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Guide to Streetmarket Boracay, the New Food Hall in the Island

A wide variety of different cuisines can be found at Streetmarket Boracay.

By: Karen Bermejo | October 07, 2018
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Teeming with different restaurants and cuisines on each side of the island, Boracay is indeed a food haven for travelers. Each vacation day can be a gastronomic getaway where you can try food from around the world. One place you can visit for a variety of restaurants in one place is the newest and the only open food hall in the island, Streetmarket Boracay.

The food hall is easy to spot with its prime location at Station X, Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay, just along the main road in Station 3. Streetmarket was conceptualized by the people behind other restaurants in the island like The Sunny Side Cafe, Coco Mama, Spice Bird, and Super Magic Burgers.

Though they just became fully operational last April, the new food spot has been receiving a lot of attention from island visitors already. People are raving about the place. If you are yet to go there, here’s a list of the things you can expect on your visit to Streetmarket.

Diverse food menu

Streetmarket Boracay

A sampling of eclectic eats from Streetmarket

Images: Santa Peligrosa, Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay

Streetmarket is a food strip with seven concept restaurants allowing guests to satisfy their every craving. One main reason why people visit Streetmarket is the diverse food menu. They have several restaurants you can choose from which can suit everyone’s palate, from Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Filipino fare to Mexican and Italian dishes.

For tacos, burritos and other Mexican delights, you can get it from Santa Peligrosa. They use spices from Mexico which makes their food taste authentic. If filling Italian dishes are your favorite, you can try porchetta (boneless pork roast) or Neapolitan-style pizza from Diavolo. For Japanese-style grilled skewer, you can check Poketo. Poketo, which is Japanese for small, serves yakitori (skewered chicken) bowls, tempura, and other Japanese fares. For some authentic Southeast Asian flavors, Fat Rice has savory Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Filipino dishes. They offer dishes like larb moo, a traditional Thai salad dish, Malaysian laksa (spicy noodle soup), and a Vietnamese fish dish called cha ca la Vong (turmeric fish with dill). They also have their take on the classic Filipino adobo.

For those who prefer seafood, Percy has cioppino (seafood stew), poke (fish salad), and oysters fresh from Aklan, to name a few. Meanwhile, Winner Winner offers comforting fried dishes. Their home-style buttermilk fried chicken served with rice is the most popular item on their menu. You can then finish your meal with bingsu, a Korean shaved ice dessert sold in different flavors at Sugar Cloud.

More restaurants

Streetmarket Boracay

The famous Supermagic burger

Image: Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay

Aside from the seven Streetmarket food joints, there are more some more food options you can try within the vicinity.

If burger is your comfort food, then the signature burger of Supermagic Burgers is a must-try. Their famous burger is seasoned with umami dust, a blend of Kampot pepper, sea salt, and some secret ingredients. For a taste of something healthy, you can head to Nonie’s. They serve light and healthy meals like vegan chorizo bowls with seasonal greens and sorghum grains. Their Cavite-style chicken and pork adobo is also a favorite. If you like light snacks and pastries, Little Wave Coffee Co. serves them with their signature coffee mix. They are best known for their Death Cream, a mixture of espresso and thick custard cream.

Quaint dining area

Streetmarket Boracay

The spacious and picture-worthy common area of Streetmarket

Image: Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay

The interiors of Streetmarket is as colorful as the dishes you can try at the place. There are just literally colors everywhere! The food is not the only Instagram-worthy thing at Streetmarket. Even the chic and stylish tables and chairs of the food hall are perfect for social media-savvy diners and travelers.

After you order, you can enjoy your food while sitting on bean bags or at chairs in striking shapes and sizes. There’s even a hammock chair where you can sit by yourself or with your special someone. With its unique vibe, the place is indeed conducive for bonding moments with family, friends and loved ones.

Premium cocktails and drinks

Streetmarket Boracay

Thirst-quenching cocktails at Prisma Bar

Image: Hue Hotels and Resorts Boracay

While cooling down, you can also get your alcohol fix or some refreshing drinks at Station X. To go with your food from Streetmarket, you can try some cocktails from Prisma Bar made from their selection of premium liquor. They also boast of having the largest rum selection in the country. Environment-conscious customers will love the fact that the bar uses only stainless straws for their drinks and cocktails.

Local shopping finds

Streetmarket Boracay

You can shop for Philippine-made souvenirs at Local Color

Image: Local Color at Streetmarket Boracay

Aside from food, you can also find Boracay souvenir items at the Streetmarket area. After dining, you can shop for Philippine-made products from Local Color. The store is just in front of Streetmarket, so you can browse the store shelves while waiting for your order, or shop there after eating.

With the diversity of travelers going to Boracay, it is important to find a place that can satisfy everyone’s food preferences. With its many offerings to try, Streetmarket is a perfect place for travelers who want good food.
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