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Score Unique Souvenirs at These Local Artisan Shops in Palawan

Why not try buying native souvenirs on your next trip to Palawan?

By: Keith Anthony S. Fabro | September 19, 2019
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local artisan shops Palawan

Baskets and mats are some of the native-made items available at artisan shops in Palawan.

Image: @triccieb

When going to Palawan, it’s always on every traveler’s bucket list to not only take photographs of stunning scenery but also buy something for souvenirs. From the usual t-shirts and keychains to more unique artisan products worth taking home, the choices at local artisan shops in Palawan are aplenty. Truly, the province has a rich cultural heritage that is seen through its arts and crafts.

By buying local, you’re not only making the artsy in you happy; you’re also supporting these local craftspeople. Since artisanal products are produced in limited quantities using traditional methods and materials, the green advocate in you will also be glad to know that these are created with less impact on the environment. To make your search easier, here's a list of local artisan shops in Palawan you can check out.

1. Kalye Artisano

Address: Lio Tourism Estate, Barangay Villa Libertad, El Nido, Palawan
Suggested budget: PhP100 to PhP1,000

artisan products

Kalye Artisano exudes a welcoming vibe that lures artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Images from L to R: @kalyeartisano and Kalye Artisano Facebook page

Located in the resort village of Lio, Kalye Artisano has become a place for appreciation of Palawan’s arts and crafts since it opened in November 2017. When you pass by this artsy spot, it’s hard not to notice its eye-catching murals featuring Palawan’s notable wildlife and colorful culture. Once you enter, visual treats also unfold at every turn. From baskets, bags, fans, bamboo drinking straws, home decors like wood crafts, artisan products are displayed all over, trying to grab your attention. Some of the must-buys here include the baybayin (indigenous Indic script) necklace and the photo-worthy VCO soaps that come in different shapes and colors. Make sure you have enough time when you visit here, so you can participate in workshops on buri (palm) weaving, jewelry-making, and basic painting which are often held in the common area.

How to get to Kalye Artisano: From the El Nido airport, take a five-minute ride via a service vehicle to Kalye Artisano. If you’re from El Nido town proper, you can ride a rented scooter or tricycle to get here.

2. Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation

Address: Rurungan Compound, Abanico Road, Barangay San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Suggested budget: PhP100 to PhP1,500


Rurungan sa Tubod empowers rural women by giving them livelihood through weaving.

Images: Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation Facebook page

Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation is the place to be for weaved fashionable items like shawls, scarves, bags, and many more. Here, you can also buy home accessories, such as placemats, table runners, and screens. Since 20 years ago, the non-profit organization Rurungan has been employing and teaching rural women to weave pineapple fibers and silk threads, branded as Tepiña. At its workroom, you’ll also get the chance to meet some of its seasoned women weavers behind these exquisite crafts, which serve as their alternative livelihood sources. All over Palawan, Rurungan operates and manages seven affiliated community-weaving centers, stimulating the non-farm growth in the rural areas where once the people’s only recourse was either through farming or fishing.

How to get to Rurungan sa Tubod: Take a multicab from any point in the city and get off along the national highway near Abanico Road where Rurungan is a stroll away. Alternatively, you can charter a tricycle to go directly to Rurungan.

3. Asiano Arts and Crafts

Address: Dagomboy Street, Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Suggested budget: PhP50 to PhP1,000

art supplies

Asiano Arts and Crafts sell items made and sourced by local indigenous tribes.

Image: Asiano Arts and Crafts Facebook page

Asiano Arts and Crafts is the place to go if you want to have a unique piece of artisan Palawan art with you. Their products range from small trinkets like handmade accessories, paper products to hand painted knickknacks and other souvenir items. They also have a wide range of products that are sourced and made available from all over Palawan, such as woven mats, placemats, woven baskets, and wind-chimes. For those looking for bigger pieces, Asiano also offers a range of pieces of furniture like tables, jars and statues, and wooden wall art fixtures, all intricately made by a local artist. Each piece displayed in the store is definitely like taking a piece of Palawan with you.

How to get to Asiano Arts and Crafts: Coming from any point in the city, charter a tricycle going to Asiano Arts and Crafts. Alternatively, you can ride a Rizal Avenue-bound multicab and get off at Junction 1. From there, take a tricycle going to Asiano.

4. Binuatan Creations

Address: Bougainville Drive, Rafols Street, Barangay Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Suggested budget: PhP50 to PhP1,000


Binuatan Creations sells export-quality handloom woven products.

Image: Binuatan Creations Facebook page

Binuatan Creations is one of the established souvenir shops in the city. Their products, which are all made from Palawan’s indigenous grass, are handwoven and made by women of the community. Here, you can have a hands-on experience and learn the basic steps of traditional weaving in the production for free, as looms used for weaving are made accessible to visitors and guests. Aside from this, guests can also check the shop where they can buy products like bags, hats, trinkets, place mats, coasters, baskets, wallets, coin purses, envelopes, and other items—all of which are painstakingly handmade for an affordable price.

How to get to Binuatan Creations: Coming from any point in the city, take a multicab bound to Sta. Monica and ask to be dropped off at Binuatan Creations in Bougainville Drive. Alternatively, you can charter a tricycle to get here directly.

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5. Kaingud Arts and Crafts

Address: Lio Tourism Estate, Barangay Villa Libertad, El Nido, Palawan
Suggested budget: PhP50 to PhP1,000


Each piece from Kaingud Arts and Crafts gives its own unique character and tells a story.

Images: Kaingud Arts and Crafts Facebook page

Kaingud Arts and Crafts is the brainchild of two Palaweño artists, Pagasa and Nuno Finez. The shop is home to their handmade and unique arts and crafts, which range from one of a kind jewelry to rustic and ethnic style crafts to recycled and upcycled art pieces. The shop's name, "Kaingud," means neighbor or companion, or how the owners call themselves, as they are both artisans, gypsies, and musicians who used to travel joining caravans of exhibitors in town fiestas, in arts and music festivals, playing percussions, and selling crafts. The duo create their own designs, handcrafting each piece with quality, using earthy natural materials, specializing in asymmetrical and odd designs.

How to get to Kaingud Arts and Crafts: From the El Nido airport, take a five-minute ride via a service vehicle to Kalye Artisano that houses the Kaingud Arts and Crafts. If you’re from El Nido town proper, you can ride a rented scooter or tricycle to get here.

Schedule your visit to these artisan shops and buy whatever items that may please you. Happy shopping!
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