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A Quiet Retreat Away From the City Is Guaranteed At These 6 Farm Resorts in Tagaytay

Ditch the beach and plan your vacation at these Tagaytay farm resorts!

By: Rei L. | March 24, 2023
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Nature and relaxation: ingredients of a perfect weekend!

Image: Gratchi’s Getaway Facebook page

Tagaytay is one place that’s steadily growing in this promising industry. Many farms have been converted into resorts and vacation houses for people who want to realign themselves with nature and spend quality time with their loved ones. Over recent years, farm resorts in Tagaytay have gained traction in the Philippines. Vast Tagaytay farm resorts are ideal places to spend your vacation and provide insights into the local community’s agriculture.

If you're looking for a quiet commune with nature while exploring the city’s beauty, here are some nature resorts in Tagaytay you should consider on your next weekend getaway!

1. Gratchi’s Getaway

Address: Kabangaan Road, Barangay Cabangaan, Tagaytay
Rates: Ranging from PhP1,300 to PhP12,800

Farm Resort in Tagaytay - Tagaytay Farm Resort - Yoorekka Philippines, farm resort in Tagaytay

Gratchi’s Getaway is an ideal destination for family getaways and team building.

Image: Gratchi’s Getaway Facebook page

First on our list of farm resorts in Tagaytay is a man-made paradise resting on a six-hectare land just 15 minutes from Tagaytay Rotonda, the Gratchi’s Getaway. A wonderland for adults and kids alike, this Tagaytay farm resort houses educational and recreational facilities such as an obstacle course, a high ropes challenge, an ATV and bike trail, an animal farm, a waterfall swimming pool, and accommodations inspired by provincial living.

This farm resort in Tagaytay offers different educational tours and activity packages. If you want to stay for the night at this farm resort in Tagaytay, they have rooms, cottages, and tents available for rent ranging from PhP2,500 to PhP12,800.

For more information, contact Gratchi’s Getaway at 0917 7265484 and 0922 8910963.

2. Hangin Garden

Address: Kaybagal South, Tagaytay City
Rates: Start at PhP5,000

Farm Resort in Tagaytay - Tagaytay Farm Resort - Yoorekka Philippines, Tagaytay farm resort

The greenery at Hangin Garden in Tagaytay is as vivid as the sky on a fine day.

Image: HANGIN GARDEN, Tagaytay Bed & Breakfast

This farm resort in Tagaytay has rural-inspired accommodations, such as a treehouse, nipa huts, and family cottages, which cater to small and large groups of up to 30 people. Seeing it surrounded by vivid greenery, you wouldn't believe that Hangin Garden is nearby Mahogany Market, Sky Ranch, and other famous urban attractions in Tagaytay. Some simple joys you can enjoy at this nature resort in Tagaytay are setting up bonfires, camping, and singing under the stars with your friends or families.

A stay at Hanging Garden starts at PhP5,000, suitable for two persons, including breakfast. The place also offers special rates for families and big groups and requires guests to make reservations at least three days in advance.

For bookings, contact Hanging Garden at 0932 6408272.

3. Preziosa Botanic Park and Farm Resort

Address: Barangay Sulsugin, Alfonso, Cavite
Rates: Start at PhP6,500 a night

Farm Resort in Tagaytay - Tagaytay Farm Resort - Yoorekka Philippines, nature resort in Tagaytay

Guests can learn about and harvest healthy vegetables and crops at Preziosa Botanic Park and Farm Resort.

Image: Preziosa Botanic Park and Farm Resort

Preziosa Botanic Park and Farm Resort in Tagaytay is an incredible 16-hectare masterpiece that materialized from a vision of developing a self-sufficient farm inspired by the late Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej's "sufficiency economics." This nature resort in Tagaytay is Approximately 30 minutes from the city center of Tagaytay; the development features a vast farm where various vegetables, crops, herbs, and fruits can be harvested by visitors. Other notable facilities include a diverse botanical garden, sports facilities, a restaurant, and an adventure campsite.

Guests can choose from Thai, Japanese, or Balinese-inspired villas that speak of style and comfort. An overnight stay at the farm resort in Tagaytay costs PhP6,500 for two people; an additional PhP2,000 applies for every extra guest, and PhP1,000 applies for children aged one to four years old. This Tagaytay farm resort also offers day tours, group rates, and team-building packages.

For more information, contact Preziosa Botanic Park and Farm Resort at 02 8723 9064, 0927 5609808, or 0929 4922180.

4. Nurture Farmacy by Nurture Wellness Village

Address: Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II West, Tagaytay
Rates: Start at PhP9,900 a night

Farm Resort in Tagaytay - Tagaytay Farm Resort - Yoorekka Philippines, farm resort in Tagaytay

Nurture Farmacy lets you learn not only about farming but also about local heritage.

Image: Cathy Turvill

Nurture Farmacy is a sister company of Nurture Wellness Village, a widely acclaimed relaxation getaway farm resort in Tagaytay known for being a sanctuary within nature. Just a 10-minute walk from Nurture Wellness Village, this organic Tagaytay farm resort is ideal for having an immersive learning experience about food, nature, and local culture.

Nurture Farmacy houses its farm store, a garden cafe, a living heritage museum, a camping site with two swimming pools, and more. This farm resort in Tagaytay also offers various group and family packages. For more information, contact Nurture Wellness Village at 0271 09786, 0917 6878873, or 0917 5163801.

5. Skyvue Tagaytay (formerly Norwil Farm Resort)

Address: Lourdes Street, Maitim 2nd Central, Tagaytay City
Rates: Start at PhP12,000 for 10 guests

Farm Resort in Tagaytay - Tagaytay Farm Resort - Yoorekka Philippines, Tagaytay farm resort

Skyvue Tagaytay is ideal for group and family bonding.

Image: Skyvue Tagaytay

Skyvue Tagaytay is a farm resort in Tagaytay that is peacefully secluded and conveniently located near Tagaytay's commercial hub, just five minutes from the highway. The villa is surrounded by tropical trees and plants, with a patch of land where some crops are grown. This Tagaytay farm resort is ideal for big groups and families who want a private place to enjoy themselves while breathing in the beautiful countryside.

The villa consists of air-conditioned rooms, all spacious and well-furnished. Other amenities include a swimming pool, a billiard table, and a karaoke machine. You may contact Skyvue Tagaytay at 0915 4880435.

6. Hacienda Gracita

Address: Muzon Road, Asis 3, Mendez, Tagaytay
Rates: Start at PhP15,000 for 14 guests

Farm Resort in Tagaytay - Tagaytay Farm Resort - Yoorekka Philippines, nature resort in Tagaytay

Hacienda Gracita in Mendez is an excellent place for a digital detox.

Image: Hacienda Gracita Tagaytay Leisure Farm and Private Resort

A 20-minute drive from Tagaytay Rotonda, Hacienda Gracita is a favorite venue for team buildings, weddings, and other private getaways. This nature resort in Tagaytay, built to handle large functions, consists of three private villas with beautifully designed pools. Promoting nature and social engagement, the resort villas are amply furnished with all the necessities but without the trappings of technology like Wi-Fi, TV, or radio. Instead, guests are encouraged to enjoy outdoor activities like playing in the Activity Camp Area, harvesting fresh fruits, or interacting with the farm animals at their mini zoo.

Villa rates of this farm resort in Tagaytay are PhP15,000 for 14 pax at Villa Alessandro, PhP20,000 for 18 pax at Casa Maria, and PhP25,000 for 23 pax at Balai Garcia. An additional charge of PhP700 to PhP800 applies per succeeding guest. Extra cabins that can accommodate guests should the regular villas reach their capacity.

For bookings and reservations, you may contact Hacienda Gracita at 0906 0592555 and 0917 6510136.


If you are from Cavite or looking for a farm resort near Tagaytay, you’re lucky! Nana's Farm and Alfonso Hotel Farm are excellent choices!

farm resort in Tagaytay, Tagaytay farm resort, nature resort in Tagaytay

Nana’s Farm in Tagaytay advocates provincial living.

Image: Nana’s Farm Tagaytay

Located at #25 Brgy. Loma, Crisanto de los Reyes Avenue (Tagaytay-Amadeo Road), Amadeo, Cavite, at the outskirts of Tagaytay, Nana's Farm is a farm resort near Tagaytay that is a special place for people who need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can have the convenience of staying at a fully-furnished guest house as you get back to nature through farm activities like fruit and vegetable picking and camping. This private country home reconciles the provincial lifestyle with modern, sophisticated ways.

You can book a stay at this farm resort near Tagaytay via Airbnb at around PhP6,186 a night. Guests can stay in the private suite, which has a private entrance on the second floor of the guesthouse. Here, you also gain access to a private balcony and a kitchenette.

For more information, contact Nana’s Farm at 046 483 1483 and 0999 8886363.

farm resort in Tagaytay, Tagaytay farm resort, nature resort in Tagaytay

Enjoy the farm environment while riding a horse at Alfonso Hotel Farm.

Image: Alfonso Hotel Farm

Meanwhile, about a 30-minute ride from Tagaytay Rotonda, Alfonso Hotel Farm is an excellent excuse to veer away from the city and unwind in the countryside. It is at Gov. Remulla Street, Barangay Pajo, Alfonso, Cavite. This family-owned farm resort near Tagaytay features two hectares of lush greenery and beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy a picnic, a horse ride, or a stroll around the garden or riverside. This nature resort in Tagaytay also has a swimming pool, nipa huts, function rooms, and team-building facilities.

The rates range from PhP2,000 to PhP4,000. For bookings and inquiries, contact Alfonso Hotel Farm at 0922 8387714 and 0923 4064657.

Truly, Tagaytay has a lot to offer for any type of vacationer! Which of these farm resorts in Tagaytay are you eyeing for a weekend of rest? Let us know in the comment section below!

Go to Yoorekka Magazine to discover more peaceful farm resorts in Tagaytay and Southern Luzon!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on April 12, 2018.

Rates may change without prior notice.

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