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Fashion Style 2019 Forecast: A Guide to This Year's Colorful Trends

Avoid a fashion faux pas! Know all the trendy clothes and styles that will make it big this year.

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | January 22, 2019
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fashion style 2019

New year, new trends!

Fashion trends are constantly changing. Styles come and go. As we say goodbye to the trends that we loved last year, it’s time to welcome all the trends and fashion styles this 2019 that will take the fashion world and clothing stores by storm. Last year, we saw fanny packs and tiny sunglasses everywhere, but this year, vintage is in—from animal prints to chunky sneakers.

If you want to add trendy clothes to your wardrobe, read up as this article will direct you to the hip fashion items you can buy this year. Those wanting to upgrade their style might also find a trend that will capture their personality. So let’s get to it!

Here’s the fashion style 2019 forecast based on predictions by fashion experts, which are influenced by runway looks and social media hype.

1. Statement Sneakers

men fashion style

What makes this trend popular among fashionistas is that it’s against the norm with its chunkiness and over-the-top designs.

Images: Left, Skechers; Right, @nadine

Following the return of “mom jeans” in 2017 and 2018 is another trend from the past: “dad sneakers.” These chunky trainers became popular during the latter half of 2018 after Balenciaga launched their own collection of these retro classics. Since then, other brands such as Fila and Skechers released their own versions of the trend with models like Fila Disruptors and Skechers D’Lites. It is predicted that this trend will continue in 2019, and other fashion companies are expected to keep up with the hype.

Suggested model: Skechers D’Lites (PhP4,095)

2. Tie-dye

trendy clothes

The beloved hippie print will be making a comeback this year.

Images: Forever 21

Tie-dyes are often seen in beachwear and T-shirts, but the print will resurface on a larger scale this year and will appear in dresses, pants, and even shoes. The rise of the tie-dye trend in 2019 was influenced by the looks from big fashion brands such as R13, John Elliot, Collina Strada, Prabal Gurung, and Eckhaus Latta during New York Fashion Week.

Since this print dates back to the 60s, you might effortlessly find a tie-dye shirt or two at your parents’ closet. Anyone who lived through the 90s might have this colorful piece hidden somewhere. If not, fast fashion brands such as Forever 21 have an extensive collection of tie dye clothes you can choose from.

Suggested item: Plus-size boho me tie-dye flounce maxi dress from Forever 21 ($48 or around PhP2,511)

3. Checks

ladies fashion

There are different types of checkered prints.

Images: Pull&Bear

If you’re more into the monochromatic look, you can try checkered clothing. This year, the black-and-white square pattern is expected to be another print that will be all over the fashion industry.

Checks became popular during the 80s, and it’s expected to be popular again this year after Oscar de la Renta came out with checkered dresses as part of his Spring 2019 collection. It is popular among fashionistas since it can be both for casual wear and formal wear, and it is also easy to mix with other prints. The pattern is also suitable for both men and women.

Suggested item: Long sleeve checkered shirt from Pull and Bear (PhP1,595)

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4. Patterned Suits

fashion style 2019

Patterned suits and jumpsuits are both chic and fun.

Images: Forever 21

Formal wear shouldn’t always have to be boring and plain. This year, step out of your comfort zone by incorporating bold patterns, prints, and colors into your suits and jumpsuits. This trend is perfect for anyone who is trying to upgrade his or her work wear. But it’s not only for career women; it can also be worn for parties and other occasions.

Suggested item: Geo-striped flare jumpsuit from Forever 21 (USD5 or estimated to be around PhP1,827.19)

5. Animal Prints

men fashion style

Animal prints will also be on accessories such as bags, scarves, and shoes.

Images: H&M

Tiger, zebra, and leopard prints will influence the fashion industry this year. Wearing animal prints is an effortless way to add fierceness to your look. Because of the patterns, animal prints are perfect for those who want to stand out. To avoid an overwhelming look, wear animal prints with basic clothing in solid colors such as black, brown, gold, or white. However, if you want to step out from the usual, you can also mix animal prints with other prints such as plaids—just make sure the colors are similar to keep your look harmonious.

Suggested item: Leopard print playsuit from H&M (PhP899)

6. Silk and Satin Tops

trendy clothes

Silk and satin shops have variety of styles and can either be camisoles or long sleeved.

Images: @nalathelabel

Silk and satin tops reached popularity in fashion during the early 2000s. For the years that followed, people only incorporated satin in lingerie and nightwear. However, this 2019, silk and satin tops are predicted to be a bestseller in major retail shops. Because of the glossy and shiny appearance, silk and satin tops can make any outfit look elegant and expensive. Depending on the accessories and pants, these tops can be both for work and street wear.

Suggested item: Virgo top from Nala the Label (PhP890)

7. Standout Tailoring

trendy clothes

A well-tailored suit is a style that never gets old.

Images: Mango

Patterned suits will be a trend not only for women; it will also be a hit in men’s fashion this year. A suit in black and white might be a classic, but this year’s trend introduces more color. As such, this trend is a great way to add new variety to the wardrobe of those who mostly have dark-toned clothing.

Besides navy blue, popping colors and bold patterns are also predicted to dominate menswear this 2019. Experimenting with colors such as yellow, red, or teal will be all the rage, and these bright colors will add more fun to the crisp and sleek silhouette of the suit.

Suggested item: Slim-fit patterned blazer from Mango Men (PhP3,995)

Which of these trendy styles will make its way to your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments section!

* Prices may change without notice.

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