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Ready Your Cart: Grab These Shipping Discount Treats at Yoorekka

It’s shopping season, and we absolutely need some serious savings!

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | September 16, 2021
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There are two things that shoppers love: low prices and good quality. These two things describe all the products you can find at Yoorekka’s Tiangge Center! So ready your wallets and treat yourself with these splurge-worthy tiangge finds and affordable pieces you can buy in retail and bulk. And hey, your shopping will be even better for shipping is discounted from September 15 to October 15 with a minimum purchase required. Remember to hit that “Discount Shipping” button at checkout.

We’ve rounded up some of the participating online stores with discounted shipping. Enjoy shopping!

1. Tatay Oly Shoes

Metro Manila, Yoorekka, Yoorekka Online Selling Suite, Online Selling Suite, Yoorekka Deals, shopping, online shop, online shops, online store, Tatay Oly Shoes
Image: Tatay Oly Shoes

As one of the pioneers of Marikina shoemakers, you can guarantee that Tatay Oly’s premium handmade shoes are of the finest quality. They are known for their use of pure leather materials. Their shoes are perfect for all occasions and ages!

In-store Products: men’s and women’s footwear

Selling Model: retail and wholesale

Get the Tatay Oly’s men shoes for PhP1,500 (retail); PhP1,400 (wholesale for a minimum of 6 to 10 per order)

2. Elegant Shopping

best online shopping, online shopping mall, Elegant Shopping
Image: Elegant Shopping

Curtains can do wonders on your home; they can add extra elegance to any room! Choosing the right curtain for your preferred home look is now more accessible through the array of curtain designs from Elegant Shopping.

In-store Products: curtains

Selling Model: retail and wholesale

Get the Elegant Shopping’s blush pink-printed curtains for PhP3,500 (retail); PhP2,995 (wholesale for a minimum of 5 to 10 per order)

3. Louribeth Footwear

Louribeth Footwear
Image: Louribeth Footwear Facebook page

For many ladies, OOTDs wouldn’t be complete without the perfect pair of shoes. With so many designs out there, many are choosing those with versatile designs like Louribeth Footwear’s stylish sandals, slip-on slippers, and flip flops.

In-store Products: women’s footwear

Selling Model: wholesale

Get the Louribeth Footwear’s Zee for PhP300 (wholesale for a minimum of 6 per order), available in sizes 5 to 10 and five colors.

4. Damitan RTW Manufacturer

Damitan RTW Manufacturer
Image: Damitan RTW Manufacturer

Once you find the perfect pair of shoes, you might also want to wear the best dress to go with it! You can find them at Damitan Clothing RTW-Manufacturer. If you love pastels, you will love this brand’s array of light-colored pieces.

In-store Products: women’s clothes

Selling Model: retail and wholesale

Get the Damitan RTW Manufacturer’s cross-back dress for PhP220 (retail); PhP161 (wholesale for a minimum of 3 to 10 per order).

5. Tim’s Bag Shoppe

Tim’s Bag Shoppe
Image: Tim’s Bag Shoppe

Carry all your essentials in these stylish and sophisticated bags from Tim's Bag Shoppe. Not only are the bags from this brand the perfect bag for your OOTDs, but they are also just below PhP1,000! Their range of bag designs comes in different silhouettes and colors.

In-store Products: women’s bags

Selling Model: retail and wholesale

Get the Tim’s Bag Shoppe’s crystal bag PhP500 (retail); PhP280 (wholesale for a minimum of 6 to 10 per order)

6. Black Princess Online Shop

Black Princess Online Shop
Image: Black Princess Online Shop

From fashion to home essentials, Black Princess Online Shop got you covered with all their affordable finds. Every budget shopper will love their quality items that are good for your money.

In-store Products: women's, men's, and kids fashion, home items

Selling Model: wholesale

Get the Black Princess Online Shop’s melamine plate set for PhP1,599.20 (wholesale for a minimum of 3 sets per order)

7. Mira’s Turmeric Products

Mira’s Turmeric Products
Image courtesy of Mira's Turmeric

Mira's Turmeric offers wellness in every cup with natural drinks made with salabat, herbal tea, and turmeric brew. Each of their drinks comes with excellent health benefits like promoting weight loss and improving the immune system.

In-store Products: turmeric drinks

Selling Model: retail and wholesale

Get the Mira’s Turmeric’s 200 grams classic salabat for PhP110 (retail); PhP90 (wholesale for a minimum of 12 to 15 per order)

8. Cris Cozy

Cris Cozy
Image: Cris Cozy

A beautiful home is also cozy and organized! To keep your abode comfortable for you and your loved ones, you can check Cris Cozy's home essentials that can improve your bedroom and kitchen. Some of their products include pillows and snack organizers.

In-store Products: home items

Selling Model: retail

Get the Cris Cozy’s eco-friendly airtight BPA for PhP1,500 (retail), set of 7-pcs food storage container

9. Faith’s Collection

Faith's Collection
Image: Faith's Collection

Say goodbye to boring bedsheets! Faith's Collection's printed bed sheets are made with vibrant patterns and designs. These sheets will add a pop of color to any room, plus they are also made with soft pure Canadian cotton, so you'll also be having a comfortable sleep.

In-store Products: bed sheets

Selling Model: retail

Get the Faith’s Collection’s pure Canadian cotton bedsheet for PhP403-PhP528 (retail) depending on the size, available in 71 designs

10. Zach’s Garments Manufacturer

Zach’s Garments Manufacturer
Image: Zach's Garments Manufacturer

Do you love dresses? You might get your next favorite piece from Zach's Garments. Their range of dresses varies in silhouette, colors, and length that will complement any woman.

In-store Products: women’s dresses

Selling Model: retail

Get the Zach’s Garments Manufacturer’s lantern sleeve dress for PhP280 (retail), fits an extra small to large frame, and comes in 6 colors.

11. Maugin Online Shoppe

Image: Maugin Online Shoppe

Fashion trends come and go, but the pieces at Maugin Online Shoppe are updated with the trendiest styles that suit all trendsetters. Their available items come in casual hoodies, shirts, dresses, shorts, bags, and underwear. Home essentials are also available!

In-store items: women’s and men’s clothes, home items

Selling Model: retail and wholesale

Get the Maugin Online Shoppe’s Juliet dress for PhP300 (retail); PhP280 (wholesale for a minimum of 3 per order). Bulk orders are available for up to 50 pieces.

12. Glizel Online Shoppe Deals

Glizel Online Shoppe Deals
Image: Glizel Online Shoppe Deals

Trendy couples often love pairing their outfits together. You and your partner will love the shorts available at Glizel Online Shoppe Deals if this is you and your partner. Their shorts are available per set and include assorted colors and designs to choose from.

In-store items: couple shorts

Selling Model: wholesale

Get the Glizel Online Shoppe Deals’ Nike couple short for PhP1,380 (wholesale for a minimum of 10 per order)

13. JML Enterprises

JML Enterprises
Image: JML Enterprises

JML Enterprises is your one-stop-shop for all things that will improve your looks and home. Their range of products includes affordable skincare, makeup, beauty tools, workout items, and home essentials made with fine quality.

In-store items: beauty products, workout tools, beauty tools, home items

Selling Model: retail and wholesale

Get the JML Enterprises’ Laikou Sakura facial mud mask 5G for PhP60 (retail), PhP50 (wholesale for a minimum of 5 to 9 per order), and PhP45 (wholesale for a minimum of 10 to 15 per order)

14. Maj Online Shopping

Maj Online Shopping
Image: Maj Online Shopping

For a complete makeover from head to toe, check out Maj Online Shopping for all the things you need! Not only can you improve your physical appearance, but you can also get their wellness products that will makeover your insides as well

In-store items: skincare and beauty products, vitamins, home items, food and wellness products

Selling Model: retail

Get the Collagen BB Cream & Concealer for PhP315 (retail), comes in 6 collagen BB cream and concealer

15. Rmagon’z Online Shop

Rmagon’z Online Shop
Image: Rmagon’z Online Shop

Craving for some salty and tasty dried pusit? (octopus) satisfy your cravings with Rmagon’z Online Shop’s dried pusit that are fresh from General Santos City! Resellers can also buy these in bulk since the minimum order is 3 kilos and up.

In-store items: dried pusit

Selling Model: retail

Get the Rmagon’z Online Shop’s dried pusit for PhP600 (retail), minimum of 3kls required per order

16. Ayen’s Products

Ayen’s Products
Image: Ayen’s Products

Eco-friendly products are the specialty of Ayen’s Products. Their current available product on Tiangge Center is the hanging coconut husk used for hanging plants available per piece of 10.

In-store items: coconut husks

Selling Model: retail and wholesale

Get the Ayen’s Products’ coconut husk for PhP65 (retail); PhP55 (wholesale for a minimum of 10 per order); PhP50 (wholesale for a minimum of 15 per order)

17. H3R Apparel Store

H3R Apparel Store
Image courtesy of H3R Apparel Store

This Taytay-based brand is from the garments capital of the Philippines, so you know that they sell the most stylish and well-sewn fashion pieces. H3R Apparel is also a direct supplier of various RTW items for kids and adults alike.

In-store items: women’s clothes

Selling Model: wholesale

Get the H3R Apparel Store’s off-shoulder for PhP60 (wholesale for a minimum of 6 per order), fits an extra small to the semi-large body frame, in 6 colors

18. Direct Supplier RTW L&R Clothing

Direct Supplier RTW L&R Clothing
Image: Direct Supplier RTW L&R Clothing

Those looking forward to starting their clothing business can get their supplies from Direct Supplier RTW L&R Clothing. Their available products are dresses, couple shorts, tops, kids terno, and t-shirts for affordable prices.

In-store items: RTW clothes for men and women

Selling Model: retail and wholesale

Get the Direct Supplier RTW L&R Clothing’s Taslan for women for PhP80 (retail); PhP65 (wholesale for a minimum of 10 to 15 per order)

19. Sew Corner Manila

Sew Corner Manila
Image: Sew Corner Manila

If you love making your clothes or sewing new garments, get all the sewing items you need from Sew Corner Manila. They sell packs of organ needles for sewing machines and a mini sewing machine for those starting to practice.

In-store items: sewing essentials and chicharon

Selling Model: wholesale

Get the Sew Corner Manila's organ needles for PhP100 (wholesale for a minimum of 10 per order), 5 pieces of needles per pack

20. Ba & Bi’s Fashion closet

Ba & Bi’s Fashion closet
Image: Ba & Bi’s Fashion closet

Whether you’re giving away gifts for Christmas or planning to sell garments as a sideline, Ba & Bi’s Fashion Closet got you covered with its stylish sets of clothes. Their products include sexy dresses and tube tops, sleeveless tops, and off-shoulder tops.

In-store items: women’s clothes

Selling Model: wholesale

Get the Ba & Bi’s Fashion Closet’s off-shoulder tops for PhP55 (wholesale for a minimum of 3 pieces per order); sizes fit small to medium frames, assorted colors only.

What are you waiting for? Affordable, excellent quality, and discounted shipping too? Head to these Tiangge Center stores at Yoorekka’s Online Selling Suite to get the best deals for your money! For more items with shipping discounts, visit Yoorekka WebMall Outlets for branded pieces.

Prices may change without prior notice. Items are available as of writing.

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