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Dependable Driving Schools in Metro Manila to Be Prepared on the Road

Still learning to drive? These driving schools in Metro Manila have you covered!

By: Viktor Austria | June 18, 2020
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driving schools Metro Manila

Aside from technique, driving schools also teach you how to keep your composure while on the road.

As the old adage goes, “prevention is better than cure.” Being prepared is particularly valuable when plying the mind-boggling streets of Metro Manila, where accidents happen every day.

That’s why if you’re still learning to drive, it always pays to be as primed for the task as possible. Hence the presence of driving schools in Metro Manila, which teach you basic driving skills, traffic regulations, and road conducts before you take your first trip.

Jot down these driving schools in Metro Manila and the services they offer to get rid of your first-time driver jitters!

1. Smart Driving School

Recommended budget: manual courses start at PhP2,200;
automatic courses start at PhP6,000;
executive courses start at PhP6,000;
masteral courses start at PhP16,000


Smart Driving School gives free driving hours if you enroll on your birth month.

Image: Smart Driving School official website

Awarded the Most Outstanding Driving and Training School from 2008 to 2017 by the Consumers Choice Awards, Smart Driving Corporation has been producing capable drivers since its first branch in España in August 2000. Now, it has grown to 76 branches nationwide with a fleet of 134 training vehicles.

Prospective enrollees can choose from refresher and beginner courses, and from there, choose the type of vehicle they want to practice with, and the type of training to receive. Aside from regular courses, they can also opt for special courses for additional driving hours per day; executive courses where they can be picked up and dropped off directly to their home or office; and masteral courses to further improve their basic driving skills. They also offer free licensing assistance and a free Petron value card for all enrollees.

June 2020 Update: All Metro Manila offices are temporarily closed.

2. Xcel Driving School

Recommended budget: PhP2,000-PhP18,000 for manual sedan courses;
PhP3,500-PhP24,000 for manual Toyota Innova courses;
PhP4,000-PhP27,000 for automatic sedan courses;
PhP6,000-PhP40,000 for automatic SUV courses;
PhP4,000-PhP43,000 for executive manual and automatic courses


Driving School rebranded due to copyright issues, but retains their excellence as a driving academy.

Image: XCEL Driving School

You might recognize Xcel Driving School by its former name, F1 Driving School. From its first outlet in E. Rodriguez in Quezon City back in 2007, it now boasts seven branches across major cities in the metro.

They offer manual and automatic courses across sedan, SUV, and Toyota Innova vehicles. This is atop their refresher course and beginner’s course. They also have an ‘own car’ course if you want to use your own vehicle; a regular course; a special course with added driving hours; a rush course for a condensed training schedule; and an executive course.

They also offer licensing assistance, individual driving lectures with reviewer materials, and car accident insurance, exclusive to their enrollees.

June 2020 Update: All Metro Manila offices are temporarily closed.

3. Honda Safety Driving Center

Recommended budget: PhP12,600 for a 20-hour manual and transmission course

learning to drive

The instructors of Honda Safety Driving Center are trained and certified by the best driving academy in Japan.

Image: Honda Safety Driving Center Philippines

To address increasing road accidents in the Philippines, Honda’s local dealership established the Honda Safety Driving Center in 2007, a 2.4-hectare driving facility in the south of Manila. To wit, this facility is the first world-class training center in the country, and also the first in Asia outside of Japan.

They offer beginner, refresher, and certification courses for both riders and drivers. They also offer clinic courses for fleet drivers under large businesses. Meanwhile, students may opt for day sessions, with one to four sessions, and night sessions, with five to six sessions.

June 2020 Update: All Metro Manila offices are temporarily closed.

4. Prestige Driving School

Recommended budget: PhP2,199-PhP26,999 for manual courses;
PhP2,999-PhP29,999 for manual SUV courses;
PhP3,499-PhP33,999 for automatic courses;
PhP3,999-PhP31,999 for dual courses

car driving school

Prestige Driving School’s dual course makes you master both manual and automatic transmissions.

Image: Prestige Driving School

Equipped with the most modern facilities and latest training units, Prestige Driving School operates through its five branches between Manila and Makati. It offers the basic manual and automatic course, spread out across five training options: the primary course; the premium course with added driving hours; the prestige course with choice of one instructor, the rush course for a compressed driving lesson schedule; and the executive course where the student will be picked up and dropped off at their place.

They also teach a dual course, where the students are practiced in both manual and automatic transmission vehicles. All courses include free classroom training, licensing assistance, and evaluation forms.

June 2020 Update: All Metro Manila offices are temporarily closed.

Are you a newbie on the road? Check out for helpful tips!

5. A-1 Driving School

Recommended budget: premium courses start at PhP3,200;
rush courses start at PhP4,200;
executive courses start at PhP6,400;
(rates and availability of courses vary per region, contact A-1 directly for inquiries)

driving classes

With branches scattered nationwide, A-1 Driving School’s courses are available wherever you may be.

Image: A-1 Driving Co., Inc. Philippines

What started with only a Volkswagen and an owner-type Jeep in 1977 is now a nationwide driving school with more than 150 training vehicles across more than 80 branches nationwide. A-1 Driving School is one of the most established and efficient academies because of its Standard Uniform Instruction Technique (SUIT) that produces drivers of excellent standards.

Choose from their base premium course; executive course for easy pick-up and drop-off from the student’s place; and a rush course. Students can also choose manual or transmission sedans, pickups, MPVs, mid-sized SUVs, vans, and even light trucks. All courses come with free licensing assistance and an A-1 driver’s manual.

They also offer separate seminars such as driver’s education 101 and car maintenance 101.

June 2020 Update: All Metro Manila offices are temporarily closed.

6. Universal Driving School

Recommended budget: PhP4,800-PhP13,200 for manual courses;
PhP6,800-PhP14,700 for manual Toyota Innova courses;
PhP8,800-PhP17,200 for automatic Toyota Altis courses;
PhP10,800-PhP20,200 for automatic Mitsubishi Montero courses

driving schools Metro Manila

Universal Driving School prioritizes defensive driving, so that drivers are always proactive and prepared.

Image: Universal Driving School

With registration offices in Makati, Taguig, Manila, and Pasig, Universal Driving School specializes in defensive driving and puts a premium on road safety and responsibility. They produce drivers of clear and conscious minds when on the road, for a relatively cheaper cost than other driving schools.

Universal Driving School offers beginner and refresher courses with special, rush, and executive options. Certified instructors teach students to drive a Toyota Innova, Toyota Altis, or a Mitsubishi Montero, and expose them to the principles of defensive driving, traffic regulations, and basic motor vehicle troubleshooting.

June 2020 Update: All Metro Manila offices are temporarily closed.

7. 2EZ Driving School

Recommended budget: PhP1,995-PhP23,995 for manual courses;
PhP3,995-PhP30,695 for automatic courses;
PhP5,995-PhP42,995 for automatic SUV courses


2EZ Driving School offers some of the cheapest rates across driving academies today.

Image: 2EZ Driving School

Another affordable option for novice drivers is 2EZ Driving School, which was only established in 2015. Today, it has branches in Taguig, Manila, Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Quezon City, and promotes “inexpensive but comprehensive” trainings so that students become efficient agents of road safety.

They offer the staple refresher and beginner courses, as well as a remedial course, which is only meant to practice a driver’s current driving skills. They also have regular, special, rush, and executive courses across manual and automatic vehicles and an SUV course that teaches how to drive a Toyota Fortuner. Manual and automatic courses can also be combined, and will also include free licensing assistance.

June 2020 Update: All Metro Manila offices are temporarily closed.

8. Socialites Driving Institute

Recommended budget: PhP2,500-PhP7,500 for manual Toyota Vios/Altis courses
PhP3,500-PhP10,500 for automatic courses;
PhP4,000-PhP12,000 for automatic Honda CR-V courses


Even in their 50th year, Socialites Driving Institute still produces careful and competent drivers.

Image: Socialites Driving School

Socialites Driving Institute believes that driving is an art, and as such, ensures that the drivers they produce are the most topnotch and well-trained drivers plying the metro’s roads. Established in 1969, their years in the business speak for their tested training courses.

They teach driving lessons in manual and automatic transmission on Toyota Vios and Honda CR-V vehicles, as well as specific Mazda models. Students can choose the length of their training, among five, seven, 10, and up to 15 hours, all inclusive of training cards and lectures. They also offer home service which is a door-to-door training session where drivers have the option to learn within the vicinity of their place.

June 2020 Update: All Metro Manila offices are temporarily closed.

Metro Manila traffic tests everyone, and as a new driver, you should be as prepared as possible. So choose your school well and learn all that you can while enjoying the ride!

Note: This article was originally published in Yoorekka on July 19, 2019.
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