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9 Top Supermarkets in Baguio That Locals Love

Locals keep coming back to these trusted supermarkets

By: Richard Dean Basa | April 03, 2020
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Part of living in or visiting a city is knowing where to buy daily needs as well as other personal effects. Baguio City is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines and it pays to know where the locals shop to get the most value for their money.

Wondering where to shop on your next trip to the City of Pines? Here’s a list of the top supermarkets in Baguio you should check out!

1. Tiong San

top supermarkets in Baguio

Tiong San is one of the oldest retail establishments in Bagiuo.

Image: Tiong San

Tiong San Supermarket is among the supermarkets in Baguio, having been around for over five decades. They offer the most competitive prices and some of the widest array of items among stores in the city. They have their own trucking services that allow them to source supplies directly from the nation’s capital or other nearby places, enabling them to offer the cheapest prices for many commodities.

Their supermarts are also within the building of their department stores so that one-stop shopping is a breeze. Customers can do their wardrobe shopping before doing their groceries.

Tiong San has stores along Harrison Rd., Magsaysay Ave., and Km. 4, La Trinidad.

2. Sunshine Supermart


Low, low prices await at Sunshine.

Image: City of Pines

Sunshine Supermart is also one of the so-called institutions in Baguio as far as brick-and-mortar stores go. Like Tiong San, they also host an excellent array of goods.

Sunshine has a kiosk for wines as well as nuts and other sweets such as gummy worms and candies. Beside the kiosk is Sunshine Bakeshop for the customers’ pastry needs.

People go to Sunshine for the convenience situated along Harrison Road where road lanes are wide enough and public rides are available. There is also a taxi stand just outside the store for the ride home. Still, it is sometimes a challenge to get a ride when too many shoppers want to go home at the same time during rush hour.

Sunshine Supermart is situated along Abanao Street, just beside an overpass and Hotel Veniz.

The store is owned by the Del Rosario family, who also owns the regional franchise of Mcdonald’s. A Mcdonald’s Branch is located adjacent to Sunshine.

3. Baguio Holiday Supermart


The façade of Baguio Holiday Supermart

Image: Google Streetview

Baguio Holiday Supermart is located along Bokawkan Road, near the Toyota dealership, Bokawkawan Branch.

There are parking slots in front of the store that can accommodate several cars, and this makes the supermarket ideal for those with their own vehicles to do their shopping.

Baguio Holiday offers an assortment of premium items, including imported wines and chocolates, among others. They have wide shopping lanes that are a boon to shoppers.

Among the best buys at this supermart are their pastries. Their pastry chef previously worked at Baguio Country Club, which is considered as one of the best dining places in the city. Holiday’s raisin bread is a must-try, and their cakes are popular, too, for their smooth texture and not being too sweet.

4. Victoria Supermart

top supermarkets in Baguio

Victoria Supermart is also called Victoria Shoppesville.

Image: Googe Streetview

Victoria Supermart is one of two supermarkets in Baguio that can be found along Mabini Street.

Buyers descend a flight of stairs to get to the store. Victoria is a run-of-the-mill supermarket with all the daily necessities a household needs. They have cashiers and other employees who have worked with them for decades, and this gives the store a kind of community supermarket feel.

Victoria Supermarket is a just few hundred meters away from St. Louis University and University of Baguio, making it an ideal everyday go-to store for students who live around the area.

5. 5 Cents Up Supermart

Image: Googe Streetview

5 Cents Up is the other supermarket in Baguio located along Mabini Street.

It’s a store that is just bigger than a grocery, but is not a full-blown supermarket like the ones previously mentioned in this list.

The usual patrons at 5 Cents Up are those who want their shopping done in a hurry or are in for just a few items. The store’s location, which is just a hundred or so meters away from Session Road, makes it a very convenient stop for shopping before heading home.

Note: Due to the quarantine, their adjusted store hours are now from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM until further notice.

6. Benguet Supermart

Image: Googe Streetview

Benguet Supermart is one of the supermarkets located in Baguio’s iconic Session Road, which is at the heart of the city. It can be found at the basement of the Prime Hotel building. Its location is ideal for guests of the hotel as well as those who want to grab some food or other grocery items to take with them on their trip. A terminal of jeepneys to the Philippine National Railway (PNR) station is just at the back of the building.

7. U-Need

top supermarkets in Baguio
Image: Googe Streetview

U-Need is just across Malcolm Square or People’s Park and is smack at the center of the city. Those who would like to do a little shopping before they head home usually drop by the store.

U-Need is like a grocery in the middle of the city with all the shopper’s needs in mind. Their typical customer profiles include those who purchase 10 items or less, and students who just want to buy some snacks and everyday items.

8. Abanao Supermart

Image: Googe Streetview

Abanao Supermart is a supermarket in Bauigo situated at the basement of Abanao Square. They operate like a slightly bigger convenience store, with the benefit of the basement parking of the building.

They have a price point comparable to a convenience store, and that is exactly what their patrons pay for.

Shoppers can take the elevator to the basement and back to the ground floor where they can exit and hail a cab home.

9. C & AAA Supermart

Image: C & AAA Supermart

Shoppers troop to this C & AAA Supermart at Zandueta Street for express shopping, just like the many others on this list. Shopping is a breeze with brightly lit alleys and easy-to-locate items. It is right in the building adjacent to Abanao Square, where Abanao Supermart is at. It is preferred by shoppers who’d rather not go down to the basement of Abanao Square.

Note: Due to the quarantine, their adjusted store hours are now from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM until further notice.

Check out our list of Supermarkets in Baguio City or browse the Specialty Goods category of the Yoorekka Directory.

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