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New Guidelines for Shopping Malls Under the GCQ

Dining in restaurants is still prohibited.

By: Ursula Pertez | May 13, 2020
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Shoppers will have to follow the new mall guidelines under GCQ.

Shopping malls are allowed to operate in areas that are under the general community quarantine, but strict guidelines were set by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). Under the guideline, only non-leisure businesses and services are allowed to operate within shopping malls. The stores allowed to reopen include the following:

• Hardware stores
• Clothing and accessories
• Mall-based frontline services
• Bookstores and school supplies stores
• Pet food and supplies stores
• Flower, jewelry, antique, novelty, and perfume shops
• Motorcycle and bike shops
• Salons and barber shops

Note that dining in restaurants and food establishments is still prohibited. These businesses shall be open for take-out and deliveries only.

Meanwhile, establishments that are still not allowed to operate include leisure facilities, such as the following:

• Travel agencies
• Tour operators
• Reservation services
• Personal care services (spas, facial care, sauna bath establishments, massage parlors, foot spa, and waxing salons)
• Amusement, gambling, leisure, and gaming facilities
• Gyms and sports facilities
• Entertainment industries (cinemas, theaters, karaoke bars, comedy bars, pubs, bars, nightclubs, beer houses and etc)
• Kids amusement facilities (toy stores, playgrounds, playroom, and rides)
• Arcades, escape rooms, amusement parks, and themed parks
• Libraries, museums, and other cultural art galleries

In addition to restricting the number and type of establishments operating, the guidelines also include measures for enforcing physical distancing among shoppers and workers. The rules are as follows:

• The people inside the mall will be limited to a density of not more than one person per two square meters.
• Open entrances will be reduced.
• Only one companion will be allowed for senior citizens, pregnant women, and persons with disabilities.
• Customers should be one meter apart.
• Personnel will be assigned in high-density areas.
• Customers should stand on every other step of the escalator.
• Use of elevators will be reserved for senior citizens, PWDs, and pregnant women only.
• Elevators should only carry half of the original standard capacity.
• Seats for waiting will be reduced.
• A one-way flow will be created to decongest queues.
• Police visibility will be increased.
• Pick-up locations for delivery service will be centralized.
• Air conditioning will be set to 26°C.
• Free Wi-Fi will be turned off.
• Sales, marketing events, and other promotions that can attract large crowds will be suspended.
• Express lanes and other necessary measures will be implemented.
• Mall-goers will be required to wear face masks and use hand sanitizers.

The guidelines seek to lessen contact and to contain the spread of COVID-19. Under these rules, people are expected to adjust their shopping habits into a “new normal.”

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