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A Shopping Guide to The Best Things to Buy This October 2019

Shop smartly! Here's what you should buy this month to get the best price.

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | October 08, 2019
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things to buy October 2019

Want to know why jeans are a good buy this month? Read on.

If you’re one of the people who have bought a coat during summer, then you’ve probably gotten an awesome deal on it. Most shoppers might not know this, but there are ideal times to buy specific things. There are so many advantages to knowing the best time to buy an item, but the biggest one is saving a lot by getting the best price.

Now that it’s the holiday shopping season and shopping promos pop up left and right, it's more important than ever to find out which deals are not worth it and which ones should go on your list of things to buy this October 2019. If you’re planning to splurge this month, read on and find out the best things to buy this October 2019 at the best price!

1. Jeans

Suggested Product: Uniqlo Slim Fit Jeans
Where to buy: Uniqlo branches
Price: PhP390


You can never go wrong with jeans!

A pair of jeans is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing ever made. It can give you endless style options and a hundred completely different looks. Jeans come in many styles, like boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, flares, and bell bottoms. No matter what you choose to buy, jeans make for a comfy and versatile OOTD.

Now that the back-to-school sales and shopping rush are over, retailers will start giving discounts and buy one, take one deals on the jeans that are left. Buying jeans in October is when the real shopping begins. Doing so means having a bunch of deals to choose from and getting a chance to take home more than just one pair!

2. Halloween Costumes

Suggested Product: Rustan’s Wicked Witch and Vampire Costume
Where to buy: Rustan’s stores
Price: Starts at PhP245

cheap price

Get spook-tastic deals and discounts on halloween costumes this month!

Images: Rustans Website

For most people, October doesn’t just mark the start of the holiday season but of Halloween as well. Establishments like malls and hotels conduct Halloween parties with trick-or-treat events and costume contests for children during this month. As for kids, Halloween is that time of the year when they can be anything: a ghost, vampire, superhero, or even a princess!

Halloween costumes are only released once a year and are not of much use to retailers after the Halloween celebration. Since retailers want them all gone before the season ends, they’re willing to give killer deals and great discounts on these costumes especially on the week leading up to Halloween. After all, what good is a zombie costume at Christmas?

3. Pizza

Suggested Product: Papa John’s Specialty or Classic Pizza
Regular - starts at PhP369
Family - starts at PhP519
Party - starts at PhP629

best price

National Pizza Month was created by Gerry Dunrell in 1984.

Pizza is arguably one of the best and most flexible dishes out there. Whether you’re a meat lover or vegan, there’s a type of pizza for you. To all the pizza-loving folks, here’s good news for you: October is National Pizza Month, so if you’re waiting for the time to celebrate and indulge in your favorite dish, this is it! In line with the celebration, pizza parlors are most likely to offer pizzas at a cheap price, give massive discounts and great deals, and even freebies on pizza meals.

4. Electronics

Suggested Product: JBL’s 3.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD Sound Bar
Where to buy: JBL stores
SM Megamall - Level 4, Cyberzone, Building B
Price: PhP31,999

on sale

October is a great month for all you techies out there!

Are you in need of a brand new cellphone? Do you think your laptop isn’t functioning well anymore and you need to replace it ASAP? Your timing is perfect, as this month is the best time to buy these electronics. October is the month when electronic brands release new models of laptops, phones, and other electronic gadgets in preparation for the big holiday selling season. Because of this, older models are most likely to be sold at all-time low prices.

If you’re on the hunt for electronics this month and are not picky about the newness of the model, wait for retailers to give away huge discounts and awesome deals. For one, JBL Store is on sale and they are offering hot bundles until October 31, 2019!

5. Appliances

Suggested Product: Abenson’s ShapES-U75GP-BL Fully Auto Top Load Washing Machine
Where to buy: Abenson branches
Price: PhP9,998

things to buy October 2019

Home appliances are essentials that you must always keep an eye on.

Buying brand new appliances must never be done impulsively. One must thoroughly plan what brand to buy, where to buy, and when to do it. Wondering when the best time to buy home appliances is? You guessed it: it’s October! Same with electronics, appliance brands are also most likely to release brand new models during this time of the year. In order to make room for these models, retailers are willing to give major discounts and deals on the old models. So if you’re buying a brand new refrigerator this month, you’ll save a whole lot more!

Knowing the perfect time to buy an item is so much easier than guessing when it will go on sale. Now that you know the best things to buy this October 2019, it’s time to look around and find the best deal!

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