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6 Spots Where You Can Find the Best Ukay-Ukay in Baguio

Know where to find the best and cheapest ukay-ukay at the night market in Baguio!

By: Liezl Formilleza-Dunuan | March 05, 2024
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ukay ukay in Baguio, night market in Baguio, OOTD in Baguio

Welcome to Baguio, the land of strawberries, fresh vegetables, and… ukay-ukay!

Images: Richard Basa

Yes, you read it right. In the City of Pines, retail shopping is taken to a different level, from OOTD in Baguio to hundreds of these shops competing with regular retail outlets. If you are out of things to do, try shopping ukay- ukay in Baguio!

Before the rise of department stores in the city, locals loved shopping at what they called “SM,” which is short for “Segunda Mano.” This is a Spanish term for secondhand items, from clothes to shoes and bags. Locally, ukay-ukay is also called “wagwag,” which means “to shake”, since shaking off the dust from old clothes is what you do when you go to the wagwagan.

Because ukay-ukay in Baguio are plentiful, here is a guide to the most popular places at the night market in Baguio for your shopping pleasure.

1. Baguio Night Market

Address: Harrison Road (near Melvin Jones Auditorium)
Operating Hours: Daily, 9:00 AM to 4:00 AM

Ukay Ukay in Baguio - Night Market in Baguio - OOTD in Baguio, ukay ukay in Baguio

Shoppers jostle for space at the Baguio Night Market.

Image: Siami Altrice

On top of our list is the most popular ukay-ukay in Baguio, a spot in the city: the Baguio Night Market. More than a hundred vendors set up here, stretching beyond Baguio Patriotic High School. It is one of the best places to visit in Baguio at night as it opens at 9:00 PM along Harrison Road, right after the main traffic intersection near Maharlika. One side of the road is closed to traffic, and vendors set up their wares and ukay-ukay in Baguio as soon as it is closed.

One good thing about the night market is the street food section, which can be found near Igorot Park and across TiongSan. You can buy practically anything at the night market in Baguio, from secondhand clothes such as jackets that you can find at the ukay-ukay in Baguio to shoes, bags, and other accessories. Some t-shirts and blouses can go as low as PhP20 per piece. You know where to go if you get hungry after shopping for your OOTD in Baguio.

2. Skyworld Commercial Center

Address: Session Road corner F. Calderon Street, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
Operating Hours: Daily, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Ukay Ukay in Baguio - Night Market in Baguio - OOTD in Baguio, night market in Baguio

Shop easily in thrift stores without emptying your wallet!

Image: Ellebanna Oicap

Another popular spot for ukay-ukay in Baguio is Skyworld Commercial Center, and rightly so because of its accessibility from Session Road, the city’s main thoroughfare. If you want branded shoes and pre-selected clothes for your OOTD in Baguio, this is your place. However, since their products are carefully selected, they fetch much higher prices than those in Bayanihan or the night market in Baguio. However, imported brands are still cheaper here at the ukay-ukay in Baguio, so watch out.

This is the best place to look for imported shoe brands like Merrell, sports brands like Adidas and Nike, and leather boots.

3. Hilltop Public Market (formerly Hilltop)

Address: Naguilian Road, Baguio City (behind Baguio Public Market)
Operating Hours: Daily, 4:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Ukay Ukay in Baguio - Night Market in Baguio - OOTD in Baguio, OOTD in Baguio

Clothes, clothes, and more clothes at Hilltop!

Prices are always the lowest at this ukay-ukay in Baguio; you can get a thick coat for only PhP40, a decent sports jacket for only PhP80, and blouses for as low as PhP10 to PhP25 each. A few stalls that sell shoes, bags, and leather jackets—scrutinize each piece for defects.

To reach this section of the public market, go past the meat section and the fish section. You will pass through some vegetable stalls as well. The clothing stalls of ukay-ukay in Baguio are not only at the night market in Baguio but also near the area where they sell carpentry and gardening tools.

The best time to go is weekday mornings, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

4. Abanao Street

Address: The building across Abanao Square on Abanao Street
Operating Hours: 8:00 AM onwards

Ukay Ukay in Baguio - Night Market in Baguio - OOTD in Baguio, ukay ukay in Baguio

Score various apparel to complete your OOTD.

Image: Amor Fati 2600

Like other ukay-ukay spots in Baguio, clothes, shoes, and bags are the main items here. The stores sell items at much lower prices between Skyworld, Bayanihan, and this place. Watch out for the products in substantial balikbayan boxes, as they might be on sale and are dirt cheap. Slay your OOTD in Baguio!

Patience and perseverance are virtues that will serve you well while going shopping at the ukay-ukay in Baguio.

5. Bookends Baguio

Address: Near UCPB Building, F. Calderon Street
Operating Hours: Daily, 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM

Ukay Ukay in Baguio - Night Market in Baguio - OOTD in Baguio, night market in Baguio

Bookends Baguio promotes the love for reading among Baguio folks and visitors.

Image: Ronald Allan Ramos Martinez

For a one-of-a-kind ukay-ukay in Baguio experience, head to Bookends Bookshop. If you’re done going to the night market in Baguio, you can also go to this secondhand bookshop, which sells books and local Baguio artists' artworks at lower prices than other shops. You can also check their Facebook page,, for their book selections.

If you happen to stop by on the weekend, you can also have your portrait sketched by a local artist.

6. Bayanihan Shopping Center (formerly Bayanihan Lodge Commercial Center)

Address: #51 Otek Street, Baguio City, directly adjacent to Burnham Park, Veniz Hotel, and the Maharlika Center
Operating Hours: Daily, 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Ukay Ukay in Baguio - Night Market in Baguio - OOTD in Baguio, OOTD in Baguio

Patiently browse, and you might be rewarded with a gem!

Don’t let the exteriors of Bayanihan Shopping Center fool you. Underneath the antique-looking façade of this former hotel lies a score of wagwagan shops or ukay-ukay in Baguio that sell clothes, shoes, bags, and even old toys and bedding. It is primarily located near Burnham Park, Hotel Veniz, and Maharlika Center.

Ukay-ukay in Baguio is not just located at the night market in Baguio only; thus, this old hotel, which hails back to the 1930s, had made a revival of sorts when it opened its doors to ukay-ukay stalls. Most shops specialize in clothes, shoes, or bags, with a few stalls selling other items. Clothes at this ukay-ukay in Baguio can go as low as PhP25 per piece for sale items or PhP50 to PhP100 per piece for new arrivals. Items can be pricier if the stall specializes in “selected” items or items that have been pre-selected based on their brand and quality. A few bag shops carry authentic brands such as Louis Vuitton and other designer bags.

Since the stalls of this ukay-ukay in Baguio are inside a building, they can get stuffy. If you are allergic to dust, wear a face mask. If you have asthma, take your medicine before going to this or at the night market in Baguio.

January 2024 Update: Bayanihan Shopping Center is permanently closed. But don’t worry. You can visit the Maharlika Livelihood Center for possible replacement.

Is thrift shopping one of your favorite activities in Baguio? Share your best buys from ukay-ukay in Baguio with us!

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This article was initially published in Yoorekka on March 16, 2018.

Prices may change without prior notice.

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