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5 Eco-friendly, Trendy Smart Devices That You Need in Your Home Right Now

These smart, eco-friendly devices will add beauty and security to your home.

By: Mira Maestrecampo | September 03, 2022
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Smart Home Devices - Eco-Friendly Devices - Yoorekka Philippines, smart home devices

Eco-friendly, smart devices are not just a trend in these times; they also help you design and secure your home.

Images: Google Nest (L); Eufy (R) Facebook pages

Technology never stops evolving; fortunately, it has advanced to be advantageous for humans. If you think purchasing eco-friendly smart home devices, smart kitchen devices, or smart home security devices for your home is a luxury, investing in the best smart home devices is good. They maintain a safe and environment-friendly home that will last for years. Creating a ‘smart home’ and using eco-friendly devices lets you live comfortably and be more productive at home. It also boosts your mood by creating a sanctuary to which you and your family would be excited to come home and feel safe using these smart home security devices.

1. Video Doorbells

Where to Buy: Xiaomi retail stores, Xiaomi website (
Price Range: PhP949 to PhP10,000

Smart Home Devices - Eco-Friendly Devices - Yoorekka Philippines, eco-friendly devices

Video doorbells help strengthen your home’s security, away from burglars and suspicious outsiders.

Eufy Facebook page (L) and Xiaomi website (R)

Smart doorbells are a trendy smart home device in the market for a practical reason—an ideal, eco-friendly device and a good investment. Usually, this smart home security device is wireless or battery-powered. Video doorbells have a video recording feature, a facial recognition program powered by AI, and motion detection.

Some smart home security devices for video doorbells are expensive. Still, some reputable brands like Xiaomi, Cacazi, or Eufy come at affordable prices and are eco-friendly devices with long battery life and high-resolution cameras and are usually easy to install in any part of your home. You can set up this smart home device to send real-time motion and activity alerts from your home, talk to visitors from the inside, and view video footage on your smartphone.

2. Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker

Where to Buy: Lazada, Shopee, Carousell, Shopback
Price Range: PhP599 to PhP4,799

Smart Home Devices - Eco-Friendly Devices - Yoorekka Philippines, smart home security devices

Listen to your playlist and change songs hands-free with the Google Nest Smart Speaker.

Google Nest Facebook page

Music lover or not, the Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker is a must-have in your eco-friendly, smart home device collection. Let this smart speaker’s sharp vocals and high-quality sound fill your room, featuring a top-notch touch screen features an automatic voice sensor upon saying “Hey, Google”. You can listen to this eco-friendly device with powerful audio that can fill the whole room and create a dance floor in your living room in just a few taps or voice instructions.

3. Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

Price Range: PhP2,990 to PhP10,390

Smart Home Devices - Eco-Friendly Devices - Yoorekka Philippines, smart home devices

Suit your home lights with any mood and set the tone of your home with Philips Hue’s eco-friendly bulbs.

Philips Hue Facebook page

When searching for eco-friendly and trendy smart home devices, Philips Hue LED light bulbs are everywhere. These light bulbs can fit into any type of home and blend in with any home interior design. This smart home device smart lights features automatic control using Bluetooth and voice control, available in white light, colored light, or warm-to-cool lighting. The Philips Hue smart light bulb collection is an eco-friendly device that never disappoints with its unique function in your home. These smart light bulbs lets you create any desired ambiance in your home, from warm, relaxing lighting to colorful light designs—all in the convenience and comfort of your home.

4. Nanoleaf Smart and Ultra-Efficient LED Lighting

Where to Buy: Nanoleaf website (
Price Range: PhP3,590 to PhP11,790

Smart Home Devices - Eco-Friendly Devices - Yoorekka Philippines, smart home devices

Be your own lighting designer at your home without ruining the environment using LED lights.

Nanoleaf Facebook page

Another ‘smart home device’ option to improve your home using an eco-friendly device is the Nanoleaf Smart and Ultra-Efficient LED Lighting. Environmental advocates who are, at the same time, homeowners will surely be enthusiastic upon learning that this eco-friendly, smart light bulbs exist. Creatives from Nanoleaf firmly believe that LED lighting is smart, energy-efficient, and can save the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Initiating actions towards a sustainable environment to live in for their customers is what Nanoleaf considered in creating these energy-efficient smart lighting.

One of their smart LED lights’ most notable smart home device collections is the Nanoleaf Light Panels. These smart light panels are customizable, making them a user-friendly lighting device. The light panels snap together, like assembling LEGO blocks, that lets users arrange the lights in whatever design they would prefer. If you love to upgrade your home with an eco-friendly device like these LED lights in the most accessible ways, these products are for you.

5. Smart Socket or Smart Plugs

Price Range: PhP219 to PhP599

Smart Home Devices - Eco-Friendly Devices - Yoorekka Philippines, smart home security devices

Smart plugs are small, convenient, and highly innovative smart devices you should purchase for your home.

DLink website (L); CrabTek Home Facebook page (R)

A smart socket or smart plug, as some would call it, is the most affordable smart home device with the most effortless features and an eco-friendly device. It is a smart home device with an app control feature that lets you automatically connect with wired devices at your home. The Smart Socket or Smart Wireless Socket has Wi-Fi app control, voice control, and timer efficiency and is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri universal socket. It also features a set timer, a voice control, and a Wi-Fi connection.

This small, smart device is an eco-friendly device you never knew you needed. A smart socket lets you transform any wired device into an automated tool for convenient control and access. You can also save energy with this smart home device by setting your appliances on timers, which enables your devices and appliances to automatically switch on or off at your preferred time setting.

As innovative technology continues to thrive in this modern age, so are your needs, especially in your home. The best eco-friendly smart home devices are easily accessed online anywhere in the country. When buying smart home devices, choose not only the affordable ones but also those devices that would serve their purpose in your smart home that is also eco-friendly device, all at a worthy cost.

Prices may change without prior notice.

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