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7 Cozy Home Décor Items that’ll Make Your Home Look Noticeably Warm

Turn your house into a comfy haven with these cozy decorative items!

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | August 04, 2022
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cozy home decor, home interior design, decorative items

There’s nothing like staying at home while enjoying the cold breeze brought about by the chilly season!

Images: Unsplash (L); Ikea website (R)

The rainy season brings in colder weather. Some people warm themselves up by drinking a cup of hot coffee or chocolate with marshmallows, while others would rather stay in bed with a soft, fluffy blanket draped over them. These cozy home décor items will make your home warm and comfy.

Here’s an idea: why not warm not only yourself but your entire home? Various cozy home decor and functional decorative items can make your house the comfy piece of paradise it could be during this cold season. Check out these cozy home decor and home interior designs that will help keep your house warm and toasty during the rainy season!

1. Pearl Lantern Shade with Natural Linen

Where to Buy: Robinsons Department Store, Curated Home website (
Price: PhP8,428.98

Cozy Home Decor - Home Interior Design - Decorative Items, cozy home decor

Light up your home while keeping yourself with this natural linen lamp.

Image: Curated Home website

If there’s one thing warm rooms have in common, it’s warm lighting. This home interior design’s colors and temperature of light bulbs significantly affect the room’s temperature. Choose natural linen lighting that adds to your overall home interior design look to keep your house warm. One perfect item of cozy home décor for this is the Curated Home Pearl Lantern Shade with Natural Linen. This lamp is a cozy decorative item, measuring 70 centimeters in diameter. It gives off warmth and softness to your room, perfect for making your house relaxing and comfortable.

2. Brown Gisty Hand-tufted Rug

Where to Buy: Habitat stores
Price: PhP32,150

Cozy Home Decor - Home Interior Design - Decorative Items, home interior design

Keep your feet from getting in contact with icy cold floors with a hand-tufted rug!

Image: Abenson website

One uncomfortable feeling during the cold season is when your bare feet touch the cold, hard floor. Cold floors make it harder to move and walk around the house, so putting rugs all over the bottom is a timeless and easy solution for warmth. Here’s a tip: keep your foot warmer by layering rugs or placing dark-colored rugs in the sunny areas of your house so they can absorb more heat. Made of 100% wool, Habitat’s Brown Gisty Hand-tufted Rug might just be what you need if you’re looking for a rug to help warm the house. This cozy home décor and flooring material can efficiently insulate cold floors, especially those made of ceramic tiles and stones. This cozy home interior design can be added to your home’s decorative items.


Where to buy: Ikea website (
Price: PhP2,990

Cozy Home Decor - Home Interior Design - Decorative Items, decorative items

Ikea’s throws look so cozy!

Image: Ikea website

Channel your inner couch potato and keep yourself toasty with Ikea’s ULLTISTEL Throws! These throws are perfect for you if you like moving around your house while wanting to stay warm with a decorative item addition and cozy material that can keep you from getting cold hands and feet. They are also not too heavy or bulky, so it’s not a hassle to wear them around. You can also make them as cozy home décor and drape them over your couch to give the room a comfortable, casual vibe.

4. Twin Draft Guard

Where to Buy: Ace Hardware stores
Price: PhP746.02

Cozy Home Decor - Home Interior Design - Decorative Items, home interior design

A single draft guard is effective, but a twin draft guard is much more helpful in keeping out the cold air.

Image: Ace Hardware website

To keep your home extra warm and cozy, you must cover not only the windows but the gaps under doors too, as cold air can still enter from there. Twin Draft Guard by Ace Hardware is the perfect cozy home décor and can do the ideal covering those gaps! A draft guard is a home interior design that is an insulating material made of foam that seals door gaps, effectively preventing outdoor air from coming inside. Besides its affordability, it’s also simple and easy to use as it smoothly glides over wood, tile flooring, and carpets! It keeps not only the cold air out, but insects and dust as well! Isn’t it a perfect cozy home décor too?

5. Van Gogh Wall Tapestry

Where to Buy: Room Goals store
Price: PhP699

Cozy Home Decor - Home Interior Design - Decorative Items, decorative items

This tapestry features Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting “The Starry Night”.

Images: @roomgoalsph

When keeping your house warm, you must insulate the windows, doors, floors, and walls. Not all walls are good insulators, so using wall cozy home decors is recommended to help warm them up. Tapestries are practical decorative items as these add warmth to a room by lessening a room’s heat or energy loss. This artsy Van Gogh Wall Tapestry by Room Goals PH home interior design will not only keep your house toasty throughout the cold season, but it can also give life and vibrancy to your home!

6. Handmade Soy Candle

Where to Buy: Saan Saan store
Prices: PhP550 - Mini (3.3oz), PhP950 - Standard (8.4oz)

Cozy Home Decor - Home Interior Design - Decorative Items, cozy home decor

These handmade soy candles provide a warm atmosphere and cozy lighting.

Images: Saan Saan website (L); @saansaanph (R)

Candles are one of the default go-to items for warmth and home decor. But other than bringing light and heat, they can also be used in different ways, such as body massages and home decoration. Looking for an eco-friendly option? Saan Saan’s Handmade Soy Candles is your best bet! These candles are made of all-natural soy and beeswax blend, making them burn even longer than candles made of paraffin wax. Soy wax also burns cleanly, so it doesn’t leave any black stains and residue on walls and furniture. The candles also give off a calming fragrance, keeping your home warm and relaxing.

August 2022 Update: Saan Saan store is temporarily closed. However, you can buy through their online store,

7. Pattern Swirl Curtains

Where to Buy: Our Home
Price: PhP1,995.75

Cozy Home Decor - Home Interior Design - Decorative Items, decorative items

Polyester is functional in keeping you warm; that is why Pattern Swirl Curtains are made from this fabric!

Image: Our Home website

Curtains are effective home insulators and add spice to your home interior design. Most of the time, coldness comes from the air that enters through the windows. Serving as a barrier between your home and the cold breeze, curtains are sure to keep warmth in your area. This cozy home décor is made from 100% polyester; the Pattern Swirl Curtains from Our Home keep the cold air from entering your house. The material’s tight weave helps keep the warm air trapped inside your house. Polyester retains heat and wicks moisture, which is why the fabric is mainly used for home products and outdoor clothing.

August 2022 Update: Pattern Swirl Curtains is no longer listed at Our Home store. Don’t worry; we’ve got some cheaper recommendations; check out the Elegant Shopping curtains here!

Sometimes, the simplest materials can solve the most complicated problems. Take inspiration from Queen Elsa of Arendelle from Frozen, and don’t let the cold bother you anymore! And with the issue of chilly weather, these seven home decorative items do that.

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on October 01, 2019

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