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Capernum & Co. Is Bacolod’s Newest Café and Coworking Space

Your newest work + leisure spot is here—the Capernum & Co.!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | February 20, 2023
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Capernum & Co., coworking space in Bacolod, Bacolod coworking space

For business or for leisure? Why not both at this charming café!

Images: Capernaum & Co. Facebook page

Each day is a day of hustle for most of us. Now that the world is returning to a normal, fast-paced lifestyle, you sure are looking for a place other than your home to engage productivity in your work-from-home or freelance job setup. Working in a quiet space or inside a quaint café makes you less sluggish, and it really helps a lot in your concentration and how you finish your numerous daily tasks and deadlines.

Luckily for Bacolodnons, a new café and coworking space have just opened in the busy metro. Capernaum & Co. welcomes all hustling individuals within and outside Bacolod to a lounge where you can dine, work, and enjoy!

Capernum & Co. – Coworking Space in Bacolod – Bacolod Coworking Space, Capernum & Co.

Be productive while working alone or hanging out with your friends over coffee.

Images: Capernaum & Co. Facebook page

The effects of the pandemic are still felt as most professionals are still on a work-from-home setup. Many Bacolodnons and Negrosanons have jobs not based in the province, enabling them to work in their hometown without reporting to offices and skip the hassle of commuting. Bacolod City, being the most urbanized in the area, is the perfect location with many cafés and spots built to cater to work-from-home professionals—like the newest spot in the metro—Capernaum & Co.!

The new coworking space in Bacolod has that right amount of a café and diner vibe while also incorporating spaces for professional meetings, casual hangouts, and quiet spots for every kind of customer who wants to experience dining with them. The café and coworking space features transparent glass doors, high wooden tables and chairs, rattan lights, coffee countertops, and minimalist interiors following a soft brown color scheme to complement the wooden furnishings and, of course, the color of coffee.

Capernaum & Co. just launched and welcomed guests last February and has been making a buzz among locals since it is strategically located in the busy streets of Lacson, in front of Metro Inn.

Capernum & Co. – Coworking Space in Bacolod – Bacolod Coworking Space, coworking space in Bacolod

Going out and working with friends adds fun to your daily job routine.

Images: Capernaum & Co. Facebook page

What makes this Bacolod coworking space a fascinating spot is the specially designated working area for students and individuals with virtual jobs. Rates of the coworking spaces are affordable and student-friendly as well, starting at only PhP89 for an hour. Capernaum & Co. also offers meeting spaces in a conference room with consumables for 10 persons at PhP5,000 for three hour-use.

If coffee is your go-to buddy when working, this café offers you that. This coworking space in Bacolod also offers private spaces with coffee at PhP199 for two hours and PhP349 for four hours. They can also send you weekly rates upon request. The café also has a friendly reminder that corkage fees apply to all outside food and drinks brought inside.

Capernum & Co. – Coworking Space in Bacolod – Bacolod Coworking Space, Bacolod coworking space

The price range of their specialty coffee is from PhP120 to PhP185 only.

Images: Capernaum & Co. Facebook page

Capernaum & Co. takes delight in bringing you a convenient spot to chill—a café, diner, and coworking space in one! With the newest modern café menu and coffee, you will surely enjoy every hour of the place’s innovative features and relaxing ambiance. Besides coffee, they also serve a variety of food options like breakfast meals, pasta, steak, and other dish specialties.

Another fascinating thing about Capernaum & Co. is its name, ‘Capernaum’, based on the Bible. This was the city where Jesus Christ’s ministry was centered, which can be found in the New Testament. The place is notable in the Bible because Jesus went to that city to deliver sermons and heal people.

Not only is Bacolod coworking space made for working students, professionals, and coffee enthusiasts—even people who are fond of working out and jogging at the Capitol Park and Lagoon also enjoy a hearty breakfast and having coffee at Capernaum and Co. This cozy dining spot is also perfect for fellowship, dates, and business meetings that require a serene ambiance.

Address: ESJ Bldg 6th Lacson Street Bacolod City (in front of Metro Inn)
Contact Number: 0906 2675976
Price Range: PhP60 to PhP900 (food and coffee); PhP89 to PhP5,000 for 1 hour to 3 hours (coworking)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/capernaum.co

Café hopping or looking for a new uncrowded spot to work? The opening of this Bacolod coworking space is timely and is the spot you are looking for. Whether for chilling, business, or peace of mind, Bacolod City has a lot of cozy coworking spaces like this to lift up your mood while enjoying coffee.

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Rates/prices may change without prior notice.

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