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5 Sweet Summer Treats in Metro Manila You Can Have Delivered At Home

Try these treats from some of the best brands and restaurants in Metro Manila!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | April 15, 2021
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Summer Treats At Home

This article serves up five perfect ways to cool down!

One of the things that people look forward to during the summer are cold desserts. In the Philippines, Filipinos beat the heat by eating cool treats like halo-halo (rious sweet treats, crushed ice and milk) and ice cream. They’re so popular that you’re sure to find these treats in a lot of restaurants in Metro Manila.

While classic desserts are delicious, it also doesn’t hurt to try new variations. Luckily, many of the best restaurants in Metro Manila release new spins on crowd favorites so you can enjoy summer treats at home. If you’re looking to try something new, check out this list of 5 delectable delights you can have delivered for the perfect summer treats at home!

1. Macao Imperial Cheesecake Halo-Halo

Where to buy: Macao Imperial Tea branches, website, and through Grab Food or Food Panda
Price: PhP175 for 700ml

Metro Manila, restaurants in Metro Manila

Macao Imperial Tea combines milk tea and halo-halo.

Image: Macao Imperial Tea Website

Macao Imperial Tea mixes up the classic halo halo through this new concoction. If you love milk tea and halo-halo, the cheesecake halo halo combines both. With 14 ingredients, this treat features layers of signature sinkers and toppings: black pearls, taro bits, white jelly, green jelly, red jelly, grass jelly, blue jelly, yellow jelly, pudding, cheesecake cream, red bean, white pearls, and milk tea.

2. Lily’s Peanut Butter Brownie Fudge from The Lost Bread

Where to buy: The Lost Bread branches and website
Price: PhP250 per pint

cafes in Metro Manila, food near Metro Manila

The Lost Bread collabs with Lily’s Peanut Butter for this sweet surprise.

Image: The Lost Bread Website

As one of the most popular cafes in Metro Manila, The Lost Bread is no stranger to cool collabs. This April, they unveiled their latest collaboration with local brand Lily’s Peanut Butter. The creamy dessert features a vanilla ice cream base with chunks of fudge brownies and diced roasted peanuts. Sweets lovers can order the ice cream via pick-up or delivery.

3. Halo-Halo Kits from Milky Way Cafe

Where to buy: Milky Way Café website
PhP1,990 for Halo Halo Kit A (with ice cream, good for 6 servings)
PhP1,395 for Halo Halo Kit B (condiments only, good for 6 servings)

fast food near Metro Manila

These kits from Milky Way Cafe let you DIY their famous halo-halo.

Image: Milky Way Website

Do you miss Milky Way Cafe’s famous halo-halo? You don’t need to go all the way to the cafe’s Makati or Rockwell branch; you can now make their cafe menu staple at home through the cafe’s halo halo kit! The kit has all the toppings and ingredients included in their amazing halo-halo like ube, leche flan, macapuno, red kaong, and saba. The kit comes in two variants: Kit A includes Milky Way’s ube ice cream while Kit B only has the ingredients. Both sets can serve up to 6 persons.

4. Pepero Ice Cream Bar

Where to buy: Jjang Korean Mart on Facebook, Haru Haru Asian Grocery on GrabFood
Price: PhP40

cafes near Metro Manila

Pepero Icebar are available in the Philippines through online Korean marts.

Image: Jjang Korean Mart Facebook Page

If you’re a fan of anything Korean, then Pepero and all its different flavors must be no stranger to you. But did you know that Pepero can now be enjoyed as an ice cream? The Pepero Ice Bar was released last November 11, 2021 and it comes in two flavors: almond and peanut. Just like its biscuit stick version, the Pepero Ice Bar features a hard chocolate shell with crushed bits.

5. Oat Milk Ice Cream

Where to buy: Online at
Price: PhP350 to PhP375 depending on the flavor

best restaurants in Metro Manila, cafe menu

Alt Scoop’s ice creams are made with 100% vegan ingredients.

Image: Hygge Beverage PH Website

For folks with allergies and lactose intolerance, it can be hard to eat a pint of delicious ice cream without worrying about your tummy. But thankfully, many ice cream makers are now creating lactose-free treats. An example is Alt Scoop ice cream that is made with oat milk, a milk alternative suitable for both vegans and lactose-intolerant people. Available flavors include choco hazelnut, dark chocolate, burnt caramel with roasted pecans, and strawberry.

Whether you’re looking for fast food near Metro Manila or the most Instagram-worthy cafes near Metro Manila, you can find them at Yoorekka. Visit the Yoorekka directory to discover food near Metro Manila!

These cool and refreshing treats will get you through summer while also satisfying your sweet tooth!
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