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Fashionable Things to Buy in Baguio for Budget-friendly OOTD

Who says chic can't be cheap? These Baguio City fashion finds prove otherwise!

By: Viktor Austria | July 01, 2019
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things to buy Baguio

Bargain finds in Baguio are as abundant as the tourists that buy them.

Tourists who flock to Baguio City are only ever part of two groups: on one hand, there are those who want to escape the crowd and seek comfort among nature; on the other, are those who make up that crowd, either in the city’s flower festival or on its busy shopping streets, scoring good bargains and buying pasalubong by the bulk. And if you belong to the second group, you’re in luck because there are always things to buy in Baguio that are worth the purchase.

But one should never equate Baguio’s delectable shopping deals with degraded quality – these fashion finds might be cheap, but they remain well-made. Read on for fashionable yet frugal things to buy in Baguio so you can save while staying chic!

1. Scarves/Shawls

Where to buy: Easter Weaving (2 Easter Road, Guisad, Baguio City)
Suggested budget: PhP530 to PhP1,000


No matter the weather, you’re always protected with a shawl or scarf from Baguio.

Images: Easter Weaving official website

A great place to start your search for Baguio style is Guisad, where a weaving tradition has flourished since Baguio City’s beginnings. Founded in 1909, Easter Weaving Room has been in business for more than a century, and has become a just representative to the city’s colorful culture.

The weavers of Easter Weaving Room commit themselves to the preservation of many traditional techniques, including the Ikat, a Cordilleran process of tying and dyeing spools of recycled acrylic yarns into vivid hues. These turn into high-quality native, stripe, or metallic fabrics, which are then made into the elegant apparels such as the shawls and scarves that tourists visit the highlands for.

These vibrant headwears make sure you stay cozy amidst Baguio’s cool climate, or stay protected from the sun as you strut down the summer capital’s tourist. You can also shield yourself from dust, smog, or smoke, or cover up a bad bug bite with your trusty scarf. You know it’s a done deal when a piece is both fashionable and functional.

Aside from shawls and scarves, Easter Weaving also sells wooden crafts, handwoven purses, and silver, leather, paper, and crocheted goods.

2. Sling Bags

Where to buy: Baguio City Public Market (Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City)
Suggested budget: PhP150 to PhP300


A trusty sling bag while sightseeing in Baguio ensures you’re always ready to buy pasalubong.

Whether you’re in Baguio for the weekend or for an extended vacation, you’d need a consistent kit to take with you on your hauls. Enter the sling bag. The hands-free single-strapped carrier is also sometimes referred to as a shoulder bag, satchel, or a body bag.

Stalls lining up the Baguio City Public Market are probably the best source for these bags, as they sell them in many different shapes, sizes, materials, and of course, styles.

Where else can you find a public market that’s classified as a top tourist attraction? That’s because the busy Baguio Public Market is always at its best: it’s always clean and well-kept; cool, so you’re never too worn-down; and best of all, it’s comprehensive, as it sells practically everything that the region has to offer.

But if you’re after sling bags to start off your shopping spree, Marbay, the dry goods section of the public market, is your destination. Hundreds of handicrafts, from wooden to woven, are sold here, which of course includes sling bags. Canvas, fabric, faux leather, in square, round, or duffel sizes – the whole variety is available at the market.

3. Caps and headwears

Where to buy: Lagalag Baguio (Casa Vallejo, Upper Session Road, Baguio City)
Suggested budget: caps start at PhP550

Baguio City

Stylish hiking gear is made possible by Lagalag.

Image: Lagalag Store Baguio

Sometimes, a trip to Baguio City is a timed relaxation, but other times, it’s a hike to the highlands. That’s why you have to come prepared. Brace for the cold ascent, or just stay snug with a cap, like the ones sold by Lagalag Baguio.

The store runs on people who live for the great outdoors, as manifested by their wide array of hiking equipment such as heavy-duty backpacks, soft shell hoodies and windbreakers, field shirts, convertible pants, singlets and jerseys, and of course, headgears. More functional than fashionable, these products ensure runners’, hikers’ or just the general outdoorsman’s safety while trekking through nature’s best and worst conditions.

This is how the trustworthy trucker’s cap works too. For female athletes, or anyone who happens to have long hair, caps keep your locks secure or your eyes shielded when winds get too strong or the sun gets too bright. Other options like visors and wide-brimmed hats from Lagalag offer great protection from sunburns and heat strokes too.

Baguio’s diverse terrain, coupled with nature’s unpredictability, make for a great weekend hike, run, or trek so make sure you’re properly geared!

4. Beaded Necklaces

Where to buy: Baguio City Public Market (Magsaysay Avenue, Baguio City)
Suggested budget: starts at PhP70

what to buy

To purchase Baguio’s beaded necklaces is to preserve its long-lasting tradition.

Also within the premises of Baguio City Public Market, locals make a living by selling a piece of their heritage: beaded necklaces. Called paraway in local languages, these beaded necklaces usually adorn the necks of Mangyan and Kalinga women – daughters, mothers, grandmothers – as a display of status, wealth, and power.

Today, locals use commercial glass beads to replace either the traditional plant seeds or imported porcelain and sew them into beautiful patterns and various lengths to form the necklaces they sell in the public market. Some claim they have religious relevance, or that they ward off evil spirits. Nonetheless, these colorful accessories are the perfect addition to your suit of Baguio’s body jewelry that can also include anklets and earrings.

And it’s a great gift too! These beaded necklaces fit all, can be paired with most outfits, and can even be given as an heirloom to younger family members for their sentimental value. But the best part is, passing them on preserves a tradition – of the fairs and festivals of Baguio, and of the bond between mothers and daughters.

Headed to the City of Pines anytime soon? Check out Yoorekka for useful travel tips!

Baguio’s full of fashionable finds for cheap, you can even go on a second trip around the city before you meet your budget. So feel free to stroll and spoil your closet!
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