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7 Ways To Boost Productivity When Working From Home

Working from home? Make every workday an efficient one with these tips!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | April 06, 2021
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Ways To Boost Productivity

Can’t seem to focus on your tasks? These tips will make your work from home more productive.

Working from home has its perks: you don’t have to commute and you can have more time for family and personal matters. However, it also has its setbacks: you can be distracted easily and your productivity can suffer. The good news is that these cons are manageable and can be resolved by implementing proven ways to boost productivity and adopting good work habits. Below are seven ways to boost productivity that can help you perform well even at home!

1. Wake up early.

Working From Home

Start your day early to get your task done early too.

It might be tempting to press snooze on your alarm but research found that morning people are found to be more productive [1]. According to research by the Harvard Business Review, the early bird truly gets the worm. Morning people are found to be more productive because they have extra time to prepare for each day. If you have kids, waking up early can be a distraction-free time for work.

If you’re not a morning person, you can train yourself to wake up early by adjusting your nighttime and morning routines. Make sure to get enough sleep and avoid eating and looking at your laptop or phone screen before going to bed. Don’t drink caffeinated drinks within six hours before bed time. Lastly, try to move your alarm device to a different area so you have to get up and turn it off.

2. Don’t work in bed.

comfortable environment

It might be hard to resist the comforts of your bed when working.

No matter how comfortable it is, it is not recommended to work in bed. For one, you’ll likely get sleepy—especially if you woke up early in the morning. Working in your bedroom is fine if it’s the only space where you have privacy. But since this room is a space for relaxation and sleep, it’s highly recommended to try to set another workspace somewhere else in your home, such as the kitchen [2]. As much as possible, avoid areas with distractions like a television.

3. Set your schedule and create a routine.

Minimize distractions

Keep your tasks organized through a to-do list.

To increase your sense of productivity, create a to-do list of your task the morning or the night before the workday. Having a checklist can make your work flow organized. Plus, seeing your own progress can be a great mood and productivity booster.

4. Don’t procrastinate.

good line of communication

Manage your tasks by sorting your top priorities first.

There will be days when you might be tempted to put your task off for another day. If you do this, it can be hard to break the cycle. To avoid procrastination, make sure to do all the things on your to-do list. One technique to achieve this is by practicing the 1-3-5 rule: map out one big task, three medium tasks, and five smaller tasks you can do for the day. You can also download productivity apps such as Todoist, Todo, and These can help you manage your tasks more efficiently by alerting you consistently.

5. Minimize distractions.

Ways To Boost Productivity

Social media can be hard to avoid but there are apps that can help.

Since you’re working in an unsupervised, comfortable environment, distractions can come in different forms. If you mostly work using the computer, it’s easier to fall into the trap of social media. To combat this, allow yourself to browse only before you start your work and during breaks. If your work requires the use of social media, remind yourself of the task that needs to be done first. Make sure to turn off notifications so you would not be tempted to check. There are also apps such as Offtime, Moment, and Flipd that can limit your time spent on social media.

Distraction can also come in the form of your family or friends who are living with you. Before working, set a boundary with them so they would not distract you during the day. Tell them to not disturb you unless there’s an emergency.

6. Practice self-care.

Working From Home

You can unwind by spending time with family during lunch.

Work is important, but you are too. There are days when you will feel burned out, especially in such a trying time as now, so you should know how to take care of yourself when you want to recharge. Make sure to eat properly and drink enough water for the day. Don’t completely isolate yourself from other people; try to eat with your family during lunch time or message a friend consistently.

You can also dress up in your preferred “power suit” that can make you feel professional and more on-task. Also, remember that just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you have to be working 24/7. Create boundaries for work-life balance and stick to them. If you get an idea for work after your shift, jot them down and review them during your working hours.

7. Communicate with your colleagues.

comfortable environment

Apps like Zoom keep meetings possible for remote workers.

You won’t be seeing your team on a daily basis, but you should still keep a good line of communication with them. Communication keeps the team productive, transparent, and cohesive. Check in with them, ask for clarifications and help on assignments, or talk about other work-related matters. Besides messaging apps, you can also use apps like Zoom where you can conduct a meeting with your peers.

Even when working from home, you can still stay at the top of your game with these productivity tips!

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This article was originally published in Yoorekka on May 21, 2020.


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