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ShoppersGuide Market Alert: A Cool Experience in Baguio City's Night Market

Shop and chill in Baguio City’s popular, open-air night market

By: Richard Dean Basa | April 30, 2016
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People usually come to Baguio for its cold climate, warm people, laidback mountain lifestyle, and highland culture. However, the Baguio experience wouldn’t be complete without a stroll, shopping, and foodtrip at the Night Market.

Some History

The Night Market began on July 22 back in 2012, and was launched by the city government to boost Baguio’s tourism and commerce. The Night Market was originally located at the city’s Athletic Bowl. However, there were vendors, locals, and tourists who suggested that it be moved to Harrison Road. Fortunately, the Baguio City Marketing Authority (BCMA) took the suggestion to heart and had it relocated to where it is now.

Operating Hours

The market opens at 9:00 PM and closes at 12:00 AM or later, depending on the volume of shoppers. During these hours, half of Harrison Road gets closed—from the Igorot Garden to Melvin Jones—to make the area available for both vendors as well as shoppers.

The opposite ends of the Night Market are where food stalls are set up, offering a wide selection of food, such as balut, buttered corn, sisig (sizzling pork), shawarma (beef wrapped in pita bread), mami (noodles), and lugaw (rice porridge), just to name a few. However, the food is just a side dish (pun intended) to what’s really in store for those who are hunting for a good deal.

Shopping Galore

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Baguio City’s Night Market features numerous choices for both new and second-hand merchandise that will fit anybody’s budget. One can rummage through piles of clothing, like jackets, sweatshirts, blouses, and pants, among others. Aiming for a complete set? It’s almost guaranteed that you are going to find what you’re looking for!

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Second-hand clothes can be had for Php20 to Php100, with checkered items at Php150. Leggings are sold at 2 pieces for Php180, while skinny jeans are offered at Php150. Jackets sell for Php50 to Php100, or Php300 and up for leather ones.

Footwear, toys, and more

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A wide array of boots, shoes, and other types of footwear are also up for grabs. Footwear sells for Php200 to around Php500 to 700. The streets teem with toys of all sizes as well. If you are an animal lover and likes to dress up your furry friends in something fancy, you can also shop for clothes for them here. Pet costumes sell at Php50 to 100.

Shopping tips and secrets

Although the Night Market is not your typical pasalubong or native delicacies center, you can still find some souvenir items such as the barrel man/woman, ashtrays and key chains. For your traditional Baguio pasalubong—items Filipinos typically give away to family and friends when they return from a trip—such as strawberry jam, peanut brittle, lengua de gato, and the like, it’s best to go the be public market instead.

The best time to go is around 8:30 PM or 9:00 PM when the Night Market is just opening. You can get better deals when shopping buena mano, or being the first customer of a particular store/stall. Also, people are just beginning to assemble and you can more easily walk your way around.

As with any market, be sure to secure your wallet and personal belongings. If possible, just bring a money clipper and enough small bills and coins. It’s a flea market, after all.

Don’t take prices of items at face value. Learn to haggle. You can get a discount when purchasing items in pairs or bulk. You can buy items with minor damages (e.g., missing buttons or loose seams) at lower tags, sometimes even at half the price.

parking_icon_25 There is pay parking just beside the Athletic Bowl at Php35 for the first two hours, and Php10 for each succeeding hour thereafter. You just need to walk around 250 meters across Burnham Park to reach Harrison Road where the Night Market is.

Since it is difficult to look for free parking around the Burnham Park area, it is best to just commute to the city center. Anyway, the business district is just one jeepney ride away. You can also take a cab. Baguio taxi drivers are known to be courteous and give change up to the last peso.

If you have plans to go up to the City of Pines, do yourself a huge favor by including the Baguio City Night Market on your list of places to visit and experience. The cool climate of Baguio is best enjoyed with matching great deals. Won’t you agree?
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