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7 Beach OOTD Pieces for Girls Who Don't Like Daring Bikinis

Looking for beachwear that isn't a bikini?

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | March 04, 2020
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Beach OOTD Pieces

You can be the “belle of the beach” with these comfy and stylish beach OOTD pieces.

Let’s face it: wearing a swimsuit is not for everyone. But this doesn’t mean you can’t bask in the summer sun in style! Sure, bikinis are staple beach OOTD pieces, but there are more ways to look stylish by the shore than just baring your skin. If you're one of the many girls who'd like to amp up your beachwear wardrobe without resorting to two-piece swimsuits, this list is for you. Below are seven beach OOTD pieces that will make you look hot without showing off all of your goods!

1. Cotton Beach Dress from H&M

Where to buy: H&M branches and online at
Price: PhP1,690

beach dress

Summer is the best time to wear a flowy top or dress.

Images: H&M Website

It’s common knowledge that pieces made from cotton—which is a lightweight, breathable fabric—are must-haves for beachwear and summer outfits in general. One such item to covet is H&M’s Cotton Beach Dress which has a flowy silhouette and a smart design that lets your skin breathe. The piece is flowy enough to let you move but too baggy that it looks big on you. Featuring a short hem and medium-length loose sleeves, the dress also has embroidered and see-through details that give off a boho chic vibe.

2. Miren Dress (White) from Undo Clothing

Where to buy: Online at
Price: PhP2,295

different body types

A classic sleek white dress can be your go-to beach outfit.

Images: Undo Clothing Website

Besides the little black dress, a simple white dress can also do wonders to your wardrobe. Not only are they timeless, but white dresses are also versatile. For example, Undo Clothing’s Miren Dress is suitable for the beach and for formal events. Its sleek silhouette flatters your curves, while its V-neckline flaunts your cleavage. With its simple yet chic design, the dress can be easily paired with a necklace or earrings.

3. Baroque Print Cami Maxi Dress from Forever 21

Where to buy: Forever 21 branches
Price: PhP2,450

bikini tops

The print on the dress is influenced by the designs of baroque gowns.

Images: Forever 21 Website

You can’t go wrong with maxi dresses: they are breezy and visually stunning since they come in pretty prints and colors—not to mention they are universally-flattering for different body types. If paired with wedges, maxi dresses can also elongate your legs and make you look taller. When it comes to buying a maxi dress, choose one that is made from either cotton, rayon, or linen since they keep the skin cool. An example of a maxi dress that is stylish and comfortable is the Baroque Print Cami Maxi Dress from Forever 21. The dress features V-neckline ladder cutout details, a removable self-tie sash belt, adjustable cami straps, and an M-slit at the front.

4. Lost Without You Self-Tie Linen Bandeau from Copper

Where to buy: Online at
Price: PhP399


Look chic while you’re chilling by the shore.

Images: Copper Website

Like bikini tops, a bandeau is also just a strip of fabric that covers the chest, but it covers more skin. You can pair it with high-waist shorts or capri pants if you’re not comfortable about showing some lower body skin. Another option would be to buy co-ordinates like Copper’s Linen Bandeau in Cancun and its accompanying pair of shorts. Crafted from linen fabric, this piece is made to let you beat the heat in style. You can style bandeaus with a simple straw hat for extra sun protection.

5. Cropped T-shirt with Knot with Bershka

Where to buy: Bershka branches
Price: PhP795

Beach OOTD Pieces

The colorful design of tie dye shirts suits summer’s vibe.

Images: Bershka Website

This summer, take a cue from one of the funkiest 1960s fashion trends: tie dyes. Add a twist to the classic style by choosing pastel colors instead of the usual vibrant rainbow colors. The Cropped Tie-dye T-shirt with Knot from Bershka is a cool piece that can be easily paired with denim shorts and simple sneakers or sandals. Finish your OOTD by accessorizing with a baseball cap and sunglasses.

6. Lilo Cloud Dress from Twill Cavern

Where to buy: Online at
Price: PhP850

beach dress

The Lilo cloud dress has adjustable straps so you can choose your desired dress length.

Images: Twill Cavern Website

Not a fan of flowy excess fabric? Stick to medium or mini dresses that are made from fabrics like linen. Linen is a stiff fabric and is less likely to cling to the skin, and like cotton, it also allows airflow. Because of its materials, the Lilo Tie-Up Linen Dress from Twill Cavern has high absorbency, is a good conductor of heat, and allows heat to escape.

7. Short sleeve T-shirt with Watercolour Floral Print from Pull&Bear

Where to buy: Pull&Bear branches and online at
Price: PhP795

different body types

Pull and Bear’s short sleeve t-shirt is made from 100% cotton.

Images: Pull&Bear Website

If you want a little spin to the staple white t-shirt, opt for a piece with an eye-catching print such as Pull&Bear’s Short Sleeve T-shirt with Watercolour Floral Print. Along with its design, the shirt also has a relaxed fit which means you can move freely since it doesn’t hug the body. Its relaxed fit also lets you hide parts of your torso you'd rather leave unseen.

Make sure to visit Yoorekka for more beachwear ideas!

Which of these clothing pieces are you drawn to? Let one of these clothes help you be fashion-ready on your next beach trip!

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