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Subic allows ages 12 and above to dine in

By: Denisse Shawntel Tan | February 12, 2022
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With Subic currently experiencing high COVID-19 cases, the local government adjusted health protocols guidelines for unvaxxed and fully vaxxed locals and tourists. Aside from standard safety protocols like physical distancing, Subic authorities also have set health protocols for dining and accommodations. Lastly, the construction of the first hospital in Subic aims to improve the health care system in the area.

Lockdown News

SBMA health protocols allow dine-in for fully vaxxed persons 12 and above only

The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) issued a public service reminder last February 5 that tackles health protocols and guidelines for fully vaxxed individuals in areas under Alert Level 3 like Subic. According to the IATF resolution no. 155, dining safety protocol for fully vaxxed individuals requires valid vaccination cards or negative RT-PCR tests taken within 24 hours before arrival at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. These health protocols will be applicable only for fully vaxxed person ages 12 years old and above [1]. Physical distancing is also encouraged.

Travel News

SBMA implements stricter health protocols for tourism

In addition to the dining health protocols, SBMA also enforces other safety protocols to ensure the safety of tourists and visitors against COVID-19. According to the safety protocol guidelines, hotels will now require fully vaxxed guests to submit negative COVID-19 antigen tests within 24 hours before the check-in date. According to the safety protocol guidelines, RT-PCR tests are required within 48 hours. The SBMA will also be checking for vaccination cards upon entrance as part of health protocols. Unvaccinated visitors must present negative RT-PC tests to comply with the guidelines.

Health News

San Fernando COVID-19 active cases are now below 1,000

As of February 1, San Fernando records less than 1,000 active COVID-19 cases for the first time in the last 20 days. According to the city’s government and health care system data, San Fernando now had 962 active cases last February 1. Previously, the city continued to breach 1,000 active cases since January 13—which affected the health care system in San Fernando. The city local government unit (LGU) urges tourists and residents to follow health protocol guidelines like wearing face masks and physical distancing [3].

Subic began construction of the first hospital.

The health care system in Subic will now be undergoing significant improvements as the construction of the city’s first hospital finally began last January 26. The new hospital will have a 100-bed capacity along Sitio Mapanao in Barangay Cawag. The building was supposed to be in 2019 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and health protocols concerns. However, during the pandemic, Subic LGU saw the importance of having a more effective health care system during a health crisis.

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All details and information in this article are true and accurate as of the publication date. However, while we are making our utmost effort to keep our content as up-to-date as possible, the condition surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be unpredictable, and the situation develops rapidly. Hence, some information and recommendations may have changed since this article was published. For the latest advice, visit DOH and your LGU's official websites.


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