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7 Affordable Subic Beach Resorts to Book This Summer

These cheap beach resorts in Subic will surely help you escape the summer heat!

By: Corabelle Guevarra | April 01, 2021
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It’s already getting hotter, but you don’t have to wait for summer before heading out to the beach. Even if you have just a weekend to spare, you can already have a quick beach getaway in these affordable Subic beach resorts.

Subic Bay, more commonly called Subic, is part of the Luzon Sea on the west coast of Luzon in Zambales; areas around the bay include Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City, and nearby communities in Zambales and Bataan. Its shores were formerly the site of the United States Naval Base. Talking about beaches, Subic has a lot to offer you! You wouldn’t be disappointed in finding summer destinations in Subic for your vacation.

If you’re a nature lover, a water sports enthusiast, or someone who enjoys the sun, the sand, and the waves, affordable Subic beach resorts can be your next travel destination . You have a number of beaches to choose from, and here are some of the cheap beach resorts in Subic.

1. All Hands Beach

Where: San Bernardino Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Rates: PhP5,600 to PhP10,800 a night, depending on room size

affordable beach resort in subic

All Hands Beach is far from the residential areas in Subic.

Image: All Hands Beach Website

First, on our list of affordable Subic beach resorts, the All Hands Beach, for a nominal entrance fee of PhP 150, you can spend a whole day under the sun relaxing in the waters. You may add this beach resort to your summer destination in Subic. It is located inside the Subic Freeport Zone, between Subic Bay International Airport and Subic Container Terminal. This beach resort in Subic has clear, clean, and calm waters, perfect for swimming for all ages.

You can also enjoy water activities at this affordable Subic beach resort, such as jet skiing, banana boat riding, and kayaking. This beach resort in Subic also has coral reefs full of tropical fishes, and from October to February, All Hands Beach also becomes a nesting site for marine turtles.

2. Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel

Where: West Ilanin Forest Area Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Rates: PhP4,950 to PhP9,200, depending on the room and the season

beach resorts in Subic

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel has fine sands and a nice view of the Zambales mountain ranges

Image: Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel Facebook Page

Next on our list of affordable Subic beach resorts for families and other groups is just beside Ocean Adventure inside the Subic Freeport Zone, the Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel. This affordable Subic beach resort features a hotel with a variety of room options and amenities. This cheap beach resort in Subic is perfect for your list of summer destinations. They also have forest activities for potential group and team-building activities. After a long day of swimming at the beach, guests at this reasonably priced resort in Subic may unwind with a soothing massage at the on-site spa. The resort also features its own bar, restaurant, and spa facilities.

This affordable Subic beach resort is an excellent venue for a family or company outing or a romantic getaway for couples . Consider this a summer destination in Subic since they even accept special requests from visitors if they plan to surprise their special someone.

3. Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa

Where: Nabasan Beach, Ilanin Forest West, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Rates: PhP6,600 to PhP12,760, depending on room type and date of booking

summer destinations in subic

Pictured in the background is one of the “casitas” where you get to have a nice view of the ocean from your room.

Images: Kamana Sanctuary Website

Taking from its name, Kamana Sanctuary Resort and Spa offers beach-goers a quiet and relaxing haven away from the city. Adventure-seekers wouldn’t be bored here as well because this affordable Subic beach resort is just a short drive from Ocean Adventure, Ilanin Forest, and Zoobic Safari.

The main feature of this cheap beach resort in Subic is its infinity pool. The “Casitas” rooms give an outstanding view of the ocean, especially after sunset, so you may want to include it on your list of summer destinations in Subic for your getaway this year. If you decide to have it on your list, you may want to consider adding it to your affordable Subic beach resorts list. Although the lodging rates at Kamana Sanctuary are more expensive than those at other affordable Subic beach resorts for families, the resort offers various deals and discounts for rooms bundled with spa services, beach activities, and meals.

4. Grande Island Resort

Where: Waterfront Road, Freeport Zone, Subic Bay, Zambales
Rates: PhP850 per head for the day tour; PhP5,500 for an overnight stay for groups of 4

affordable beach resort in subic

Grande Island Resort is a 20-25 minute ferry ride away from the mainland Subic.

Image: Grande Island Resort Facebook Page

To go to this next affordable Subic beach resort, from the terminal located at Waterfront Road in Subic Bay Freeport Zone, guests of Grande Island Resort board a ferry from the mainland of Subic that departs from the terminal that is located on Waterfront Road in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. The ferry voyage to the main venue takes approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

For those staying overnight, this cheap beach resort in Subic has a wide selection of rooms, from budget-friendly accommodations to hotel suites or chalet rooms with a view of the swimming pool or Subic Bay. This affordable Subic beach resort also features various recreational facilities, which also make it an ideal venue for team-building activities.

5. Inflatable Island

Where: Subic Bay Waters, National Highway, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City
Rates: PhP699 to PhP1,399 for 2-hour to long-day passes

beach resorts in Subic

This is the island’s Instagram-worthy Bali-inspired beach lounge.

Image: Inflatable Island PH Facebook Page

The fifth spot on our list is Inflatable Island. It gives a different kind of beach experience. It is said to be the giant floating playground in Asia at 3,400 square meters; it is close to the size of eight basketball courts put side by side. This affordable Subic beach resort’s beachside waterpark has several inflatable slides, towers, bridges, human launchers, swings, and trampolines. Add this to your summer destination in Subic with a lot of other fun features that will surely bring out the kid in you.

There are various ticketing options for this cheap beach resort in Subic, depending on how long you want to enjoy your time in the water park’s inflatables of this affordable Subic beach resort for your family. You can also pay to stay at the island’s Bali-inspired beach lounge for that Instagram-worthy beach photo for your profile. Everyone who works at this affordable Subic beach resort is urging guests to observe the resort’s safety precautions so that they can get the most out of the resort’s amenities.

6. White Rock Beach Hotel and Waterpark

Where: Barangay Matain, Subic, Zambales
Rates: PhP7,200 to PhP29,800, depending on room type and capacity

summer destinations in subic

The wave pool is one of the newest features in White Rock Beach Hotel and Waterpark.

Image: White Rock Subic Facebook Page

Back in the day, White Rock Subic was considered one of the most popular beach resorts in all of Subic. But despite the fact that newer, more contemporary, and more affordable Subic beach resorts have sprung up throughout the region, White Rock still manages to keep up with the times by providing visitors with enhanced facilities, including a waterpark as well as indoor and outdoor recreational facilities that provide a full-fledged beach experience.

Other facilities of this cheap beach resort in Subic include a wave pool, giant slides, volleyball and basketball courts, a zipline, rock climbing, a 10-pin bowling lane, and KTV rooms.

7. Baloy Long Beach

Where: Baloy Long Beach Rd, Olongapo, 2200 Zambales
Rates: Rates vary depending on the resort of choice

affordable beach resort in subic

Baloy Long Beach is a colorful destination.

Image: Charlene Joyce Lucas

Baloy Long Beach is a whole stretch of public and private affordable Subic beach resorts, hotels, restaurants, and bars up to Barrio Barretto. In order to appeal to a wide range of customers, it offers a wide variety of lodging options, from simple rooms and cottages to more extravagant hotel suites. In addition, a wide variety of land and sea sports may be enjoyed in the region.

Halfmoon Bay Beach and Driftwood Beach are both open to the public with a budget-friendly entrance fee. These affordable Subic beach resorts also available cottages for a day’s picnic by the beach on these two public beaches. Some of the private beach resorts in this area in Subic that you could check out are: Mangrove Resort Hotel, Blue Rock Beach Resort, Kokomos Beach Resort, and Treasure Island Resort.

Whether you want to lie in the sand all day, refresh and dip in the waters, go on an adventure, or just have fun, these affordable Subic beach resorts can quickly fix vitamin sea.

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on March 10, 2018.

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