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Major Market Overhaul: 5 Exciting Changes in Baguio Night Market

With these awesome changes, shopping at Baguio Night Market will be a breeze!

By: Viktor Austria | August 25, 2020
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August 2020 Update: Due to quarantine measures in place, the Baguio Night Market has been temporarily suspended. Please check the Facebook page of Baguio City’s Public Information Office for a more up-to-date status of the market.

Baguio night market

Business inside Baguio Night Market isn’t showing any signs of slowing down in the future.

Image: @zed.wxlf

The City of Pines after sundown is a thrilling scene to behold, and most of the credit goes to the bustling Baguio Night Market. On a good night, hundreds of shoppers head to Harrison Road’s best, motivated by the marketplace’s many steals, deals, and marked down items.

A trip to Baguio’s biggest bazaar is definitely an adventure, which, for all intents and purposes, may mean both good and bad. But Baguio’s government has been taking notes, and now the Baguio Night Market is set to be in its best shape for a better shopping experience. Here’s what you can expect in your next shopping haul in the highlands!

1. A cleaner and more sanitary setting.


Just because the market is on the street doesn’t mean it has to be filthy all the time.

Image: @yoonislin

Just recently, City Mayor Mauricio Domogan put a ban on illegitimate food vendors that do business alongside Baguio Night Market, and regular patrons probably know why by now. Cases of careless and unsanitary practices, the prevalence of pollution along the traffic-ridden Harrison Road, as well as heaps of trash left behind by both vendors and diners are, for local officials, more than enough reason for the ban.

There have also been instances of failure to pay the kuartais, or the minimal tariff charged by Baguio’s government before these out-of-place vendors can operate. For the vendors, the call might drive them out of business. That’s why officials are doing their best to allow them to do legitimate business elsewhere, while also ensuring they comply with health and sanitation standards.

For the Baguio Night Market, on the other hand, the enduring food stalls, rightful and compliant as they are, stay. This means shoppers still have a source for their nightly grub, all while enjoying a cleaner, more pleasant view of the venue.

2. More international delights for dinner.

night market

It also has other popular offerings like shawarma rice and ramen.

Images: @snts.andreapatrice and @ceejaytrinanes

Once the vendors in the food section of the market live up to the standards set by local officials, then the Baguio Night Market shall achieve its full potential of being a foodie’s fantasy. New customers will be content to find out that fresher, cleaner, and definitely more delicious food options are now made available alongside the busy bazaar.

The usual street fares never run out like kwek-kwek (quail eggs deep fried in orange batter), kikiam (pork and seafood paste), fish balls, squid balls, steamed corn-on-the-cob and binatog (sweet corn topped with coconut shavings), chicken skin and nuggets, day-old chicks, penoy and balut (duck embryos), barbecue, calamares, goto (ox tripe soup) and mami, and many other local treats. But now, they also have Korean street food too. Kiosks now serve oemuk (fishcake), mandu (Korean dumplings), tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cakes), gimmari (seaweed spring rolls), and japchae (stir-fried glass noodles).

You can also find newer kiosks that serve other popular provisions like shawarma rice and ramen, all helping to make sure that you never go hungry when on Harrison Road!

3. A bigger and brighter night bazaar.


Rain or shine, ambulant and regular walk-in vendors are welcome to the new spaces.

Image: Aysel Monreal Facebook page

Here’s another piece of good news: the Baguio Night Market is also bound to grow bigger. As first announced by city treasurer Alex Cabarrubias, Baguio’s government will be extending the operation of the night market towards the Perfecto Street, effectively opening approximately 160 slots to hopeful vendors. In addition, they also plan to utilize the Ganza parking area, at the intersection of Harrison Road and Perfecto Street, as an added venue for sidewalk vendors, regular walk-ins, and permanent Baguio residents, posting 500 more openings.

Sure, it’s more competition for the staggering 1,100 long-standing stalls that have made money along Harrison Road’s enclosed lane, but it only means wider preferences for picky night market shoppers and better opportunities for business owners.

What’s more, the move aims to alleviate the disorderly traffic along Harrison Road – since illegal and ambulant vendors trade on foot, they threaten not only theirs but other shoppers’ safety. Relocating them onto rightful spaces spells a more orderly night market operation and safer shopping experience for all.

4. A safer space and tighter security.

Baguio night market

Guards are on patrol, but it’s better to just ditch your dear possessions when going to the night market.

Image: @carlmalazarte

Speaking of safe spaces, security is set to be tighter around the night market’s parts, too. This is due to the government allocating one million pesos to install a centralized lighting system in the new section along Perfecto Street and Ganza parking space.

What’s more, proposals from city councilors are also jostling for approval, as they intend to utilize uniform tents for all merchants as well as to provide and install floodlights and additional security personnel and utility staff. They are also proposing other centralized services such as providing, assembling, and dismantling retractable tents, as well as cleaning and clearing of the night market area near closing time.

Not only are these welcome developments for customers, they also get a thumbs up from the vendors too – shopping is made safer, and doing business is made easier.

It still stands, though, that safety remains a top personal priority for shoppers. While police forces are always present, catching pickpockets in such a crowded place is near impossible. Travel light, dress smart, and always stay on your toes!

Check out Yoorekka to know the best places to visit in the City of Pines!

5. A greener shopping experience for all.


Nowadays, you can see ambulant vendors selling these colorful reusable tote bags.

Image: @carlmalazarte

Last but definitely not least, new and returning shoppers are enjoined to bring their own bags because Baguio Night Market has gone green.

Owing to an ordinance called “The Plastic and Styrofoam-Free Baguio Ordinance” put into effect last 2017, businesses and establishments are now mandated to get rid of all their plastic bags and polystyrene foam containers, and make available other reusable alternatives like paper bags, buri (weaved dried leaves) bags, or other biodegradable materials, free of charge to customers, else risk receiving penalties.

Businesses were allotted a year to complete the shift, and now the ordinance is in full effect, as made obvious by the many signage stating the ban. With the move, local authorities expect to rid the city of unsightly plastic litter, cut costs on solid waste disposal, and overall reduce their negative environmental impact.

Of course, these are things that concern both vendors and shoppers alike, so you can do your part by bringing your own reusable shopping bag, for a quicker and greener Baguio Night Market experience!

Details about Baguio Night Market

Location: Harrison Road, Perfecto Street, and Ganza Parking Space, Baguio City, Benguet
Estimated travel time: From Manila, around 6-7 hours via commute, and around 4-4.5 hours via private car
Recommended budget: For two people, approximately PhP1,000 for shopping, PhP150 for food

Tip: Bring someone along to help you with all your hauls, and don’t forget to set a budget or you might see yourself splurging on all the affordable finds!

How to get to Baguio Night Market: Baguio Night Market is a quick 5-minute walk from the city center by walking eastbound from Lake Drive or westbound from Session Road.

On your next visit, get ready to see the revival of Baguio Night Market, guaranteed to make your Baguio shopping spree a more splendid experience!

This article was originally published in Yoorekka on November 07, 2019.
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