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This Week in Boracay (February 25 to March 3, 2018)

As February ends, locals and tourists can expect great weather in Boracay.

By: Karen Bermejo | February 25, 2018
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As the summer months get closer, the number of tourists going to Boracay also goes up. The consistent surge in the number of tourists can be expected even without holidays. Busy streets and crowded beaches have become a normal scene on the island, and you can expect it this week too.

Adding to the busy state of the island is the crackdown activities being conducted against environmental violators. This is in line with the directive of President Rodrigo Duterte to clean up Boracay in six months.

Sunny week

Boracay weather February

A sunny day ends with a colorful sunset in Boracay.

Image: Writer

The weather for this week will start cloudy, and little rain showers can be expected as well . However, it will be sunny starting Tuesday until the weekend. Minimum temperature will be at 27 °C and maximum temperature at 29 °C. It is advisable for locals and tourists to wear sunscreen. The weather is ideal for engaging in water sports activities or just roaming around the island.

Traffic jam

Boracay weather February

Crowded beaches can be expected in Boracay this week.

Image: Writer

Boracay gets busier following the threat of Pres. Duterte to close down the island if the local government unit of Malay and national agencies fail to clean it up. A series of clearing operations in the island is expected to continue this week. Clearing operations include the opening of drainage systems to check business and residential areas which illegally connect their sewer lines to the drainage. Notices of violation were also issued to erring establishments, particularly those violating environmental laws. Clearing works, coupled with road construction projects, add up to the traffic. Because of this, it is advisable to walk rather than commute, especially if heading to the beachfront . Also, allocate extra travel time if you have a flight to catch

Travel adventure

Local food to try: paluto

Boracay weather February

You can have seafood cooked your way.

Image: Sowerby's Restaurant-Cooking Service-Paluto

The beaches of Boracay remain crowded with tourists, despite negative reports about the island. As such, you will not run out of activities to try this week. You can start by trying the freshest seafood dishes on the island. Various restaurants on the island serve seafood dishes with their own twist. Paluto or cooking services is one popular way to enjoy seafood. You just simply pick out fresh seafood and then tell the server how you want your food to be cooked.

Scuba diving

Boracay weather February

Boracay has several great diving spots.

Image: Boracay Island New Wave Divers

For those who would rather want to see fishes underwater, scuba diving is an activity even non-swimmer s can try. With a scuba diving course, you can go underwater up to a depth of 12 meters or 40 feet. For those who just want to do sightseeing, you can enjoy a 360-view of the island at Mt. Luho View Deck. This is the highest point in Boracay located near Bulabog Beach.
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