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7 Kris Kringle Ideas for Your Office priced at PhP250 and Below

These Kris Kringle Something Ideas are ‘something unique’ on a budget!

By: Eunice Sheene Fulgencio | October 01, 2022
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Unique Kris Kringle gift ideas on a budget? We’ve got you covered!

Images of the items courtesy of brands from the list

The past year has passed us in a blur, and it’s once again the time of gifts, reunions, Noche Buena , misa de gallo, and Kris Kringle. The last one is an undying office tradition where everyone’s names get put into a bowl, and everyone surprises whoever they pick with items following a given theme.

This would be a breeze if you’re someone who has the natural inkling of knowing precisely what to give a person (or if you’re close to the receiver personally), but what about the majority who don’t? In all of Kris Kringle Ideas , no one wants to be the person who gives a bath towel for the “something soft” category. Fret not because here are some office Kris Kringle ideas in the Philippines and where you can find them to help you veer away from clichéd, uninspired gifts.

1. Something that gives back: Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates

Price: PhP130 / bar
Where to Buy: Theo and Philo online store (

Kris Kringle Ideas

Some of the many chocolate varieties Theo & Philo Artisan Chocolates has to offer!

Images: Theo and Philo website

A little-known product that deserves more recognition is our homegrown, quality chocolate, like Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates. You won’t only be giving your monito or monita a Kris Kringle idea treat. Still, you’ll also be helping Bacolod local farmers, where the sugar is grown, and Davao local farmers, where the cacao is from. With prices starting at PhP130 per 45-g bar, you can choose from their many unique yet proudly-Pinoy flavors, such as Barako, Turon, and Labuyo, which is one of their bestsellers.

2. Something personalized: Premier Planner Pad

Price: PhP150
Where to Buy: National Bookstore physical store or online store (

Kris Kringle Ideas Philippines

Own your thoughts— literally.

Image: National Bookstore website

A Kris Kringle idea for anyone obsessed with pretty paper things, this undated planner pad from National Bookstore can have the name of your monito or monita on the cover. This Kris Kringle Something Idea serves as a planner for the year ahead or just a nice place where your giftee can jot down their thoughts and ideas. This Kris Kringle idea in the Philippines comes in A5 size; this planner simplifies task management and to-do lists for busy bees.

3. Something for self-care: Adult Coloring Books for Your Soul

Price: PhP150
Where to Buy: National Bookstore physical store or online store (

Kris Kringle Something Ideas

This coloring book’s illustrations invite one to have a break.

Image: National Bookstore website

This simple Kris Kringle idea can help one relax and shut out the noise from the world. If it worked to keep us preoccupied when we were kids, why wouldn’t it work now? Young professionals are among the most stressed people in the world. With workloads, daily commutes, and relationships to worry about, it’s easy to overlook mental well-being. Help your yuppie monito or monita have a break by giving them an adult coloring book from National Bookstore.

4. Something practical: Wallet Series Powerbank

Price: PhP199
Where to Buy: Kimstore online store (

Kris Kringle Ideas

Powerbanks fit every personality.

Image: Kimstore website

This Kris Kringle idea is convenient. It’s no secret that portable powerbanks are a necessity in this day and age. Finding access to sockets for charging our gadgets proves to be a challenge at times. Whoever your monito or monita is, this powerbank from Kimstore will fit under the “something practical Kris Kringle gift idea” category for them. With this Kris Kringle idea in the Philippines, your giftee won’t have to worry about their phone dying—and not being on trend.

5. Something for sleep wellness: Sleep Pillow Spray

Price: PhP199.75
Where to Buy: Human Nature physical store or online store (

Kris Kringle Ideas Philippines

The Sleep Pillow Spray promises sleep you won’t soon forget.

Image: Human Nature website

This Kris Kringle idea comes in 10ml and is made out of a concentrated blend of essential oils and floral waters; the Precious Pain Away Pillow helps ease you into getting sleep. Sleep is one of the most crucial things our body needs, but unfortunately, some don’t get quality shut-eye. Products dedicated to this problem are in abundance. One is the Aurae Natura Blissful Sleep Pillow Spray from Human Nature. It is guaranteed to give a good night’s sleep, so it could be a welcome gift no matter what the Kris Kringle themes might be.

6. Something nostalgic: Archie Comics

Price: Starts at PhP224
Where to Buy: Archie Comics online store (

Kris Kringle Something Ideas

Flip through Archie comic books and walk down nostalgia lane.

Images: Archie Comics website

Kris Kringle idea like a blast from the past with items that bring them back to a simpler time, and this is the timeless classic Archie comics. Give your monito or monita. It serves as a throwback to their childhoods. This Kris Kringle idea in the Philippines never runs out of new adventures, so you won’t have a problem choosing an issue you think your giftee will cherish.

7. Something local: Artisanal Tuyo in Sexy Bottle

Price: PhP250
Where to Buy: eHarvest online store (

Kris Kringle Ideas

The Artisanal Tuyo looks even more scrumptious on top of pasta.

Image: eHarvest’s Facebook page

Why give a Kris Kringle gift idea made outside of the country when there are truckloads of great gifts right here in the Philippines? Let the often overlooked Filipino flavors shine and opt for homegrown items instead. The satisfyingly savory and yummy Artisanal Tuyo from eHarvest, sold at PhP250 per 240-g bottle, will speak to your taste buds. On top of that, this Kris Kringle idea gets to support our local artisans and farmers and promote Pinoy pride.

Gift-giving isn’t easy, but with these unique and out-of-the-box Kris Kringle ideas, you might become a gift-giving aficionado in no time.

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on November 23, 2017.

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