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Check Out These 7 Best Pasalubong Ideas from Philippines

Pasalubong from Philippines – Filipino Pasalubong Ideas

By: Mira Maestrecampo | May 27, 2023
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Best Pasalubong from Philippines, Filipino Pasalubong, Filipino Pasalubong Delicacies

Bring these Filipino pasalubong treats back to your loved ones.

Images: (from left to right) TF Dried Fruits Dumaguete, Pedritos Pasalubong, BongBong's Piaya and Barquillos Facebook Pages

Aside from the Philippines being a country rich in natural resources and beautiful destination spots, it is also where you can find many unique Filipino pasalubong delicacies to bring back home! You can find many kinds of unique delights and pasalubong from the Philippines whether you are a local or an international traveler bound to travel to the Pearl of the Orient wherever you travel—from Luzon, Visayas, to Mindanao!

Plan out your travel goals this year, and don’t forget to stop by and bring these Filipino pasalubong, which your friends and family will surely delight in!

1. BongBong’s Piaya from Bacolod City

Where to Buy: BongBong’s
Price Range: PhP38 to PhP77

Best Pasalubong from Philippines

Bongbongs Piaya is exclusively found in the City of Smiles.

Images: BongBong's Piaya and Barquillos Facebook Page

As a keen and thoughtful traveler, you will only want the best pasalubong ideas from the Philippines that you can get for your loved ones. You can never go wrong with Bacolod’s most trusted pasalubong brand and the Philippines' best pasalubong center—BongBong’s Finest Delicacy!

Luckily, Bacolodnons and Bacolod tourists can easily access BongBongs, with many branches across the highly urbanized city. With so many options, their sweet and classic piaya is always one for the books! There’s a plenty of choices of best pasalubong from Philippines that you can choose from a wide array of pasalubong choices and piaya flavors to take home in their signature Filipino pasalubong carton and make your friends and family smile with BongBong’s pasalubong delicacies.

2. Ensaymada from Metro Manila

Price Range: PhP118 to PhP1,200 (from a single piece to per box of purchase)

Filipino Pasalubong

Ensaymadas have always been the most delightful dessert and bread for many Filipinos through the years.

Images: Mary Grace Café (L); Wildflour Restaurant (R) Facebook Pages

Our second Filipino pasalubong delicacies on the list is the famous ensaymada. If ensaymada was a person, she would be described as iconic, known for its deliciously addictive sweetness. However this best pasalubong from Philippines, if you like your ensaymada, from cheesy, hot, soft, and sweet, these sweet treats are a classic for a Filipino pasalubong. In the Philippines, many ensaymadas are available in bakeries and pastry shops across the country: cheese, monggo, ube, and more. Indeed, this sweet treat has withstood the test of time, still being the Filipino favorite and among the best pasalubong from the Philippines that you can ever get to bring back home.

3. Dried Mangoes from Cebu

Where to Buy: Islands Pasalubong
Price Range: Starts at PhP139

Filipino Pasalubong Delicacies

Healthy and tasty, you can’t get enough of these sweet dried mangoes!

Image: TF Dried Fruits Facebook Page

Dried mangoes may sound less appealing than an ideal pasalubong from the Philippines, but among this list of best pasalubong from the Philippines, this is one that you will surely come back for more without regrets! Dried mangoes are made from the Philippines' finest Carabao mango variety, and if you ask Filipinos, you can get it best when you visit and travel to Cebu.

This Filipino pasalubong, the dried mangoes are sweet, tasty, and rich in Vitamin C, mainly made from mango fruit. As the Philippines’ national fruit, mangoes will surely delight you on a whole new level with this tasty finger food and an excellent best pasalubong from the Philippines.

4. Ube Jam and Strawberry Jam from Baguio

Price Range: PhP180 to PhP300

Best Pasalubong from Philippines

Spread love and jams with Baguio’s signature food spreads!

Images: Baguio Pasalubongs (L); Pedritos Pasalubong (R) Facebook Pages

The best-recommended flavors that you should grab are the strawberry and ube jams from Baguio City. Strawberries is one of the best Filipino pasalubong delicacies, it is Baguio’s specialty fruit, have been used to make other delicious delicacies such as strawberry taho, strawberry cakes, and the classic cult favorite—strawberry jams! You do not leave the City of Pines without bringing home these delectable and best pasalubong from the Philippines.

Both strawberry jams and ube jams are famous Filipino pasalubong that made from natural ingredients, making them a spread worth bringing back home. These strawberry and ube jams are best for sandwiches and with your favorite snacks! Ube jams are also among the best pasalubong from the Philippines, known to be found in Baguio.

5. Pili Nuts from Bicol

Where to Buy: Albay Pili Nut
Price: Starts at PhP200

Filipino Pasalubong

Bicol’s special pili nuts are great pasalubong treats and light snacks to munch while traveling.

Images: Marcon Food Enterprises (L); Best of Bicol Pili Nuts – Iraya (R) Facebook Pages

Pili nuts are a very convenient choice if you are still looking for what to buy the best pasalubong from the Philippines. Aside from being a specialty and a bounty in Bicol, pili nuts are a delicious and nutritious best pasalubong from the Philippines. It is a good source of Vitamin E, antioxidants, and other nutrients that can benefit the body. For some added knowledge, this Filipino pasalubong, the pili nuts are fruits from a pili tree, uniquely and proudly found in the Philippines!

6. Silvanas from Dumaguete City

Price Range: PhP240 to PhP684

Filipino Pasalubong Delicacies

Choose from Ube, Pandan, Strawberry, Chocolate, or the buttery Classic!

Image: Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries Facebook Page

The Philippines’ City of Gentle People is as sweet as the town’s most famous and best pasalubong from the Philippinesd—the Silvanas! Silvanas are sweet, mouth-watering frozen cookies made of creamy buttercream between soft, meringue wafers. People have been raving about this Filipino pasalubong delicacies for years because of its distinct and unique taste, while also coming in different flavors. What’s more fascinating about this Filipino pasalubong is that you can buy it conveniently at Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries, in front of the iconic Dumaguete Boulevard. Talk about having the best pasalubong idea from the Philippines and a gorgeous view of the clouds and sea!

7. The Original Buko Pie from Laguna

Price: Starts at PhP300

Best Pasalubong from Philippines

Taste this OG buko pie that is unlike any other!

Images: Orion's Pastries and Desserts (L); K's Delightful Treats (R) Facebook Pages

Last in our list of best pasalubong from the Philippines is located in Los Baños, Laguna is The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop, where you can stop over and get your loved ones the best-tasting buko pie known in the country. The Original Buko Pie Bakeshop is always flocked with many tourists and locals who want to taste this luscious Filipino pasalubong. It’s best to wait patiently in line and get a box or more of this best pasalubong from the Philippines.

The Original Buko Pie started around the early 1960s, owned by a simple Filipino family. The eldest sister of the family made the original buko pie recipe, and all the rest is history!

It’s undeniable that everyone loves to visit and vacation in the Philippines because of the beautiful spots and delicious eats. On your way home after a break, wherever your destination in the Philippines you are from, don’t forget to share the love with your loved ones with these best pasalubong from the Philippines!

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Prices may change without prior notice.

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