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7 Something Cute Kris Kringle Ideas under PhP50 That Your Workmates Will Love

They are undoubtedly "something cute" and a bonus for something useful Kris Kringle ideas!

By: Antonette Louise Guiao | November 08, 2019
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Pick a unique and affordable gift for your workmate!

It's only a month before Christmas, which means it's almost time for good old "Kris Kringle " or exchange gifts in offices! This may not be the first time you'll join the holiday tradition, but no matter how many times you participate in it, it's always challenging to come up with something cute Kris Kringle ideas . It's already tricky to buy gifts for your loved ones, let alone your fellow workmates!

Worry no more if you still need to figure out what to give to your colleagues without splurging too much! Check out this list of fun and cute Kris Kringle something ideas that are within your budget!

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1. Mail Travel Pouch in Beige

Where to buy: SM Accessories
Price: PhP49

Something Cute Kris Kringle

The perfect pouch for the officemate who’s a travel buff!

Image: Shop SM Page

This mail travel pouch in beige from SM Accessories is the perfect gift under something cute Kris Kringle for the workmate who loves wandering off to different places. The pouch is designed with the details of a mail envelope and is made of women's sack material. A zipper opening can perfectly carry small items like paper bills, receipts, or even coins. The pouch itself can be hand-carried or put in a bag. For only PhP49, you can get your adventurous colleague a cute travel item!

2. Disney Mickey Coin Bank

Where to buy: Toys R Us branches
Price: PhP50

Kris Kringle Something Ideas

Make saving money a fun activity with this cute coin bank!

Image: Toys R Us Website

Everybody has that one workmate who just can't get enough of Disney. Get that colleague of yours a Disney Mickey Coin Bank from Toys R Us! A coin bank is perfect for something cute Kris Kringle, and a unique way to save up for needs and wants. And just because your colleague is a working adult doesn't mean he or she can't own a cute coin bank. This Kris Kringle something idea will bring out the inner child in your coworkers because this item also qualifies as a "something useful Kris Kringle" that will help them save money the old-fashioned way and give them a touch of magic from Disney this Christmas!

3. Snoopy Notebook

Where to buy: National Bookstore
Price: PhP49

Something Useful Kris Kringle

Switch from texting to old-style writing with everyone’s favorite beagle, Snoopy!

Image: National Bookstore Website

If there's a gift that's both cute and practical to give to your colleague, it's office supplies. Specifically, a notebook is always great for something cute Kris Kringle. It can be used for anything: taking notes, drawing, jotting down expenses, writing down grocery lists, and many more. All thanks to these Snoopy notebooks from National Bookstore, note-taking can be a delight! The notebooks have a total of 76 pages, enough to contain all those lists, doodles, and even random ideas that can strike anytime, anywhere!

Need more cute gift ideas for Christmas? Go to Yoorekka!

4. Disney Wrap Monitor

Where to buy: CD-R King
Price: PhP50

Something Cute Kris Kringle

This Stitch-designed wrap adds cuteness to any computer!

Image: CD-R King Website

This Kris Kringle something idea will make your colleague's workplace more comfortable with this adorable Disney wrap monitor from CD-R King. The item is stretchable and can fit any monitor size. It is also made of plush material and stuffed with PP cotton, making it soft and comfortable. This something cute Kris Kringle item wrap comes in the following Disney designs: Stitch, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and Chip from Chip and Dale.

5. Character Cable Holder

Where to buy: CD-R King
Price: PhP50

Kris Kringle Something Ideas

Say goodbye to tangled chargers and earphones with these fun cable holders!

Image: CD-R King Website

CD-R King's Character Cable Holders are trendy presents for your workmates who carry earphones or chargers with them everywhere they go. The cable holder is small and easy to carry, and it is made of silicone which can make it hold any wire. It comes in assorted colors and various designs. For only PhP50, this something cute Kris Kringle item will quickly help your colleague get rid of tangled cords in style this Christmas!

6. You Are Pawsome Button Badge

Where to buy: Papemelroti
Price: PhP45

Something Useful Kris Kringle

This delightful button badge can be pinned on bags, jackets or even pouches!

Image: Papemelroti

Be your colleague's source of inspiration this holiday season, and get them a You Are Pawsome button badge from Papemelroti! These Kris Kringle something ideas are hand-assembled in the Philippines, paper-printed with a matte finish, and has a pin at the back. It also comes with a gift card printed on recycled paper. Talk about a gift item that's affordable, inspirational, eco-friendly, and perfect, something cute Kris Kringle item

7. Doughnut Design Paper Clip

Where to buy: Clipper PH
Price: PhP49.75

Something Cute Kris Kringle

You “doughnut” have to worry about what to get your colleague for Kris Kringle this year!

Image: ClipperPH via Shopee

Sweetness alert! Add a sugary touch to your workmate's paper works with Clipper PH's Doughnut Design Paper Clip. These cute paper clips are adorable additions to your colleague's office supplies and can even make them crave donuts. What's better, these aren't just for office use but for the home or school as well, and you can get one for only PhP49.75!

Have fun exchanging gifts in the most creative way with these affordable and something cute Kris Kringle ideas in the office and make a colleague smile this Christmas season!

Make sure to visit Yoorekka to learn and find out the best kris kringle ideas this holiday season!

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