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A Ruby Electric Masskara Festival Guide to Headrush's 5 Concert Stages

Learn about the five stages where a variety of shows and events will be held!

By: Shanice Reyes | October 15, 2019
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Bacolod, Headrush

This Masskara Festival 2019, rave, jam, and dine during this three-day street party.

Image: Electric Masskara Facebook Page

Ravers and social butterflies! Did you know that October is the wildest and loudest month of the year in Bacolod? It’s the month of Masskara, that’s why! Artists, music bands, and celebrities from all over the country visit the City of Smiles to make the people’s Masskara experience an unforgettable one. Wet raves, engaging games, and social events will be the main attraction during the last few days of this year’s Ruby Electric Masskara Festival.

This 2019, outstanding performances from artists, musicians, and celebrities will be brought to festival attendees by Headrush. Headrush is a Bacolod-based production that was behind big music festivals in Visayas, like Love Dance, San Miguel Oktoberfest, Laboracay, and more. The company started back in 2012 when its founders, who wanted to go from attending events and sneaking to meet artists to organizing their own music festival, collaborated with a local radio station. The rest is history. Now, Headrush has under its belt many successes in the industry of event productions.

This Masskara, the company collaborated with major sponsors and assigned diverse themes for each stage, and the result is a multi-staged music festival in the form of a three-day street party from October 25 to 27. The Lacson Tourism Strip will be filled with food kiosks and will have five stages that showcase exciting events and enthralling music. So wear your cutest outfit, gather your friends, and ready your rave accessories for these epic parties! Scroll down to read about each stage.

1. Neon Stage


Fans of Juan Karlos, catch him performing on this stage!

Image: Electric Masskara Facebook Page

The first stage of the Ruby Electric Masskara Festival is the Neon Stage, which will be located in front of the Development Bank of the Philippines. Brought by Smart Communications Inc., the retro-arcade themed stage will give you performances from Manila’s hottest bands and local indie artists. For those who love OPM music, head to this stage and fall in love with the Philippines’ modern romantic music.

2. Krypton Stage

music festival

The lined-up classic, new, and top restaurants in Bacolod will be near the Krypton Stage.

Image: Image: Bacology Facebook Page

Mixing dining and relaxing music in front of the Seda Hotel, San Miguel Corporation’s Krypton Stage will be the foodies’ jam. Featuring Manila bands and DJs, the second stage will fill the ears of listeners with throwback songs and current hits. Highlighting the Bacology Food Fest, the stage will be near food concessionaires ranging from classic Bacolod restaurants to start-ups. If partying isn’t your thing, head here with your family and friends to experience an eargasmic and gastronomic blend.

3. Oxygen Stage


The Oxygen Stage will be at the heart of Lacson Tourism Street.

Image: Coca Cola Philippines Facebook Page

Sponsored by Coca-Cola, the Oxygen Stage will present Coke Studios at 11th Street Lacson. Coke Studios has been recording live sessions from artists all over the world, showing that music is more than just a rhythm. Expect to see entertaining acts from Manila and Bacolod artists and bands to hype up the crowd. Coke Studios will also bring out smoke-filled audiovisuals during the artists’ performances.

4. Titanium Stage


Watch out for the gold and silver confetti!

Image: JACK TV Facebook Page

An interactive program that includes games and prizes will be the edge of the Titanium Stage against the other stages. Hosted by Jack TV in collaboration with We The Pvblic, this stage consists of three nights of diverse entertainment from the country’s favorite bands, DJs, and celebrity hosts. The happenings will also be televised via Solar TV. To highlight the titanium element is a storm of silver metallic confetti that will be blasted during the parties. What fun!

5. Carbon Stage

live shows

There will be special performances from December Avenue, Tom Taus, and many more!

Image: Love Dance Festival Facebook Page

Last but not least, Globe City will take the Carbon Stage, where digital artists and local buskers get the chance to feature their art through a pop-up park and digital interactive zone. You can also party and dance during the art and music festival at night with the country’s top bands, DJs, and the local music scene. The best part? The awaited countdown to the powder color blast will be done at this stage!

This is just a glimpse of what will be happening during the three nights of non-stop partying, eating, and socializing. And for the last night of the festival, catch the fireworks that will light up the skies to celebrate the Ruby Electric Masskara Festival!

Looking for more information and guides for Masskara? Go to Yoorekka to see more!

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