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10 Best Palawan Beaches for Your Next Best Vacation in the Philippines

Begging to have a break? Book a peaceful retreat to Palawan this summer!

By: Yoorekka Team | March 01, 2021
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Due to changing quarantine measures, the activities, destination/s, store/s, establishment/s featured in this article might be temporarily prohibited or closed under the latest government policies. LGUs might also implement health protocols and travel requirements. Please get in touch with the establishment/s before visiting. Stay safe!

best Palawan beaches

Recognized as the best island destination in 2016 by Nast Conde Traveler Magazine, Palawan treasures the most Instagram-worthy, creamy-white sand beaches and breathtaking limestone formations. The province also houses The Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. When in Palawan, expect the unspoiled and untouched beauty of each scenery which thousands of local and foreign tourists keep coming back to.

Want to have a one-of-a-kind beach experience in this province but uncertain where to go? Here is a handy guide that can help you navigate through some of the best Palawan beaches!

1. Nacpan and Calitang Beach (El Nido)

best Palawan beaches

A twin beach means double the fun!

Image: Celeste Tabi

Nacpan and Calitang Beach, also known as Twin Beach, is situated 17 kilometers from the town of El Nido and is now the top tourist destination there. A four-kilometer stretch of virgin beach lined with coconut trees and a stunning sunset are just some of the things that make this spot picturesque and perfect for relaxation. Going here is a fun experience in itself too: you can rent a motorbike or a tricycle from the town proper, then you’ll have to pass by rough terrain before arriving at the beach. Travel time is 10 to 15 minutes from the town proper.

2. Banol Beach (Coron)

best Palawan beaches

A sight like this will leave you daydreaming for days.

Image: @lylishka

When going on a tour in Coron, it’s a must that you stop over in the impressive Banol Beach. Island tours usually stop here for a sumptuous seafood lunch. Take in the serenity of the scene before you as you savor the best boons of the sea in one of the cabanas there.

While not a big beach, its wondrous facade makes up for its size. It has a short stretch of white sand surrounded by turquoise waters which serve best for snorkeling. This island is surrounded by a magnificent limestone formation and coves with white, powdery sands.

3. Long Beach (San Vicente)

best Palawan beaches

It’s going to be a long time before you get over your Long Beach escapade.

Image: @wang_lenina

Dubbed as the longest beach in the Philippines, Long Beach in San Vicente is a white-sand virgin beach that boasts of a 14.7-kilometer shoreline. This place is not yet commercialized and only a small number of tourists book their trips here, so you get to have an intimate and peaceful escape from the city noise. The beach is 2-3 hours from Puerto Princesa but the ride is definitely worth it. You also won’t have any problems choosing a room for the night since there are a handful of accommodations readily available nearby.

4. The Seven Commandos Beach (El Nido)

best Palawan beaches

Enjoy the commanding view and pristine waters.

Intrigued by the name of the beach? The Seven Commandos Beach is actually named after the seven soldiers who once lived there. According to the story, these soldiers were trapped in the island during World War II, and, as a result, their names were engraved on a rock somewhere on the island.

Whether the story’s just a myth, what remains true is the island’s majestic landscape. In fact, the island promotes a green environment; you can even order fresh buko juice, hand-prepared in front of you, to quench your thirst after a dip under the sun. Take a piece of this historic island with you by taking photos against its towering limestone formations and its white sand beaches.

5. Secret Beach (El Nido)

best Palawan beaches

Like a secret, you’d want the beach all to yourself.

Image: Fernando Fernandes

Situated in Matinloc Island, this great little beach is one of the top itineraries of most tours in El Nido. In fact, the beach is so popular among tourists that various installments of the Survivor franchise have been shot in the island, particularly in Secret Beach, due to its secluded location.

As it is literally hidden between two limestone formations, you won’t be able to see it unless you enter a narrow crevice partly hidden by the colossal karst cliffs towards the entrance. Once you find it, though, you’ll quickly realize it’s nothing short of paradise, with its crystal-clear waters and white strip of shoreline. You may bring your lunch after taking a short dip in its crystal blue waters; as a matter of fact, you can even find Nemo’s species—the clown fish—swimming in its pristine waters!

6. Malcapuya Island (Coron)

best Palawan beaches

Make sure to have some food and water with you when you go.

Image: Ed Raphael

This paradise beach in Malcapuya Island is often deemed as Palawan’s version of Boracay because of its white powdery sands and picture-perfect sceneries. This is one of the virgin beaches in Coron, which also means that establishments are scarce around the area, so it’s best to bring your own ration. There are also several cabanas here where you can stay in and relax. To get to the famed beach, take a 2-hour boat ride from Coron. Alternatively, you can also join island-hopping tours which will also pass by two nearby islands, Banana Island and Bulog Dos Island.

7. Papaya Beach (El Nido)

best Palawan beaches

Serene and relaxing: just two of the many adjectives to describe a stay in Papaya Beach.

Image: Pauline Craft

For most of the locals of El Nido, Papaya Beach is the best beach there is. Silky soft sand, lush greenery, and marvelous rock formations are what makes this beach just so enticing for tourists. Aside from swimming in its stunning waters, visitors can also go snorkeling and examine vibrant marine life beneath, or go kayaking on a quiet afternoon by renting gear in The Happiness Beach Bar.

Papaya Beach is just a short 20-minute boat ride from the mainland of El Nido. There’s lots of other activities available for anyone on the island, so don’t hesitate to bring everyone aboard, even the kids!

8. Talisay Beach (El Nido)

best Palawan beaches
Image: @facundoesquivel

Located in Tapiutan Island near Matinloc Shrine, Talisay Beach stuns its visitors with a dazzling view. While the shoreline may appear short, it still offers exclusivity and intimacy for groups of friends and families who look to unwind here.

On the island, there are tons of activities you can do. Delight yourself with an appetizing lunch comprised of various viands from the sea; bask under the sun as you dip into the rich turquoise waters near the beach; snorkel with your buddies or rent a boat to survey the assortment of life underneath; or just marvel at the abundance of green fronds and foliage that envelop the cliffs nearby. With all these things the place offers, it’s no wonder Talisay Beach is in the running to be the most beautiful beach on the most beautiful island!

9. Nagtabon Beach (Puerto Princesa)

best Palawan beaches

The beach is 30 kilometers from Puerto Princesa and is situated on the west coast.

Image: @conquerorjean

If you’re looking for a place that only a few tourists flock to, then Nagtabon Beach is the place for you. Just a 45-minute commute from Puerto Princesa via bus or a van, the beach feels more a sanctuary, a safe haven for souls looking for respite, than a hyped tourist destination.

Despite being a modest site, Nagtabon Beach has all the makings of a perfect getaway. It is a virgin white beach and a serene shoreline that stretches for a mile. While it’s mostly quiet, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a handful of dynamic activities while there. You can go skimboarding, snorkeling, play a round of beach volleyball, or ultimate frisbee, then, after a day’s worth of fun, you can sit back in your own beach cottage and watch the sunset sink into the horizon in peace. Now that’s a vacation!

10. Onuk Island (Balabac)

best Palawan beaches

The island has a charm and beauty that rivals Maldives.

Image: Shayne Esteban

Located at the southernmost part of the province, Onuc Island in Balabac is Palawan’s hidden treasure—partly because it’s privately owned and you have to gain admission from the mayor’s office, and partly because it is an underrated piece of paradise. Not for long though, as tourists and guests are slowly turning it into one of the emerging destinations in the province.

And why not? The island is surrounded by crystal-clear waters that teem with luscious marine life. Its beaches are lined with kilometers of white sands, and if the tide is low, sandbars even appear on rare occasions. Appreciate the sunset while swaying in your own hammock by the beach.

Go to Yoorekka to discover more beaches in Palawan!

Palawan is a perfect destination this summer, since the island province has a lot to offer to sate your cravings for Vitamin Sea. It is naturally gifted with spectacular limestone formations, stunning islands, and cinematic scenery, and homed with hospitable locals. Moreover, beaches in Palawan are still unspoiled and still in careful preservation.

Every destination has its own unique and amazing story to tell. Plan your next beach bum experience now and head to Palawan and its best beaches this summer!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on April 7, 2018.
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