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What to Wear to a Music Festival for that Extra Fabulous Concert Look

Make your music festival OOTD extra fabulous by copping these festival outfit ideas!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | March 20, 2019
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what to wear to a music festival

Music festivals celebrate music, arts, and fashion.

There’s no denying that music festivals are an opportunity for fashionistas to flaunt their style. Over the years, music festivals like Coachella and Wanderland have become a haven for music, arts, and fashion lovers.

While music is an integral part of the festivals, fashion is an aspect that people prepare for months before the event. However, planning what to wear to a music festival that best reflects your aesthetic can be stressful.

Thinking of festival outfit ideas can be overwhelming, and if you still haven’t found the perfect OOTD, read on to get tips on what to wear to a music festival to make you stand out from the crowd!

1. Be boho chic in a maxi dress.

Suggested item: Floral Cutout Maxi Dress
Where to buy: Forever 21
Price: $38 or estimated PhP1,986

festival looks

Unleash your inner boho spirit with these flowing maxi dresses.

Image: Forever 21 website

Music festivals are often associated with the feeling of youth and free spirit and if you’re trying to channel both, bohemian is your go-to style. Bohemian style or boho is often associated with printed, flowy maxi dresses. You can choose among fun prints, florals, geometrical shapes, and even lace. If you’re willing to show some skin, you can even choose pieces with cutouts and high slits like this dress for Forever 21. You can add more style to this piece by partnering it with bold accessories.

2. Wear stand-out accessories.

Suggested item: Rad Holo Backpack
Where to buy: Fudgerock
Price: PhP1,350

Coachella outfits

Holographic and iridescent accessories are fun and quirky.

Image: Fudge Rock website

It’s hard to stand out in a crowd, especially in an event filled with fashionable individuals. But don’t worry’ with the right accessories, you can get everyone’s attention. Accessories such as hats, headdresses, or bags with playful prints or designs will have anyone do a double take. For example, this transparent iridescent backpack from Fudgerock is different from the typical bags because of its unique colors. Experiment with different hats as well and not just stick to the usual baseball caps and snapbacks. You can also try beanies, bucket hats, fedora, and trilby. Other pieces you can try are statement accessories like oversized layered necklaces and dangling earrings.

3. Put on stylish yet comfortable footwear.

Suggested item: Citrine Flat Sandals
Where to buy: Celine
Price: PhP999

festival outfit ideas

Avoid blisters and discomfort by wearing footwear that lets your feet breathe.

Image: Celine website

It might be tempting to wear sky high heels or wedges to music festivals, but it can be quite uncomfortable as the day goes by since you’ll be standing most of the time. When attending music festivals, opt for footwear that your feet can feel comfortable in for the rest of the day. You don’t have to sacrifice style when you choose comfort; there are pieces of footwear out there that can do both. Celine’s line of sandals is an example of style and comfort coexisting.

4. Flaunt your favorite bands through your shirt.

Suggested item: Artist tee
Where to buy: Fudge Rock
Price: PhP350

what to wear to a music festival

Support your favorite artists by wearing their merchandise.

Image: Fudge Rock website

If you’re coming to the festival to support one of the acts, show your love by wearing their merch or band shirts. Band shirts do not have to be worn with just the usual denim jeans. Pair your favorite band shirt with a leather skirt or shorts for a rocker chick vibe. If you’re feeling girly, pair it with a pastel or plaid skirt as shown in the picture above. Accessorizing is also key depending on your vibe. For rocker chicks, include some cuffs and fishnet stockings in your look. For a feminine style, some pretty earrings and hair accessories will complement the style better.

5. Incorporate lace or fringe in your outfit.

Suggested item: Fringed lace kimono
Where to buy: Forme Clothing
Price: PhP998

festival looks

You can add lace and fringe details to your outfit or accessories

Image: Forme website

What makes an outfit impressive is not just the overall style but also the details. An outfit’s fabric or texture can add extra charm to the look. For music festivals, clothes with lace details are popular for both laidback and boho style. Fringe is also a great option, and it can be incorporated through the accessories or clothes. For example, add extra flair to a pair of basic shirt and denim shorts by putting on a lace kimono over it. If you want to include both lace and fringe in your outfit, you will hit two birds with one stone with the fringed lace kimono from Forme.

6. Don’t be afraid to put some glitter on your face and body.

Suggested item: Glitter brillants
Where to buy: NYX
Price: $6.50 or estimated around PhP340

Coachella outfits

Make sure to test your skin sensitivity first since glitters are made from synthetic materials.

Images: left, Unsplash; right: Nyx Cosmetics website

Who says glitters are for just arts and crafts? In music festivals, glitters are a staple. Depending on your preferred style, you can adorn your face and body with swatches of glitter for that much-needed shimmer. You can even use it on your hair for glitter roots or on your face as part of your makeup. However, make sure you get cosmetic glitters, not the ones you can find in craft stores. The application can be tricky, so you’ll be needing glitter primer to keep the glitters in place.

7. Get some fake tattoos.

Suggested item: Temporary tattoos
Where to buy: Tattumundo
Price: PhP250 to PhP300

festival outfit ideas

You can wear fake tattoos on exposed skin areas.

Images: Tattu Mundo website

Why not take things up a notch and get a tattoo? Don’t worry; we’re not talking about the permanent ones. Temporary tattoos are a great addition to your accessories, and what’s better is that you can choose designs that speak to your personality. Tattumundo’s collection of tattoo designs from local artists range from whimsical floral designs to serpents and flamingos. The best thing about these? You can put them anywhere without having to worry about commitment!

Visit Yoorekka for more fashion ideas!

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