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Manila’s PICKUP Coffee Is Now in Bacolod, Serves Nothing over PhP100

Bacolodnons can now enjoy premium coffees under PhP100!

By: Elizabeth Garde | June 24, 2023
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PICKUP Coffee, best coffee shop in Bacolod, affordable coffee shop in Bacolod

From Manila's corners to Bacolod's streets, PICKUP Coffee is now brewing at the City of Smiles!

Images: PICKUP COFFEE Facebook page

Besides being hailed as the cheapest travel destination in the Philippines, Bacolod City is also a city for coffee lovers! With many evolving coffee shops and cafés, you can have a whole week of coffee shop excursion in the City of Smiles. Ranging from affordable to high-end cafés, Bacolod City offers different coffee blends that will perk you up with any mood on any day!

Suppose you have heard of this famous coffee stall in Manila. In that case, you’ll be delighted as it now adds to the roster of coffee spots in the highly urbanized City of Smiles—check out PICKUP Coffee, an affordable coffee shop in Bacolod City!

PICKUP Coffee – Best Coffee Shop in Bacolod – Yoorekka.com, PICKUP Coffee

Get your signature caffeine fix at PICKUP Coffee.

Image: Writer

Do you consider affordability when looking for the best coffee shop in Bacolod? The taste? The accessibility? Fortunately, you have found it all, as Manila’s famous PICKUP Coffee is brewing here in Bacolod City. Bacolodnons now has a new coffee spot for their daily dose of coffee, as PICKUP Coffee makes their premium beverages more accessible at the heart of the city. This new coffee spot opened last June 7, and Bacolodnons now have more affordable coffee options in the city.

PICKUP Coffee offers different coffee blends for everyone at very affordable prices. Coffee and other drinks are only within the price range of PhP50 to PhP100, inclusive of UPsizes! You can also ‘UPgrade' your drink to your desired preference, and PICKUP Coffee will be more than willing to serve you that! They have more than 90 branches in Luzon and Visayas, and we know you can’t wait for more of their branches across the Philippines.

PICKUP Coffee – Best Coffee Shop in Bacolod – Yoorekka.com, best coffee shop in Bacolod

Latte in the morning and Iced Matcha in the afternoon!

Images: Writer

Besides the accessible location, PICKUP Coffee also serves your favorite coffee at flexible hours, with their operations from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM. For early morning joggers, you can grab a hot cup of latte or Americano starting at PhP50 only or refresh with unique iced blends like Kape Mestizo or Kape Kastila at PhP75 and PhP90 for an UPsize.

Bacolod City is also known to have many business process outsourcing establishments. If you are an employee of such, you can grab your coffee before your shift before 11:00 PM at night. You can try PICKUP Coffee’s hot drinks like Cappuccino or Flat White at PhP70, or you can add PhP15 and UPsize your drink at PhP90 to have enough to stay awake during your work hours.

If you are an iced coffee enthusiast, you can also go for an Iced White Mocha or an Iced Dirty Chai, both at PhP85 only.

PICKUP Coffee – Best Coffee Shop in Bacolod – Yoorekka.com, affordable coffee shop in Bacolod

PICKUP Coffee also serves delicious cold brews and non-coffee drinks.

Images: Writer

Your coffee can also fight for you through strong cold brews! PICKUP Coffee’s iced drinks: Cold Brew at PhP70, Cold Brew with Milk at PhP85, Kape Kinh, or Vietnamese Coffee at PhP80 are strong enough to energize you throughout the day.

Your newest best, and most affordable coffee shop in Bacolod City also offers you their signature beverages and milk-based favorites at pocket-friendly prices. Check out PICKUP Coffee’s unique signatures and taste them without regrets. Grab a Coco Latte, Nutellatte, Avo Latte, or Ube Latte—hot or iced.

Iced signatures of PICKUP Coffee are also absolute must-tries, such as the Sparkly ‘Spresso, Classic Milk Tea with Boba, Brown Sugar Boba with Milk, and Milosaurus.

As for their milk-based favorites, their Matcha Latte is one of their best. You can also check out the Golden Turmeric Latte, Classic Chocolate, or Chai Latte and have them served hot or iced.

Shoutout to the buko lovers, too, as PICKUP Coffee’s Iced Buko Pandan Latte at PhP85 will surely perk you up for the day.

PICKUP Coffee – Best Coffee Shop in Bacolod – Yoorekka.com, PICKUP Coffee

Order, wait, and ‘PICKUP’ your drink just along the highway of Bacolod.

Images: Writer

If you opt for healthy drinks, don’t worry because PICKUP Coffee also has something for you. For only PhP50 to PhP60 or an UPsize of an additional PhP15, you can refresh healthily with Apple Iced Tea, Peachy Iced Tea, or Lychee Iced Tea. Another intriguing drink is their Thaiger Milk Tea, which is PICKUP Coffee’s version of the classic Thai Milk Tea and is new.

Manila’s famous spot, now the newest and most affordable coffee shop in Bacolod City, recently released its new yogurt drinks: Ube Dream, Berry Blast, and Mango Madness!

You can upgrade selected drinks from PICKUP Coffee with the following options: Non-Fat Milk or Oat Milk for an additional PhP30, Soy Milk at PhP20, Almond Milk at PhP30, Half & Half Upgrade at PhP30, Espresso Shot at PhP20, more Caramel at PhP20, White Mocha for an additional PhP25, Boba Pearls for PhP20, and Cream Mousse at PhP25.

Location: 23rd Lacson St., Outdoormaster Complex Bldg, Bacolod City
Operating Hours: Daily, 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Price: PhP50 to PhP100
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pickupcoffeeph
Website: https://www.pickup-coffee.com/

Bacolod City is continuously improving in establishments like coffee shops, and the city is lucky that PICKUP Coffee has opened one of its branches in the City of Smiles. And now, you don’t have to spend too much to get your hands on affordable and delicious coffee!

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Stay safe as you dine in! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

Prices may change without prior notice.

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