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7 Reasons Why a Rainy Day Adventure in Baguio Is Fun

Here are your great reasons to visit Baguio during the rainy season!

By: Liezl Formilleza-Dunuan | June 15, 2022
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rain adventure in Baguio, what to do in Baguio when raining, Baguio

Image: Yoorekka

With all these nice things said about Baguio, should you visit the city once the summer season is over? Maybe you’re thinking of what to do in Baguio when raining. Fewer tourists visit Baguio as the rainy season brings the wettest days the town will experience within the year. Baguio is not spared by the rains brought about by typhoons and other weather disturbances, and the mountainous terrains make traveling there quite a challenge. While this can be discouraging to most tourists, other reasons why rainy day adventures in Baguio are still interesting!

1. Rain makes Baguio a more romantic place.

Adventure Doesn’t Stop When It’s Pouring in Baguio, rain adventure in Baguio

Image: Yoorekka

There is another title that Baguio can very well own, and it is the title of being one of the country’s favorite honeymoon destinations. June is usually the month when most weddings are held; it is also when many couples are taking time away from their busy lives for some quiet time as newlyweds. But, because June is the start of the rainy season, beach or seaside weddings become less viable.

Baguio has become an attractive option because of its proximity to Metro Manila. For newlyweds who want a quiet honeymoon, or for any couple who wants to spend time together away from the city, Baguio is the ideal destination. They can always stay indoors, in their hotel, or in one of Baguio’s many cozy cafes and restaurants. With the opening of new expressways, travel time to Baguio via a private car can only take 4 to 4.5 hours or only 5 hours via the nonstop deluxe buses.

2. Enjoy an early morning walk when the fog comes in

Adventure Doesn’t Stop When It’s Pouring in Baguio, what to do in Baguio when raining

Image: Pia Feliciano-Dayao

It is not surprising that people looking for a respite from the summer heat flock to Baguio to get a whiff of its cold mountain air. Sitting atop the mountains, Baguio City boasts of lower and cooler temperatures, ranging from a low 16 degrees Celsius to merely 26 degrees during summer. The temperature dips even lower, ranging from just 10 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees from December to January.

For the more active set, an early morning walk on the grounds of Camp John Hay is not to be missed. Nothing invigorates the body and mind more than walking under the dew-drenched pine trees and smelling the faint scent of pine needles. Families opting for this walk are not likely not to get that sweaty, especially if the fog comes in and envelops the surroundings during the walk. A recommended route for walking would be from CAP Convention Center to the picnic area near the Bell House. If they get hungry for breakfast, they can try several restaurants at the Commissary, right past The Manor.

3. Some hotels and stores offer ‘rainy day specials’.

Adventure Doesn’t Stop When It’s Pouring in Baguio, Baguio

Image: The Forest Lodge

Families can take advantage of the many rainy day specials where hotels offer huge discounts on their room rates. Some offers usually include breakfast and other special treats. Discounts on room rates are given because hotels want to attract visitors during this time of the year, which is considered their lean season. Even big-name hotels such as The Manor, The Forest Lodge, and Le Money have discounts and packages. Visitors can check out the hotels’ websites for information on such offers, usually published as early as the end of May.

4. Having the city all to yourself

Adventure Doesn’t Stop When It’s Pouring in Baguio, what to do in Baguio when raining

Image: The Manor

Because the rainy season is the lean season, travelers can have the feeling of having the city all to themselves. There are no long taxi lines, no heavy traffic in the usual tourist spots, and not too many people to bump into while walking along Session Road or even in Burnham Park. This has become a rare luxury even to Baguio residents when out-of-towners do not flock to the city.

Beyond the usual touristy activities better done during summer, there are other ways to spend a rainy day in the city. Because there are not as many tourists in the streets, a leisurely stroll is possible. In Camp John Hay, you can cap your morning stroll with a coffee and breakfast. Depending on your budget, you can go to Mr. Beans Cafe at the Commissary, Starbucks near Camp John Hay’s golf course, or even the coffee shop or piano bar at The Manor.

5. Coffee shops are abundant where you can beat back those rain clouds.

Adventure Doesn’t Stop When It’s Pouring in Baguio, Baguio

Images: Café by the Ruins Facebook page

Session Road has more to offer in food and things to do if you are more adventurous. Whether you walk down or up along Session Road, you can enjoy different types of coffee with the many coffee houses in the central business district. Try local coffee shops, including Ebay’s in upper Session near the post office and Assumption Road’s Ili-likha Artist Village. Oh My Gulay, the vegetarian restaurant on the top floor of La Azotea building along Session Road, serves organic coffee and tea. The smaller Azotea Greens in the basement of the same building also has locally brewed coffee and tea.

This is the best time if you have not been to one of Baguio’s must-see places, Café By The Ruins. They now have two branches, the original one near the City Hall and Café By The Ruins Dua, which is found along Upper Session Road, next to Mario’s Restaurant. Aside from coffee, they also bake their own bread like kamote bread, basil bread, and potato onion bread which are good to have with their herbed liver pate, fish roe pate, herb cheese, kesong puti, and basil, or simply jam and butter. They also have real hot chocolate made from pure tablea.

In terms of food to keep you warm after a walk, you can go for the quintessential Mami (chicken, beef, or wanton) that you can get at Luisa’s Cafe or 456 Restaurant, along Session Road. Japanese ramen or Korean noodles are available at Hodori Restaurant, located along Mabini Street, for those who love spicy food.

6. Shopping is an absolute breeze

Adventure Doesn’t Stop When It’s Pouring in Baguio, rain adventure in Baguio

Image: Yoorekka

The other good news about having the city all to yourself is that shopping can be a breeze. What to do in Baguio when raining is definitely to shop! Ukay-ukay or wagwag shops are many, especially in Bayanihan Building, near Burnham Park. If you want to shop while enjoying the cold evening breeze, go to the Night Market along Harrison Road. One side of the road is closed off starting at 9:00 PM so that vendors can set up their wares. There are new items for sale, but most are second-hand items that range from shoes and clothes. Consider bringing a flashlight to clearly see the things you get interested in. Check for damages or missing parts.

7. Art appreciation: Baguio style

Adventure Doesn’t Stop When It’s Pouring in Baguio, Baguio

Image: Yoorekka

A rainy day adventure in Baguio means looking for indoor activities. Since the rains will likely keep you indoors, you can take some time to appreciate the beautiful things in life, including local art and crafts. Many may not know that Baguio is a favorite place for artists, with a few famous ones making this city their home. Among them is world-renowned artist Ben Cabrera, also known as BenCab. His love affair with the city and its culture has brought him to establish an artist community that started at Tam-Awan Village. Eventually, his own museum was called BenCab Museum, along Asin Road.

The museum offers a glimpse of local modern art through exhibits and shows while, at the same time, showcasing his own collection of Cordilleran and Filipino art. Tam-Awan Village is located on a hillside with native huts. It was initially conceptualized as an artists’ village where artists could stay to make art. Meanwhile, The Café By The Ruins in Dua also features art exhibits of local artists. Artworks during exhibitions are for sale, so one can grab a piece and take it home to continue appreciating it.

Baguio is the undisputed “summer capital” of the Philippines, and this by no means is a mere title. According to historical accounts, it is the official title given to this northern city by the United States back when they were still governing the Philippines as one of their colonies.

During the summer months of March and April, the colonial government and its officials made their way to Baguio City because of its cooler weather, which was a break from the oppressive heat of Manila. This also meant that official matters were also taken up in the city, making Baguio the temporary seat of the colonial government during what the Americans called “the Season.”

There are many fun things to do and many places to see in Baguio, even on rainy days. Remember to not let the rains dampen your thirst for adventure. If you open your mind, you will see a different side of Baguio, one that you will most likely enjoy.

Visit Yoorekka Magazine for more exciting travel destinations and things to do in Baguio this rainy season!

Stay safe as you travel! Make sure to follow social distancing protocols and observe health precautions. For now, keep safe!

This article was initially published in Yoorekka on July 07, 2016.
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