Don’t let technology take over, though. Take a break from your phones, turn off the Wi-Fi, and talk with family members.

Can’t wait to countdown to Christmas? Share with us your upcoming plans at the comments section below!
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