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This Cafe in Bacolod Serves '90s Favorite Dessert, And We're Nostalgic

Nothing beats the ‘90s trend!

By: Mira Maestrecampo | December 22, 2021
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Miss this ‘90s Filipino dessert? Bacolod City has got a place just for you!

Image: Ayskrambul Bacolod Facebook page

For the foodies out there, today’s young generation has raved about many food trends, such as unlimited chicken wings, pearl milk tea, samgyupsal, among others. But for the ‘90s kids back then now turned to young adults, you might want to bring back the nostalgic taste of your favorite and well-loved Filipino dessert, the ice scramble available at the Ayskrambul Bacolod! It’s overwhelming how time flies so fast, and while looking back, you’ll realize many things do have changed and evolved through time—proof of this ice scramble recreation!

Ayskrambul Bacolod Recreates A 90s Dessert to the Next Level, ayskrambul bacolod

Choose from various tasty different ice scramble flavors in Ayskrambul Bacolod.

Images: Ayskrambul Bacolod Facebook page

Ayskrambul Bacolod remains one of the fascinating finds in the City of Smiles because of the leading food served—the ice scramble. The ‘90s Filipino dessert favorite has finally gained recognition and has kept up with the latest food trends in this modern time, along with the popular shakes, ice cream, and milk tea. Situated in the heart of Bacolod City, Ayskrambul Bacolod serves this nostalgic dessert in the humble streets of Barangay Estefania.

As popularly known, the ice scramble or iskrambol is a flavored Filipino dessert smoothie made from crushed or shaved ice, smothered in strawberry or chocolate syrup, topped with powdered milk, candy sprinkles, marshmallows, and pinipig crunch, among other tasty toppings. With this delicious Filipino dessert’s comeback, ‘90s peeps and, of course, the present generation will surely love to treat themselves with this dessert while chilling by the cozy place.

Ayskrambul Bacolod Recreates A 90s Dessert to the Next Level, dessert

Chill and dine in the cozy interiors of Ayskrambul Bacolod.

Image: Ayskrambul Bacolod Facebook page

Besides the refreshing and savory Philippine food, dessert, and smoothies on the menu, Ayskrambul Bacolod is the perfect place to chill and dine. The overall ambiance is covered in pink, the classic color of the iconic Filipino dessert, with a bit of dash of black, complements well with the bright pink color. The wooden tables and chairs simplify the café’s interior, making it unintimidating to the customers while ushering a welcome to the classic taste of the ‘90s ice scramble. The simple structure makes you feel at ease like you are relaxing by the neighborhood, a vibe that completes the nostalgia.

Even after their grand opening, this traditional Philippine food served in Ayskrambul Bacolod is still in demand. Their ice scramble is always sold out even before the store’s closure hours. Back in the day, the ice scramble was served by street vendors in big styrofoam ice boxes, with elementary kids lining up for their turn to taste the pink dessert. And now, in the modern-day, the famous ice scramble makes its comeback, made available in cafes like this and inside shopping malls and markets.

Ayskrambul Bacolod Recreates A 90s Dessert to the Next Level, filipino dessert

You can also feast on your favorite street foods in this cafe!

Images: Ayskrambul Bacolod Facebook page

Aside from the deliciously refreshing ice scramble, Ayskrambul Bacolod also serves different kinds of street food such as fish ball, kwek kwek, tempura, dynamite sticks, and yet another popular Philippine food, the buttery hotcake. They also serve sandwiches, flavored chicken wings, hot and iced drinks, smoothies, and native coffee.

Ayskrambul Bacolod Recreates A 90s Dessert to the Next Level, ice scramble

The classic ‘ube’ flavor makes ice scramble even more appealing!

Image: Ayskrambul Bacolod Facebook page

And for the highlight of the menu, their ice scramble is served with free syrup, marshmallows, and sprinkles, and more than the free toppings, you can also choose among different flavors – Classic, Caramel, Ube, and Coffee. You can also choose from the three unique ice scramble flavors, Choco Milo, Coffee Choco, and Unicorn, for an additional PhP10. Ice scramble servings come in different sizes, 12 oz for PhP35, 16 oz for PhP45, and 22 oz for PhP55. If you want to savor the nostalgia thoroughly, you can order a small 8 oz cup, just like how the classic ice scramble was served way back in the ‘90s, for only PhP20. If you are more into the toppings, you can request to add more for only PhP5 per add-on topping.

When you are not in the mood to get out of your house, you can still satisfy your ice scramble cravings in the comforts of your home because Ayskrambul Bacolod also delivers via the Maxim app.

Address: Sofia Gonzaga Street (Main Entrance) Fortune Towne B. Brgy Estefania Bacolod City
Budget: PhP20 to PhP450
Contact Number: 0927 084 4635
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ayskrambulbacolod
Website: https://ayskrambul.business.site/
Delivery: via Maxim app

Bringing back the taste of the ‘90s is no longer melancholy when you visit Ayskrambul Bacolod to taste your favorite Filipino dessert and keep on coming back for more for the iconic ice scramble dessert!

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Stay safe as you travel and dine in! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions wherever you go. For now, keep safe!

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