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7 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love

Warning: these awesome gifts for men might make your guy love you more!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | February 01, 2021
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Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Be the best girlfriend this Valentine’s Day with these awesome gifts.

Ever heard of the five love languages? They show five different ways people feel and express love. One of the five love languages is receiving gifts. Those who have this as their primary language feel loved the most when they are given a present that shows their significant other thought about them and made an effort for them.

If your man loves to receive gifts and you want to surprise him with one he’ll love this Valentine's Day, check out our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for him. These gifts for men are not just oh-so-fancy, but are also useful and cater to different kinds of hobbies and personalities. One word of warning: these Valentine’s Day gifts for him might be hard to top next year!

1. Classic Watch

Valentine’s Day

A classic watch is suitable for the man who is always busy.

Images: Philip Stein Website

If you have a big budget for your man who is always on the go, a classic watch would be a handy present. The sleek design of classic watches make them perfect for a variety of places, from formal occasions to the workplace to casual afternoon dates. Men’s watches are also timeless accessories; some designer watches increase in value, so getting one is also an investment. To give your gift a personal touch, choose brands that let you customize the straps and other materials of the watch.

Suggested items (pictured above): Philip Stein Classic Large Round 42-SIL (PhP34,700) or Classic Round Chronograph 45B.CRBKRG (PhP42,700)

2. Earphones

gifts for men

Say hello to hassle-free workouts with these Bluetooth earphones.

Image: JBL Website

If your man is frequently engaged in outdoor activities like running, hiking, or mountain climbing, great earphones are his next best friend. Models with a long battery life, stability, and lightweight design in particular are ideal for men who are always moving. One pair that meets this requirement is the JBL Endurance SPRINT. These earphones have a battery life that lasts for about eight hours, have a maghook, and are waterproof. With these features, his next workout will be a breeze.

Suggested item (pictured above): JBL Endurance SPRINT (PhP3,199)

3. Skin Care Products

Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend

A couple who moisturizes together, stays together.

Image: Kiehl’s Website

Who says skin care is only for women? This Valentine’s Day, encourage your man to take better care of his skin with basic skin care essentials. A set should include items he will need for basic skin care, like a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, and moisturizer. We know you love your man for who he is, but having great skin to go with his great personality is definitely not a bad thing.

Suggested item (pictured above): Kiehl’s Men’s Groom On-The-Go Set ($40 or estimated to be around PhP2,000

Visit the Yoorekka Directory to discover more beauty brands, or take a look at the Yoorekka Magazine to see beauty and wellness tips.

4. Fancy Shoes

Valentine’s Day gifts for husband

These leather shoes will transform any boy into a man.

Image: Sperry Website

Does your man only wear sneakers to every occasion? This Valentine’s Day, improve his shoe arsenal by giving him a pair of fancy shoes. While having a collection of sneakers is not bad, owning at least one pair of good classic leather shoes will help him a lot since he can use it on more formal occasions such as weddings, meetings, job interviews, and even on your Valentine’s dinner too!

Suggested item (pictured above): Sperry’s Kennedy Penny (PhP6,995)

5. Action Figures

Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Funko Pops are popular among toy collectors.

Image: Funko Website

Most dudes love comic books and superheroes. Is your man one of them? Is there an inner child within him that fanboys over the likes of Spiderman or Superman? If your answer is yes and he is indeed a huge fan who collects anything related to Marvel or DC, why not give him something that could be added to his collection? An action figure or collectible toys of his favorite characters would definitely put some spark in his eyes. Just be prepared for the giddy remarks he will make when he opens your gift!

Suggested item (pictured above): Spiderman Funko Pop (Funko Pop ranges from around PhP500 to PhP900 on Filbars and Online stores)

6. Backpack

Valentine’s Day

Choose a backpack with multiple compartments to maximize its functionality.

Image: Doughnut Philippines Website

For an all-around guy, a fashionable backpack might come in handy. It’s also one of the most practical gifts you can give. Whether he’s a student or a hardworking employee, he will find a backpack useful. A stylish backpack is always a hit, as it can carry essentials while still making the wearer look hip. For your Valentine’ Day gift for him, make sure to choose a color that can complement his outfits. Black is always a classy and no-fail option.

Suggested item (pictured above): Doughnut Backpack in Macaroon All Black (PhP3,895)

7. Jacket

gifts for men

A jacket in a muted color will always be timeless!

Image: H&M Website

Although the Philippines is a tropical country and most of the time the weather is hot, a jacket is still an excellent Valentine’s gift idea for many reasons. For one, a thick but lightweight jacket will be a treat for a guy who’s constantly plagued by the cold winds from his office’s air conditioner unit. During the rainy season, the cold won’t bother him, too. However, a jacket should not only be functional but also stylish! Take a cue from this cotton parka from H&M, which is not only useful but also fashionable.

Suggested item (pictured above): H&M Cotton Parka (PhP2,490)

Whatever you ultimately get as a Valentine’s Day gift for him, he’ll surely appreciate it because it’s from you. Have a happy Heart’s Day!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on February 13, 2019.
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