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7 Useful Items for Your Work-From-Home Office

Invest in a workspace upgrade for a productive time!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | August 27, 2020
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Work From Home Office

You can improve your work-from-home setup with these essentials.

Working from home? It might be tempting to finish your deliverables in the comforts of your bed, but it is not as effective as having a home office. Without the proper setup and home office tools, there is more risk of poor work quality and loss of motivation and productivity. This can also affect stress levels and mental and physical health, so a proper work-from-home office is a must. If you’re springing for a workspace upgrade, check out these 7 work-from-home office essentials for a productivity boost!

1. Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Where to buy: SM Department stores or online at
Price: PhP1,079

home office

The mouse and keyboard set also comes in a sleek and minimalist design.

Images: Shop SM Website

Among all the home office tools, two of the most useful items you’ll be using a lot are the mouse and the keyboard. Since many of your tasks will be needing these two, it would be helpful to select a reliable set that will make your workflow easier, like the Logitech Wireless Combo MK220. The set comes with a mouse and a keyboard that feature long-range wireless connection and long battery life. The keyboard also features whisper quiet keys, which means there would be less noise. When it comes to battery life, the keyboard can last up to 24 months and 5 months for the mouse.

2. Transcend 4-Port USB Hub

Where to buy: Online at Urban Gadgets,
Price: PhP1,990

home-office tools

You can transfer data across devices using a USB port hub.

Image: Urban Gadgets Website

A USB port hub is more useful than you think. Since the majority of devices are equipped with a USB connector, a USB port hub can connect multiple devices to your computer at the same time. Transcend’s 4-port USB hub features a USB 3.0 Interface and four USB 3.0 ports. It is also capable of USB V1.2 charging.

3. JBL Tune Noise Cancelling Headphones

Where to buy: Abenson or online at JBL’s Shopee and Lazada stores
Price: PhP5,499

workspace upgrade

JBL’s wireless noise-cancelling headphones can also be enjoyed in wired mode.

Image: JBL Website

Distractions can come in any form, but the most common is noise. Whether it’s from your dog or kids, distracting sounds can make you lose your focus. A noise-canceling headphone like JBL’s Tune 600BTNC can block outside noises with its pure bass sound. With its lightweight and compact size, the headphones won’t feel heavy on your head. Plus, its battery life can last up to 12 hours. It is available in four colors: black, blue, white, and pink.

4. Firefly Rechargeable Table Fan with Night Light

Where to buy: SM Department Store or online at
Price: PhP999.75

work quality

The table fan is made from lightweight plastic.

Image: Shop SM Website

In a country like the Philippines the hot weather is nothing new, but it can be distracting. Plus, the heat can contribute to the overheating of gadgets, so keep yourself and your devices cool with the use of a table fan like Firefly’s rechargeable table fan. It is equipped with overcharge and over-discharge protection and can last for four hours.

5. Backjoy Posture Core Back Pain Relief Seat

Where to buy: BackJoy Website
Price: PhP4,290

Useful Items

The product has a wide seating surface that can fit different body types.

Image: BackJoy Website

Sitting in front of your desk for a long time can be bad for your health—especially for your posture. But this can be reduced by having a back pain relief seat. One of the latest innovations is BackJoy’s Posture Core, which reduces your risks of back pains by optimizing your sitting posture. It is made from padded EVA foam that can provide all-day comfort. Featuring SitSmart technology, the posture core activates the glutes and core muscles.

6. Mandaue Foam Desk Lamp

Where to buy: BackJoy Website
Price: PhP4,290

Work From Home

This desk lamp from Mandaue Foam is a low cost lamp that can provide the light you need.

Image: Mandaue Foam Website

Besides providing light, table lamps are found to help reduce eye strain and other related ailments such as headaches. When choosing a proper table lamp, look for one that provides a clear light, is adjustable, and has a convenient size. Luckily, these are all qualities of the Mandaue Foam clip back study lamp. The lamp has a flexible neck so you can direct the light. It also has a clip-on feature for easy attachment.

7. True Vision Foldable Aluminum Laptop Riser

Where to buy: True Vision
Price: PhP990

home office

The aluminum laptop stand has a sleek and modern look.

Image: True Vision Website

If you’re using a laptop, a laptop stand can bring many benefits for your workflow and health. For one, it reduces your device’s heat by exposing more of its surface. It also provides an angle that can reduce screen glare—a cause of headaches and eye strains. True Vision’s aluminum laptop riser provides good ventilation, safety ledge stopper, collapsible folding mechanism, non-toxic silicone pads, and ergonomic design.

Visit Yoorekka to find more essentials and useful items for your home office!

With the help of these essentials, you can finish your tasks with ease!
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